Awesome New Tunes

awesome new republic

My love for the bitchy and truly addictive CW show Gossip Girl has introduced me to a few new bands that I would otherwise not be exposed to, and one of them is this indie pop/dance/electronica duo with an awesome name and sound: Awesome New Republic.

Awesome New Republic hails from Miami, Florida and consisting of Michael John Hancock and Brian Robertson. The duo had previously performed together in a 5-piece band called Empirical Mile with other students from the University of Miami music school. In 2005, “MJ” and “B-Rob” combined two previously hand made studio albums Courageous and Witness Now the Birth of An Awesome New Republic to create their debut release “ANR So Far”.

In 2008, they were featured as a center piece in a New York Times article about the budding Miami music scene which hailed them as “one of the newest exponents of this growing tropical bohemia.”

Their first studio album, “Rational Geographic Volume I”, the beginning of a trilogy inspired by the dichotomy of George Lucas’ original Star Wars and the past three decades of American government, was released in April 2009 with its lead single “Birthday”, which brings us to Gossip Girl. Lead actress Leighton Meester, who played uber bitch and queen bee Blair Waldorf in the show, did a cover of the single which was subsequently leaked on the web.

rational geographic

What I love about this band is not only the awesome, catchy, dance-able songs but the fact that they encourage the free, yes, FREE, distribution of their album Rational Geographic Volume I via torrent site isoHunt. Now that’s the mark of a true artist. They don’t care how you get their album, they just want you to listen to their music.

So if you like electronica tunes that you can not only dance to but also sing along to, check out this awesome new band. Get their first album free on isoHunt and get ready to dance, dance, dance!

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