Mirror, Mirror on The Wall…


I love looking at my reflection on the mirror. And it’s not just pure narcissism – tho it plays a big part – I always want to look in the mirror to check whether I look exactly as I want to look and make sure that nothing is out of place, unless I want it to be.


My attitude to mirrors gets me thinking sometimes, especially when I’m severely blocked like right now, whether I do the same thing when it comes to my soul. Do I look into “the mirror” of my soul as often as I do with my physical appearance?


I think I am a pretty introspective person. And I have an excellent memory – very detailed – I often say that my mind is a flypaper for useless information and unimportant details of my past, so I do reflect a lot. I think about things too much, The Man says that I over-analyze everything. And I’m also very hard on myself, as well as other people.


But I do admit, that I spend more time fixing what’s on the outside than the inside. I have to say, when I look in the mirror of my soul, I often like what I see too much that I don’t bother to try to fix the flaws and imperfections.

Hey, it’s human nature, isn’t it? To feel like they’re better than everyone else?


In the end, I think we’re all like the Evil Queen. We look in the mirror just to look for a confirmation of our beauty, instead of seeing what’s really there and doing something about it. We’re pretty harsh on ourselves when it comes to our outside appearance, but when it comes to the mirror of ourselves, we’d rather kill Snow White than to have it say that we are not the most perfect creature on earth.

And let’s face it, Snow White is a little pathetic. Maybe she deserves to die. ;p

5 responses to “Mirror, Mirror on The Wall…

  1. hi,
    am new to blogging. your posts are interesting. i have a doubt, did you take all these pictures? those are really great. am not sure i will be able to come back and visit this blog again, if you can pls email me flashthambi@gmail.com about these pictures.

    am doing my masters in pro photography and these pics gives me new ideas 😉 thanks

    • Hi, no I didn’t take the pictures – I just grabbed them from photography sites ;p You can always look for inspirations in sites like FFFFound! – it’s an image bookmarking site, and there are a ton of inspiring photographs there!

  2. It’s true. I feel like nobody ever does like to admit to their souls that they’re imperfect; we put on our makeup and straighten our hair, fix our clothing just right, and still miss the big picture. The soul is a beautiful place to visit in things, it’s scary,..true, but yields many rewards. We are afraid to look at the person inside of us because of the flaws, and fail to see the soul, so brilliant in its intirety. Full of flaws, but beautiful, and steady like a heartbeat,..the soul never changes. Its looks different when dressed up with more good deeds or dressed down with the mistakes we make, but the core remains the same-a beautiful, ever-feeling “surprise” center that no one can ever destroy or change.

  3. another great post.. thanks for mentioning the site FFFFound. Its great. 🙂

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