Project Runway: Under The California Sun

Logan & Christopher

Is it just me or does this season of Project Runway feel a little flat?

First, there’s that move from New York City to Los Angeles, which is fine for any other show I guess, but somehow when a show is all about fashion, I think you can’t relocate it to Los Angeles. It just doesn’t work. New York City is the fashion capital of America, if not the world, and even though LA is filled with beautiful people, it just doesn’t really hold a candle to New York when it comes to fashion and style. But that’s just one fashion addict’s opinion. I could be wrong.

Then, there’s the fact that the show feels so old and outdated. Rebecca Romijn was still very pregnant in last week’s episode, while by now she’s already popped out twin girls and is back looking fab again. And Lindsay Lohan in the first episode? Does anyone remember what Lindsay Lohan was doing in 2008? Was she already with Samantha Ronson? Did she send Ari home because her red carpet creation was a mess or because she kinda looked like her on-again-off-again girlfriend? Still, we can forgive the delay because of the whole legal drama (if you remember, Project Runway’s move to Lifetime didn’t actually go down well with their previous network, Bravo).

Finally, is it just me or are the designers for this season not as good as the previous 5 seasons? Granted, last season’s designers weren’t as good as the previous ones too but at least they brought the drama in full force. We had to thank Kenley for that. People underestimate the power of an uber bitch sometimes. But this season, not only are the designers not as talented as the previous ones, the drama was kind of lacking either. I thought the team challenge would actually bring out some claws, much like the previous seasons, but no… the only two people actually fighting are Epherson and Qrystyl (I know, I spelled her name wrong, but it was a hard name to spell) – and let’s face it, I don’t think any of us really care about either of them.

The only upside about this season of Project Runway, for me anyway, is the presence of one Logan Nietzel, who’s not only produced some designs that I would actually wear, he’s also a really, really good looking guy that had me wondering, and wishing, if he’s actually straight.

Logan Nietzel

I was a little disappointed that he and Christopher didn’t win last episode’s challenge. I thought their surfwear look was pretty awesome (I may be biased, since not only was I crushing pretty badly on Logan, I love that they added that big-ass hat, you know how I feel about hats!) and their avant-garde look was definitely interesting and runway worthy.
Logan & Chris Designs

But I gotta hand it to Ra’mon, working with Mitchell was already tough on its own since the guy is a loose cannon and too ADD for his own good (not to mention, the least talented of them all), he actually managed to pull his own weight, carry Mitchell on his back, finished two looks in the nick of time (including that last minute dye job, amazing!) and winning the challenge. I also appreciated that he didn’t trash talk Mitchell at all during judging, even though he had every opportunity to, and let Mitchell take the responsibility for his own actions.

He’s a class act, that Ra’mon. And we all thought those designers can only bitch about each other.

I am glad that Mitchell is gone though. He was just childish and even though he was quite a nice guy (even Max Azria seems to think so) and not bratty and arrogant like Kenley, if Heidi and the team kept him on, it would just be unfair to everyone else. So as another hopeful bites the dust, I do wonder:

Will the rest of the season be as flat as the three we have seen? Or will they actually improve as the challenges get harder in the coming weeks?

Will Logan actually win a challenge at least once? Because I think he deserves at least one win – if only to get him more face time. That boy is too beautiful to be under the radar all the time.

Where the heck is Michael Kors? I miss his bitchy comments.

Can Project Runway return to New York? At least for the finale? I mean, I know LA has its own fashion week, but it’s nowhere near as prestigious as New York Fashion Week. I’m sure Heidi and her posse understand that!

What did you think of this season’s Project Runway? Should they have stayed in New York? Do you think Logan is straight or gay? Do you think he’s single, either way? ;p


Binky Bee

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