My Sister, My Mother…

My mom and my sister both celebrate their birthdays this weekend, my sister on Friday Oct 30th and my mom on Saturday Oct 31st. Yes, I do find it ironic that my mother is born on Halloween, but let’s move past that.

In honor of their birthdays, I decided to dedicate this post just for them. Funnily enough (or is it another irony?), I have never written anything for them here, even though I’ve written just about anything, and for someone who has written two and a half novels, I am at a loss for words.

So, because my words fail me, I’m going to borrow someone else’s:

For my sister,


Sister to sister we will always be,
A couple of nuts off the family tree
~Author Unknown

Happy Birthday, Sis

For my mother,


It’s not easy being a mother.  If it were easy, fathers would do it.”  ~From The Golden Girls.

Happy Birthday Mom

I wish both of you a very happy birthday.

And yes, I love you!


Binky Bee

3 responses to “My Sister, My Mother…

  1. hey lil sis!! you know, you just never cease to amaze me my friend!! you are an awesome girl and i love ya to pieces! this is so thoroughly thought provoking and such a great idea for a group in SS!! it’s gotta be the most technical, (all the stuff above my little head) and far-reaching that there is! i love it and thank you for inviting me to join. i do so, feeling honored. i just keep seeing new things here, so i’ll just keep looking. btw, awesome entries and responses from our sisters so far on love and fame!! Excellent! i can see i’m in over my head, but i’m always up for a challenge! ;-p

  2. oh dear! i almost forgot and i’m so sorry ~ Happy Birthdays to your mom and sister!!! xoxo

  3. timakaci binkibinks 🙂

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