Say It With…

Ah, the written words.

Ever since my writer’s block started, I find it hard to express myself through writing.

So I’m glad I found these pictures.



You know what they say:

If you can’t find the words to say how you feel…


Borrow someone else’s.










Binky Bee

9 responses to “Say It With…

  1. wow, I liked it! Nice pictures!

  2. Beautiful Pictures….. 😀
    Oh yeah and thanks for taking part in the competition….. when will you post pictures that you have taken?

    Haha I love how you write 😉 enjoy your holiday….. what hotels are you staying at?

    For everyone else can take part in the competition to celebrate the opening of our blog…. were giving out 5 first class vouchers, To take part just tell us what your favourite dream getaway is and why? …so check out our blog to take part in the competition

    Thank you,
    Dreamy Travels Team

  3. Binky — You have an awesome talent for combining words and pictures. I doubt that you have writer’s block. Maybe you’ve discovered a unique art form, a new version of poetry.

  4. Great pix. Fine blog you got there 🙂

  5. I’m in Love with your blog. Congrats!
    I feel like taking a camera and run to express myself. ;_)

  6. I heart your photography collage blog.

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