Ooh, Zooey…

As much as I appreciate conventional beauty, when it comes to appreciating the beauty of my sex, I always gravitate more towards the unconventional and delightfully quirky.

And this unconventional and delightfully quirky beauty has captured my eyes ever since the first time I saw her in Almost Famous. Since then, I’ve become quite the fan of her work and more importantly, her totally fabulous style.

Zooey Deschanel

Her style is very much like mine. Or, to be more honest, my style very much emulates her. I can’t get away wearing some of the things she has worn in fashion spreads or on the red carpet, but still. I like that she just wears what she wants to wear without really caring about the so-called fashion “rules”. She’s Parisian chic, New York edge and London punk  all rolled into one.

Zooey Deschanel

My current obsession is her style in the Oliver Peoples ad campaign.

Zooey Deschanel for Oliver Peoples

Zooey Deschanel pretty much can make anything look good, but she looks best when she’s all quirky chic, and let’s face it – she can rock the red beret like no one can.

The key to her style is mixing and matching. Stripe tee with tiered skirt. Lanvin purse with Converse sneakers. Don’t forget the red beret and the geek chic glasses.

QUIRKY by binkybink featuring Lipsy

Most importantly, rock the indie sensibility with a smile and a fun attitude. In no time, you too will be the unconventional and delightfully quirky beauty.

Oh and, don’t forget to sing The Smiths’ “There’s A Light That Will Never Go Out” when you’re sharing an elevator with a cute guy.


Binky Bee

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