Winning Moments of My (TV) Life

Sorry I haven’t been a very active blogger lately. Aside from still dealing with crappy internet connection, I also am still busy writing my novel (about 70% done now, yeay!) so I can’t always think of something clever to blog about, what with all my creativity completely drained out by my attempt to write the great American novel and all. 🙂 Okay, it’s not going to be the great American novel, so don’t get your hopes up. I’m not even American.

Anyway, I decided to take a break from writing because I feel like I’m rushing the plot of my novel a bit, and if I keep going it might end up being half-baked, and we don’t want that, do we? And what do I do when I’m on a break? I watch TV and I make lists. So yes, this is going to be another blog with another list about truly unimportant things again.

This week, some of my favorite shows are back after taking a Winter Olympics break – and with the return of these shows, I thought I’d celebrate by awarding winning moments of my television life: the moment when I smile, laugh, cry, cringe, scream, etc as these different shows take me on a roller-coaster life into some very bizarre and exciting alternate realities.

You can see the list of shows I watch here. For now, let’s get right to this week’s winning moments in TV Land!

This week’s “Best Inappropriate Mother-Son Relationship ‘Eww’ Moment” goes to Cougar Town, when Jules (Courtney Cox) asked her son Travis (Dan Byrd) to pull out her waxing strips from under her armpits. I thought Travis’ disgusted reaction when he finally did do what Jules asked him to was priceless. However, my favorite quote from this episode (What Are You Doing In My Life?) is from the always hilariously inappropriate Barb when Travis asked to see her “freshly” chemical-peeled face:

No! Innocence should be lost in the bedroom… or on a commercial cruise liner.”

This week’s “Best Edge-Of-Your-Seat Action-Packed Crazy Cliffhanger” goes to Burn Notice,that wraps up their third season in a neat little bow this week, with a chilling and slightly confusing ending of Michael being chained and sent off to face… Martha Stewart’s living room. Or at least that’s what I thought of it when I saw the living room he was sitting in before the scene faded to black. This finale, written and director by creator Matt Nix, made sure that we all start jonesin’ for season 4 of this highly addictive spy series, and must spend the next four months biting our nails anticipating its return while twit-stalking actor Jeffrey Donovan for the tiniest hope of a free spoiler. The only disappointing bit of this finale is the lack of Michael/Fiona action. But after two seasons of “goodbye for now, my love” only to find themselves reuniting and bickering all the way to the bedroom again – I think Michael’s decision to just give Fiona a look that says it all is a much better choice. My favorite quote from this episode is actually from Simon, played by guest star Garret Dillahunt (who seems to love playing bad guys on TV, it seems):

I want my life back!

This week’s “Best You-Know-It’s-Bound-To-Happen-But-It’s-Still-A-Little-Sad-Anyway Break Up Moment” goes to newbie Life Unexpected, when at the “Hand on A Hybrid Contest” Ryan found out about Cate’s little secret and subsequently broke up with her. Did I see it coming? Yes. Did Cate deserve it? Yes, if Gilmore Girls has taught us anything, we know that sleeping with your baby daddy behind your fiance’s back is a surefire way to get dumped. Was it still a little heartbreaking to watch anyway? Yes, because despite Cate’s questionable actions, we know she’s just a woman desperate to hold on to her relationship and we can sort of relate to her. It’s nice to see Baze becoming a real father, but it’s still a little sad to see Cate all alone in that house at the end. Favorite quote of the episode comes courtesy of Cate’s producer Alice:

You are so Days of Our Lives – I am going to have to tune in at one just to watch you.”

This week’s “Best Funny Outburst Moment” goes to Psych, when Lassiter is finally so rattled by Shawn’s success as a faux-psychic/real detective combo that he is adamant the body they found on the beach was not just some unlucky guy that a shark had for dinner, but a murder victim instead. After forbidding Shawn and Gus to join them in the crime scene, Lasitter barks at Juliet who tries to deter him from spinning out crazy theories, which sparks a frustrated rant that was both hilarious and a little endearing. My favorite quote from this episode also comes from Det. Carlton Lassiter’s mouth:

O’Hara, I want you to RSVP to my invitation to SHUT IT.”

This week’s “Best Disturbing Moment” goes to Criminal Mind, in an episode directed by cast member Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr. Spencer Reid) where the female unsub puts a child in a box and cremates him with a smile on her face. I’m not a parent and I have the kind of mind that can tolerate a lot of disturbing things – but that scene was just so chilling that I found myself shuddering a little when I was watching it. Kudos to the actress playing the unsub, she deserved an Emmy for sure. Not everyone can portray the face of true evil quite like she does… and I don’t even know her name! My favorite quote from this episode comes from guest star Brooke Davis, who plays a woman whose daughter was kidnapped in a fair, it’s not zany or anything, but it’s just so sad and filled with regrets that it haunts me for a while:

I shouldn’t have let go of her hand.”

This week’s “Best OMG I Can’t Believe That Just Happened Moment” goes to The Office for their JAM Baby episode, or The Delivery, Part 1 and 2 as it’s officially called. I admit, this episode wasn’t as strong as The JAM Wedding episode (“Niagara Falls”) but it still delivered classic Office funny moments, and my favorite was when Pam realized that she breastfed the wrong baby in the hospital and Jim, with a horrified look on his face, quickly returned the baby to its crib – and continued to look horrified as the mother said, “Oh, looks like she’s not hungry.” Priceless. I know some people thought it was a little too much, but I think it’s the kind of thing that can happen in this show – and the fact that it happened to Jim and Pam made it even more hilarious. my favorite quote of the episode however, is courtesy of Dwight Schrute when he wrote the Baby Making Contract with Angela:

Child will be breastfed by the mother for exactly six months, then on to a nutrient-rich vegetable mash, provided by the father Dwight Schrute hereafter referred to as Morpheus.”

