Sara Beth and The Magic Nails: The Characters Part Deux

I’ve shared with you the two main characters in my new novel “Sara Beth and The Magic Nails”, and now I’m going to continue!

I told you I’m making good on my promise.

The two characters I am introducing to you now are not best friends like Casey and Evan. In fact, they don’t even know each other in the beginning of the story, but their lives are more alike than they think.

Meet Torrence Adler.

The Inspiration For The Character Torrence Adler

The Inspiration For The Character Torrence Adler

Torrence Adler is a strange girl, and she knows it. For one, she’s obsessed about mushrooms. No, not the magic ones, but all kinds of other mushrooms that we see in our food but never really noticed. Her love for mushrooms started from early childhood, when she lived in a small town in the Pacific Northwest. Her parents were hippies, and she was exposed to nature since she was a baby, and nothing makes her happier than traipsing around woods and forests, picking mushrooms.

After graduating from University of Washington, she met her husband, Jonah, a budding architect in a firm where she used to temp in. Two years after falling in love, they got married when he got a job in New York City. Torrence and Jonah Adler packed up their possession and moved to Brooklyn, where she had to adjust with the life in the big city, and not being able to pick mushrooms on a whim.

While working as a spritzer girl in a Department Store, Torrence developed a new obsession for perfumes and make ups. Frustrated at the lack of woods and nature reserves, she collects perfumes and make ups the way she used to collect mushroom. She took time in studying each different scent and colors, and spend most of her paycheck to build up her collection, much to the chagrin of her husband.

When she lost her job at the Department Store, Torrence felt a little lost and decided on a whole new profession altogether. She knew she had to get a job that would give her easy access to make up and perfumes all the time, so she started going to different salons in her neighborhood, looking for a job as a make up artist.

A nail salon wasn’t a place she expected herself to work in, but after weeks of not getting a job in a “real” salon, she found herself walking into a small nail salon a few blocks away from her apartment and applied for a job. It was then when she met the quiet and kind manicurist Sara Beth, who, unbeknownst to her would be the one who changed her life forever…

For more on Torrence, make sure you check out the novel when it comes out.

The Mood Board for The Character Torrence Adler

The Mood Board for The Character Torrence Adler

For now, let’s meet another woman in the novel: Elizabeth Hoffman.

The Inspiration For The Character Elizabeth "Liza" Hoffman

The Inspiration For The Character Elizabeth "Liza" Hoffman

Elizabeth Hoffman was born and bred in New York City, but she never felt like a New Yorker all her life. She hated the cold weather passionately, she didn’t like that everyone in New York seemed to be walking too fast and too preoccupied with themselves to notice everyone else. She loved the beach and the sun, but not the cold, gray beaches of New York. She felt like a California girl trapped in a New Yorker’s body. Every chance she gets, she would travel to California just to soak up the sun. She’s also an avid surfer and a champion snowboarder, which makes her stick out like a sore thumb in the prestigious Manhattan prep school that she worked in.

Elizabeth Hoffman, or Liza as her family and friends call her, is also a passionate person. She was always fighting for a cause that she believed in. As a single mother of an autistic boy, Elizabeth Hoffman was passionate about educating people about autism, she was always actively campaigning for better health care, and she always tried to impart her passion for helping people to her students, something that frequently got her in trouble with the headmaster.

Liza was also a vegetarian, she recycled religiously, she was a fervent supporter of environmental causes, a non-smoker and her life basically consists of three things: work, taking care of her son and being an activist. She hated consumerism with a passion, and she refused to wear make up because she believed that beauty comes from the inside.

A woman like Liza wouldn’t get manicure willingly, but after her estranged husband suddenly appearing back into her life out of nowhere and demanded custody of their son, she found herself in Brooklyn with a voucher for a free manicure that the other teachers gave her for her birthday a few months prior. Feeling in need of a dire escape, she entered the small nail salon where she was greeted by a shy manicurist with soothing eyes that would eventually become the catalyst for change in her life.

Mood Board For The Character Elizabeth "Liza" Hoffman

Mood Board For The Character Elizabeth "Liza" Hoffman

Now I have introduced you to four of the women in my new novel. Make sure you tune in for more of the characters that I will be posting shortly.

I’m going to take a break from my novel to give my review of the new Melrose Place that premiered on the CW on Wednesday, but I’ll be posting more about Sara Beth and The Magic Nails right after.

Make sure you follow me on Twitter to get the latest update.

Hope you like what I have for you so far.


Binky Bee

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  1. Now I see like pieces of a puzzle fall into their places with clicking sounds. Really exciting! When I saw Liza’s board I recognized her immediately!

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