Gone Writing…

My writer’s block is finally over! Hallelujah!

On Friday night, after I saw this cute little indie movie “Love and Other Disasters” (check it out, it’s so cute and entertaining!) on DVD, I suddenly felt this strong urge to write.

So I sat behind my faithful Mac (I named it “Mei Mei” – Chinese for “little sister”, actually) and suddenly, a story just popped into my head and I started typing furiously.

So I’m finally back on track in writing my new novel – and in the next few weeks (it really depends how long it’ll take me to write this one. Usually – barring any more writer’s block – it takes me about three to four weeks to finish writing a short novel) I might not be actively blogging since I need to concentrate all my energy into my novel.

But I’ll pop in from time to time to share my progress on the novel. So far, I’ve written about two chapters – had to stop writing on Saturday and Sunday, had too much to do and pressing matters to attend to – so I can’t tell you yet what the novel is all about (honestly, I don’t really know myself. Usually my characters just take me along for a wild and crazy ride), but I know that it’ll have these elements in it:



Heartbreak. (Because you can’t have “love” without all the drama and complications)

Break ups and break downs.


Self-searching and discovery.


And all the baggage that comes with it…

And happy endings.

Why happy endings? Because it’s fiction, not life.

Like Jane Austen, I believe in giving people happy endings. Life is hard enough as it is… I want my readers to get the endings they want, the ones they may not ever get in real life.

And with that, I shall bid you adieu and get back to my novel.

See you soon-ish.


Binky Bee

15 responses to “Gone Writing…

  1. That must be quite a relief.

    Best wishes on your fiction writing and hopefully you will emerge a few times per day to see the sun.

  2. Congrats on beating the writer’s block!

    Where do you get all these fantastic images?

  3. Although I’m so very happy for your writer’s block to be healed, I ended up writing about my own writer’s block last night, haha!

    Interesting that our posts are completely opposite…but the same. 🙂

  4. Thanks everyone! I’ll let you know how it goes!

    Kayla, I got the images from http://www.ffffound.com – try it out, it’s addictive!

    • you weren’t kidding…that site has sooooo many amazing photographs 🙂 I wish I was that talented at taking pictures like that!!! thanks for posting the link, I’ve already bookmarked it!!!

  5. isn’t it awesome when the muse comes a-knockin’? I always tell myself that even when I’m not writing or creating, it’s okay to rest – you need to recharge sometimes in order to really get the project moving.
    good luck and don’t be too hard on yourself!

  6. ffffound! is ruining my life I swear. Every free second I’m on it looking at images…

    I love it!!


  7. Atta girl! Head first through the the writers block embargo and now off through the pages. Tally freaking ho!

  8. I Absolutely Love Your Blog!! I Happened Across It When I Was Scrolling Through The SHOPSTYLE Website!!

    I Am An Avid Reader So Count Me In As A Recent Convert :”)

    ♥♥ E. Shaina

  9. I want my happy ending!!
    And your blog helps a lot to get there.
    My best

  10. Sounds like a delish story.

    Happy writing!!!

  11. I’m excited to know more about your lovely novel!! do you think you’ll publish it for all to read?? I’d sure like to 🙂

    keep it up!!!!!

  12. Yay for no writers block! I think my slump is over. I’m back into my knitting now and I have a lot of plans. 🙂 I love being creative. I hope to get to check it out with it’s done.

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