A Woman Obsessed

I always have strong feelings. As in, I can’t just “like” something/one, I either “love” or “loathe” it/them. The Man said that I either idolize or demonize things and people, and he’s sometimes always right.

In this case, he’s right. Every so often, I’d find things and people I’m completely obsessed with. Of course I’d also find things and people I completely detest, but let’s focus on the positive this time.

So here are the things I’m completely obsessed recently:

1/ Boyfriend blazers. They make any outfit look cute, plus, they’re so comfortable

Boyfriend blazer

2/ Fro-yo. It started when I went on vacation to Vietnam and discovered Ho Chi Minh City’s best kept secret: frozen yogurt. Coming home, I was a woman with a mission: to find a fro-yo that rivals the one I had in Vietnam. I finally found it last week (score!) in the mall near my house (double score!)


3/ French beret. Because I am a “millinery freak” who likes to put weird shit on my head, and let’s face it, french berets are the cutest thing

French beret

4/ Reading a book in bed while listening to songs in my iPod. I live in a very noisy area and it’s hard for me to concentrate when reading a good book because there are too many distractions. But ever since my dad gave me a new iPod Nano for my birthday (thanks daddy dearest!), I found the solution to my problem: plugging my earphones and blasting the music in my ears. I’ll probably be deaf when I’m 60, but hey, at least by then I’d have read a lot of good books ;p

Book & Music

5/ Frayed denim shorts. And they’re easy to make too. All I gotta do is just cut my old jeans and voila! instant frayed denim shorts without spending a dime


6/ Breakfast of Champions. Not the Kurt Vonnegut novel, though I love that book, but the real “breakfast of champions”. Ever since my cholesterol level shot through the roof, I’m completely obsessed about a good, healthy breakfast with my strong black coffee


7/ Geeky glasses. I’m a proud eyeglasses-wearing nerd, like Tina Fey, mostly because I’m allergic to contact lenses. So no one is happier than me when I discovered that geeky glasses are making a comeback, because now even when I’m at my nerdiest, I’m still cool

Geeky Glasses

8/ Knee socks, preferably paired with an awesome pair of ballet flats. I am still in denial of my age. I like to be a kid all the time, and knee socks with ballet flats make me feel like I’m 14 again, and it’s a good feeling

Knee Socks & flats

9/ Scarves. More specifically, Alexander McQueen’s skulls scarf. I have tons of scarves, but none of them as cool as Alexander McQueen’s skulls series. I saw a cheaper version in Zara a few weeks ago, so I might have to settle with that…

Skull scarf

10/ Studded boots. I live in the tropics and I can’t wear boots unless I’ve gone batshit… but I can’t help falling to pieces when I saw these studded boots by See by Chloe. And since they’re ankle boots, maybe it can be worn in the tropics… provided I have the funds to purchase them, that is (and I don’t, yet)

Studded boots

What are you obsessed with lately?


Binky Bee

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