This week’s “Best Aww, Tear Moment” goes to newbie Parenthood, which just premiered last Tuesday night on NBC. Despite mixed reviews, I actually love this show – I thought it was nice to see Lauren Graham and Peter Krause back on my TV, and kudos to Lauren Graham who stepped into a role originally created for Maura Tierney so easily and seamlessly. She’s always amazing when she plays a mother, even though now she has two teenagers to raise instead of one and she doesn’t talk as fast. There are a lot of great moments from the pilot episode, but I thought the scene when Peter Krause’s character, Adam, is watching his son Max, who has just been diagnosed with Asperger’s plays in the puddle, is heartbreaking and haunting. I love it when his father Zeke, played by veteran actor Craig T. Nelson, gets impatient with Max and Adam turns around and tells him, “Dad, there’s something wrong my son.” Aww, tear. My favorite quote of this pilot episode is courtesy of Crosby, played by Kristen Bell’s beau Dax Sheppard, when he tells Adam that he has a son named Jabbar:

I don’t know, maybe his mother’s into eighties NBA player or something.”

This week’s “Best Guys Being Guys Moment” (or more appropriately called “Best Barney Being Barney moment”) goes to How I Met Your Mother, naturally. The episode On The Hook, guest-starring Carrie Underwood and Neil Patrick Harris’ boyfriend David Burtka (as Scooter, Lily’s high school boyfriend) was not the strongest of the season, but it still merits a winning moment mostly because of Barney’s antics. I love Barney’s elaborate explanation of “The Hot Girl Profession”, dating back to the stone age, mind you, and my favorite quote of this episode is also courtesy of Barney. What can I say? I’m madly in love with Neil Patrick Harris. 🙂

Last night I was hooking up with a pharma chick so hot that you should call the doctor if you don’t have an erection that lasts four hours.”

This week’s “Best Meltdown Moment” goes to Mercy, mostly because Veronica actually takes the ghost of the man she shot in the donut shop for drinks. We all know she was hallucinating, and that hallucination was caused by her PTSD, but it was still a great meltdown moment. Veronica is not the most stable character in the show, but she has so far managed to retain her sanity despite suffering with PTSD after returning from Iraq from two tours of duty. And it was kind of awesome seeing how she handled her meltdown in true Veronica style, taking the ghost out for a drink and have a long conversation with him about Iraq and everything else. The ending with her and Mike was also sweet, the way she suddenly remembered that she was in the beach that she and Mike used to go as kids, and how she just started calling out for him to save her. I guess this recent development means that Chris might be brokenhearted again since it’s pretty apparent that Veronica is in no state to begin afresh with him – but it’s interesting nonetheless. My favorite quote from this episode however, comes from Detective Nick Valentino, played by Charlie Semine, when Sonia gave him a flimsy excuse for her cheating ways (“I don’t know where my head was at.”):

I know where your head was at. It was with the rest of the body, and the rest of the body was under Paul.”

This week’s “Best Dorky and Pointlessly Hilarious But It Totally Works Moment” goes to Community. The scene with Jeff and the pool teacher playing naked pool was priceless, hilarious and pointless – but it totally works in the show. But of course, nothing beats Abed and his many “personalities” – I especially love Vampire Abed and when he channeled Mad Men’s Don Draper with Annie, played by Allison Brie (who of course plays Trudie Campbell in Mad Men). The expression on Annie’s face when Abed – as Don Draper – made a move on her was so priceless, and fans of both this show and Mad Men must have been howling in delight (I know I was). My favorite quote of this episode was courtesy of Jeff, who has to give a “Black” equivalent to every pop culture reference for Shirley and Troy:

We’ve all seen enough After School Specials…uh…(to Shirley & Troy) Fat Albert …to know that Abed just needs to be himself.”

Finally, I have to give awards to a few memorable characters this week:

Jim Halpert – He’s always such a sweetheart, but seeing him becoming a dad was so precious and John Krasinski did a great job in this episode.

Madeline Westen – Finally she’s no longer just a comic relief in the show, and I love seeing her defend her son and even sacrifice going to jail for him. Amazing acting from Sharon Gless too.

Sarah Braverman – She’s no Lorelai Gilmore, but I like how human this character is, and Lauren Graham did such a good job portraying a single mother who’s just trying to keep it all together.

And a few memorable for the wrong reasons characters:

Sonia Jimenez – Oh Sonia. Okay we can understand that despite having an amazing boyfriend sometimes a girl just gets an itch, actually we don’t. Your excuse for cheating was so weak, and Nick was right for choosing not to hear your excuse and walk away. Let’s hope you can salvage your lovability factor next week.

Chuck Bartowski – I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this, but I am so disappointed at Chuck at the way he broke up with Hannah. Sure I don’t want them to be together forever, but he used to be such a good guy and he wouldn’t do that to a girl he likes. I still have faith in the show, but I just wish Chuck still retains some of his sweet qualities that made us fall in love with him in the first place.

And that my friends, are the winning moments of my TV life this week. What’s your winning moment?

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  1. OMG! You know this is one of my fav blogs, but I don’t know reading this was a good idea. I don’t watch any of the sitcoms above, but I do watch Desperate housewives, House, Brothers&Sisters, 90210, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. This will become my life…hahahaha

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