Beyond The Yellow Brick Road

I love The Wizard of Oz.

I’m such a stickler so of course I prefer the book but the movie is beyond adorable too, and thanks to it now I have a soft spot for cute gingham dresses.

A month or so ago, when I was DVD shopping, I found this miniseries based on the beloved Wizard of Oz called “Tin Man”, starring my favorite Zooey Deschanel, so of course I didn’t hesitate to buy it.


Since this is a miniseries for the Sci-Fi channel (now “SyFy”), their interpretation of The Wizard of Oz is pretty loose – but I kinda like it. It’s the sci-fi take of Wizard of Oz, and I think it’s meant to be like a “sequel” to the classic Wizard of Oz more than anything. Which of course, makes it even better.

Tin Man tells the story of DG (Zooey Deschanel), a waitress and part-time student in a small Kansas town who always feels out of place all her life.


Her life takes a strange turn when she starts having mysterious dreams and strange men in black over-coats come to her house to capture her. To save her life, her parents throw her into a tornado, and she awakens in a dark magical realm called The O.Z. (Outer Zone). There, as she searches for her parents, she is accompanied in her journey by  Glitch (Alan Cummings), a man who had half his brain taken away because of something he knew, Cain (Neal McDonough), a former policeman or “Tin Man” who seeks revenge for what happened to his family after he joined the resistance against the evil sorceress Azkadellia, and Raw (Raoul Trujillo), a member of a species called “The Viewers” who read emotions and heal.


The miniseries follows DG as she discovers her past, and searches for the emerald that can help destroy the evil sorceress Azkadellia, played wonderfully by Kathleen Robertson of Beverly Hills, 90210 fame.


I really quite like this modern re-imagination of The Wizard of Oz, I can’t believe it took me over a month to finally get around to seeing it. So if you like Zooey Deschanel, or if you’re into sci-fi, or if you like The Wizard of Oz – you should check out this miniseries that’s now already out on DVD.

I guarantee you’ll truly enjoy it.

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