What A Man, What A Man, What A Man…

How much do I love The Groff? Let us count the ways…

(Oh, that’s Jonathan Groff for those of you who for some reason do not watch Glee)

1. He kinda looks like The Man, who will probably always remain “the love of my life”. That fabulous curls, the glint in his eyes, the smile… but of course, The Groff is the more fabulous version of The Man because he dances, sings and can say things like, “You tell me when you’re ready and I’ll make sure I’m fastidiously groomed.” and making it sound sexy and not at all nausea-inducing. Not many guys can pull that off, not even The Man himself. (Sorry, love)

In this picture, he really is The Man’s doppelganger. A slightly skinnier, better looking gay version, that is.

2. Let’s face it, Glee fans (or Gleeks as they like to call themselves) are intense and before The Groff came along, the Gleeks have already divided into two ferocious teams: Team Fichel (Finn & Rachel) and Team Puckleberry (Puck & Rachel) who frequently debate and diss each other on the many websites and/or blogs, message boards, twitter, etc. Introducing a new love interest for Rachel Berry could’ve been disastrous if it were any other actor. But this guy came along and won everyone’s hearts so much so that members of the two teams abandoned their “ship” to form a new team: Team St. Berry (Jesse St. James – The Groff’s character – & Rachel Berry). Can I just say how jealous I am of Lea Michele that she gets to make out with those three guys in the span of 22 episodes?

BTW, I thought it was GENIUS when Brittany asked, “Mr. Schue, is he your son?” when Schue announced to the New Directions that Jesse was joining the club. And the look on their faces: priceless.

3. That voice, that magnificent voice! Those of you Broadway lovers are probably already familiar with him long before everyone in this entire universe does, because The Groff got his start on Broadway and he was beyond awesome as Melchior in Spring Awakening (where he starred opposite Lea Michele, again, I really am so jealous of that broad). And I don’t care what that stupid article in Newsweek said, The Groff CAN play straight – I mean, we all believe his rampant, raging sexuality when he was banging Lea Michele every night in Spring Awakening. I don’t like calling someone a hater for their opinions, but Ramin Setoodeh is clearly a hater and since he’s gay as well, he’s a self-loathing loser. Sorry, but that article just rubbed me the wrong way (and I wasn’t the only one!).

For those who have never seen Spring Awakening on Broadway, there are a lot of good clips on Youtube for your viewing pleasure. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

4. He looks good shirtless. I mean, really good. As if those dreamy eyes aren’t intoxicating enough, he has to have the body to go with that handsome face. Why can’t I be a gay man? 🙂

Quoting Tina Fey in 30 Rock: “I want to go to there.”

5. He really is a good actor. Most actors that started off on Broadway are usually better at the craft than those who started off as models, for example, since theater acting is a lot harder – it’s live, you don’t get a do-over and you really can’t fuck up and forget your lines. The audience isn’t as forgiving as the director most of the time. And he’s shown he can play a range of characters: a teenager discovering the inner and outer tumult of sexuality in Spring Awakening to the ambitious and self-absorbed (but utterly adorable) Jesse St. James in Glee. Don’t even get me started about his role in Taking Woodstock!

Just come out so we can talk… or sing about it.” – Jesse St. James to Rachel Berry, who has locked herself in the bathroom after having doubts about losing her virginity to him.

And finally, my last point:

He is a true triple-threat. He acts, he sings, he dances – and he looks so damn good doing it. Don’t believe me? Check out his Bohemian Rhapsody performance from Glee’s season 1 finale:

Sure, some die-hard Queen fans will always say that he failed that performance but I think it was pretty epic. All in all, The Groff is awesome. And I’m a little sad that his arc in Glee has ended but Ryan Murphy has promised that he’ll make an appearance in season two, so I’m crossing my fingers he’ll return.

So yeah, he may be gay, but this girl still dreams of him at night.

Take that, Ramin Setoodeh.

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