Picture Perfect

I had my first photography lesson on Monday. My brother-in-law is a photographer, and while he’s learning English from me, I thought I’d enlist his help in teaching me photography.

The upside of learning photography from a real photographer: he’s really passionate about it – so his passion is contagious and I feel like I can be a great photographer as well. (Not likely, but let’s just dream for a moment) 🙂

The downside of learning photography from a real photographer: he’s a stickler for the rules. He won’t teach me with a digital camera, instead he made me learn how to use my mom’s old Pentax camera from the 70s, with films and everything.

I didn’t even know that they still sell films this day and age, but they do. And let’s just say, learning photography the non-digital way is a LOT harder. First, I have to think about diaphragm and speed, and there’s no cheating. If I want to shoot a moving object, I have to really be careful and capture the moment in just the right time so it won’t be blurry and shaky. And I have to calculate the speed and all. It’s not easy, especially since I’m kind of Mathematically challenged.

He also gave me a ton of reading materials that he expects me to read and understand before our second lesson, and they’re very technical. Everything about the camera is discussed – including which camera is used for what purpose, lenses, lighting, etc, etc, etc. I’m still not sure I’ve mastered the art of putting the film in and taking it out, to be completely honest.

It also doesn’t help that I’m a little over-ambitious and picked my uncooperative cat as my first subject. I was hoping for a cute picture of her, like this one I got from FFFFound!:

Err… let’s just say, my cat refuses to stay still and look that cute for a long period of time. So what happened was, she kept moving and I kept yelling from behind the lens: “Damn it, Miu Miu (that’s her name), stay still!”

Not that she listened. After getting tired of trying to photograph my cat, I turned to still objects to make my job a little easier. I took pictures of my shoes.

The result however, is still unknown, since I have to wait for my brother-in-law to develop the film first. And for someone as impatient as I am, the wait is killing me! I keep checking my email to see if he has developed, scanned and sent them to my email.

And no, he hasn’t to this day, so I have no idea if I was successful in taking at least one good picture.

I’m not hoping to become a photographer, I’m quite happy being a writer, even though every now and then I’d be frustrated with writer’s block.

However, I do hope with the lessons, one day I’d get to post my own pictures here and I can capture the moments that inspire me on my own, instead of always relying on someone else’s talents.

And, the one benefit of taking photography lessons is I’m starting to get the idea for my new novel, the one I’ve abandoned mid-way thanks to the writer’s block.

I haven’t started writing again, but I see the sentences forming in my head – and I’m sure soon enough I’ll have what I need to begin again.

And that is why sometimes it’s good to find another creative outlet. At the very least, you’ll have something to take your mind off the frustration of not being able to write.

So thank you everyone, for suggesting me to do this. I’ll dedicate my new novel to all of you… once it’s finally finished, of course. 🙂


Binky Bee

6 responses to “Picture Perfect

  1. hi, photograper ladies..hehe..seems like you not enjoy with what are you doing right not.! but i love to be photographer! but didnt have a camera to capture something i like. i hope you be more patient and keep trying to be a best photographer soon. And i will always visit you blog to see the picture you took. please believe on urself that you can be the professional photograoher =)

  2. Learning the science of photography is as important as understanding the concepts of good writting. I am sure you will excel with pictures as you have with your pen and typing.

  3. Just imagine – you will be able to provide the photo cover art for the book and your own self portrait to accompany the author bio on the back. You are a freaking triple threat. Wrote it, decorated it, nailed it whoo ahhh!

  4. Haha, thanks so much for your comments and supports, guys!

  5. It’s great to hear that you found another outlet to keep you busy and even inspire you. That way it feels fresh, new, and it is a relief I’m sure. 🙂

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