Hello, Lover


With the new Fall shows, there’s always going to be a new heartthrob for us to drool over, and this year, I think this one guy definitely stands out amongst the rest – and not just because he’s “freakishly tall”.

His name is Cory Monteith, and he stars in this Fall’s best new show, a dramedy musical from Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy, Glee.


I’ve talked about Glee so many times in this blog, but this post is all about the actor who portrays the lovable doof Finn Hudson.

Despite playing a 16-year-old high school quarterback/Glee club member, he’s actually a 27-year-old Canadian (which earned him the nickname ‘Frankenteen’, that he uses for his Twitter) who got the job not just for his baby face, but also his sexy, smooth voice that sounds so good when he croons cheesy 80s rock ballads. Don’t believe me, check out his rendition of REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling” here.

Glee is the first big television role that he’s had, having only played minor characters in other TV shows like the now dead and buried Kyle XY (as Charlie Tanner, Amanda’s player ex-boyfriend) before. And not only does he get to show his repertoire, he also gets to demonstrate his skills as a drummer, something that landed him a role in MTV’s short lived original (non-reality) show Kaya in 2007.

And looks like I’m not the only one who thinks this guy is drop dead sexy and talented, he’s also been tapped as the face for men’s clothing line Five Four, which further proves that he’s definitely the rising star this year.


And I’m sorry, but that boy can rock the sunglasses and preppy look like no other. If only they ship him along with the clothes, I might actually order a few shirts of my own.

Here are some photos of him from the Five Four Winter catalog:


Granted, some of his poses were a little Zoolander-ish, but anyone who’s ever worked a photo shoot knows that it’s more the responsibilities of the Creative Director and the photographer to give “creative directions”.


But if a picture’s worth a thousand words: they are saying, “This boy is so hot and he’ll definitely go far.”


Yes, ladies, we’ve got our Fall 2009 McHottie. His name is Cory Monteith, and seeing that Glee is one of the first shows that got the full-season pick up, I can guarantee he’s here to stay.

For more of Cory Monteith, check out this video of him and the “Gleeks” singing a rendition of Queen’s Somebody To Love in an episode of Glee.

And don’t forget to check him, and the rest of the awesome cast of Glee, every Wednesday night on Fox.

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