I Want To Ride My Bicycle


The Man: “Why do you have so many pictures of people riding bicycles anyway? You can’t even ride a bike!”

Me: “Well, maybe my subconscious is telling me that I should learn! Maybe I will!”

The Man: “Ha! You do know that they don’t make tricycles for adults, don’t you?”

Me: “Shut up.”


Yes, I really can’t ride a bike. I tried to learn once when I was a kid, but then I fell and I didn’t want to try again because my sister – along with the nanny and the maids – laughed at me. I was a spoiled brat who didn’t like to be laughed at, so I just didn’t try.

But now I’m moving to the suburbs… or whatever passes for a suburb in this city. Anyway, my new house is tucked inside a cul-de-sac in this huge real estate just a little outside of the city. It’s adorable, the row of houses and the fact that they’re all so pristine and identical reminds me of Desperate Housewives’ Wisteria Lane. But it’s also so far away from the main road. And since I can’t drive (there’s a lot of normal kid/teenager thing I missed out on… like learning how to ride a bike and how to drive), it means I need to depend on my mom or the driver to actually leave the cul-de-sac.

Unless I want to walk for miles, which in this kind of tropical heat could almost mean the death of me. Well, I exaggerate. I might just pass out.

So maybe I should really learn how to ride a bike, it seems the right thing to do to ensure that I don’t turn into a creepy shut-in once I move.


Easier said than done, though. I am so uncoordinated. I might fail miserably like Phoebe in Friends. It’s a very real possibility.

Nonetheless, my mom is thinking of buying a bike for my maid so she can get around the housing complex easily. Which means, soon enough I’ll be able to learn. Provided someone is patient enough to teach me.


However, The Man is right. He almost always is, but don’t tell him that.

I predict that even after my mom buys a bicycle, I will spend most of my days figuring out the cutest “riding a bike” outfit – and never really actually getting on the bike to learn.


Ah well, it’s the thought that counts, right?


“I want to ride my bicycle… I want to ride my bike…”

There’s a reason why Freddy Mercury wrote that song. Maybe he also wanted to learn to ride a bike like me?


Who knows?

Will I ever learn to ride a bicycle?

At this point, I doubt anyone can answer that.

16 responses to “I Want To Ride My Bicycle

  1. Erm, what is going on in that last image? That doesn’t look like riding a bicycle to me.

  2. I am sure you will learn to ride a bicycle quickly. You may want to start practice by riding on grass–it makes falling much less painful. Best of luck!

  3. Thanks! That’s a good tip… but I’m still scared to try ;p

  4. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it. I highly suggest a helmet. It’s nice to not have to spend money on gas. I live in the city and I find it to be great exercise and one way streets mean nothing to someone on a bike. =). Just take it slow and riding on grass does sound like a good idea.

  5. Haha. Yeah, a helmet sounds like a very good idea! There is no way to ride a bike in my city tho, everyone drives like a maniac here – if a passing car or motorbike doesn’t kill you, the pollution and dust eventually will ;p So I don’t think I’ll be taking my bike out of the housing complex… once I manage to learn to ride, of course!

  6. Let me be clear. I wasn’t saying I didn’t like the image. Or the one directly above it for that matter. 🙂

    Also, I love that song by Queen, too. One of their best. For some reason my health teacher like to play it in class when teaching us how to meditate. (Huh, what!?!) That and the song “Who Are You” by The Who.

    Go ahead and get on the bike and learn. It can be fun, except for when you go for a ride and the wind blows against you in both directions. 🙂

    Also … you have a maid? 🙂

  7. Ha – I’m trying to imagine meditating to The Who. Interesting. ;p

    Yes, I have two live-in maids, actually. I live in a third world country. It’s kinda normal for any middle class citizen to have maids and drivers. Surreal, huh? ;p

  8. Actually, they DO make tricycles for adults. And they have huge baskets on the back of them. You can carry lots of stuff, like groceries! lol…my ancient babysitter in kindergarten used to put me in her basket and ride the bicycle to take me to school every morning…until she went senile and made me run behind her bicycle on picture day…that white and red frilly dress was not meant to run in.

  9. I have a maid too ; so I don’t wonder about that. I do wonder though where you find all these pictures!?

  10. Easy. Go to http://www.ffffound.com – you’ll find so many interesting pictures there! Trust me, it’s my go-to site. Also try: The Sartorialist and The Selby!

  11. @ny112209: I didn’t know they make tricycles for adults too! Yeay, I am so going to tell The Man about it. Thanks ;p

  12. hey missy 🙂
    my philosophy on life is it’s not worth living if you don’t at least try. adventure is my middle name. i often take long walks and my goal is always to find a street that i’ve never been on, or a neighborhood i’m unfamiliar with. same with driving.. my boyfriend and i often get in our car and take a wrong left turn purposely :]
    get out of that house and ride that bike and feel the fresh air blowing against your face. you’ll be glad you did :] even if the air is a little dirty, it still feels nice…

  13. Well…riding bike is fun. Especially, it makes a great exercise too. However, the learning sessions include a few falls, so be careful ;P

  14. during my childhood i always try ride bike even keep falling. i love riding bike, but nowadays not even once riding because of i dont have a bicycle! so, binky if you have a bicycle right now, u should try even you feel afraid.

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