My 12 Days of Christmas Countdown: Fourth Day

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me… two grown men in a pear tree. Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere, today’s list is all about the bromance. Romance is great and all, but it tends to end quicky, especially on TV. But a bromance lasts forever, and due to its enduring nature, it’s time we compile a list that honors this special relationship.

So without further ado, here it is:

My Top 10 TV Bromances of 2010:

1/ Troy and Abed, Community.

What happens when a pop culture savant and a former high school jock meet in a community college study group? The beginning of a beautiful bromance, of course. Troy and Abed started out as supporting characters in NBC’s cult comedy but the second they began their bromance, they started stealing the show. From their catchy “Donde esta la biblioteca” rap to building the coolest blanket fort in the history of television, we can’t get enough of these two best friends, we even shed a little tear in the Halloween zombie episode when Abed “sacrificed” himself so Troy could be the hero. The Jeff/Britta/Annie triangle may have dissolved into thin air, but Troy and Abed, whether in the morning or in stop-motion, will last a lifetime.

2/ Shawn and Gus, Psych.

Is there any bromance on television today that is as strong and enduring as that of Shawn and Gus? I doubt it. First, they’ve known each other since they were “little Shawn” and “little Gus”, second, they have been partners in crime (and solving crime) for five seasons and showing no signs of slowing down, and third, they both have the same passion for desserts and obscure 80s references. You see, those are the things that make a bromance lasts. And if Shawn’s relationship with Juliet can’t break this bromance up, nothing can – which is why it deserves the runner up spot in this list.

3/ Bobby and Andy, Cougar Town.

Andy may be married to Ellie in this addictive ABC comedy, but we all know that deep down, the person he loves the most is not his wife, but his wife’s best friend’s ex-husband Bobby. This bromance is awesome because not only are Andy and Bobby the best of friends, but Andy totally has a man-crush on Bobby. Not even Bobby’s son Travis or ex-wife Jules worships him the way Andy does, and Bobby always reciprocates. Aww, so sweet.

4/ Jonathan, Ray & George, Bored To Death.

Anyone who thinks a failed writer, a cartoonist and a magazine editor-in-chief can’t be best friends should really check out this hilarious HBO comedy and be proven wrong. Not only are Jonathan -the failed writer turn quirky private detective- best friends with both Ray -the clingy cartoonist with a weird obsession about his penis- and George -the editor-in-chief of Edition Magazine and avid marijuana enthusiast-, they’re also best friends who are always there for each other and willing to help each other out. Ray even took a rubber bullet on the forehead (shot accidentally by George) when trying to save Jonathan from two kidnappers (don’t ask), now if that doesn’t say lasting bromance, I don’t know what will.

5/ Chuck and Morgan, Chuck.

For fans of NBC’s spy/geek show Chuck, nothing is more satisfying than watching Chuck’s relationship with his super hot spy girlfriend Sarah blooms on television. But before there was Chuck and Sarah, there was Chuck and Morgan, and as the last three and a half seasons will tell you, Chuck and Morgan is the relationship that can stand the test of time. Sure now that Chuck has a real, steady girlfriend they are not as close as they used to be, but the bromance is still very much alive between them. Morgan is even helping Chuck to plan his awesome proposal to Sarah. Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever?

6/ Ted, Marshall & Barney, How I Met Your Mother.

This hit CBS sitcom may have started out as Ted’s search to meet “the mother”, but since there’s no end date in sight and the ominous titular character may never appear, I think we should see this show for what it is; it’s not romance, it’s bromance. Let’s face it, Ted’s relationship with his two best friends Marshall and Barney is the only one that is actually healthy, sane and showing signs of lasting for a very long time. And they’ve had their share of ups and downs too, but they always seem to be able to make it work. So whether or not Ted ever meets “the mother”, we at least know for sure that Marshall and Barney will always be there for him.

7/ Jimmy Darmody and Richard Harrow, Boardwalk Empire.

This particular bromance is a unique one, and I contemplated on putting it on the list, actually. You see, the friendship between Jimmy and Richard Harrow doesn’t really have the typical signs of bromance, but considering how loyal these two men are with each other and how they’re willing to go to bat for one another after only a short period of friendship, I decided to put them in number seven. Jimmy meets Harrow, the man with half a face aka The Tin Woodsman of Atlantic City, in a VA hospital. They are both broken and wounded from the war and they are immediately drawn to each other. They’re both tortured and violent, but like in the trenches, they’d die for each other. How this relationship is going to play out in the world of Boardwalk Empire, I don’t really know, but it’s probably going to stay strong considering Jack Huston, who plays Harrow, has just been promoted to series regular. I guess this bromance is here to stay after all.

8/ Nate and Dan, Gossip Girl.

In the world of Gossip Girl’s Upper East Side where everyone sleeps with everyone else and relationships get all tangled and become a bit incestuous, bromance is not something that tends to flourish. How can it, when in a matter of episodes your girlfriend could be sleeping with your best friend, or you could be sleeping with your boyfriend’s best friend? I know, it gets confusing, believe me. But through all the crazy incestuous relationships that occur in this show, the friendship between Upper East Side golden (retriever) boy Nate Archibald and Brooklyn’s struggling writer Dan Humphrey seems to be able to stay somewhat strong. Sure, every now and then a buxom blond will come between them, but in the end, their love for each other is deeper than their love for Serena’s ample bosom. And for that, even though they come from the bromance-less world of Gossip Girl, Nate and Dan get to be in this coveted bromance list.

9/ Steve and “Danno”, Hawaii Five-O.

The bromance in number nine is so good, they had to do it twice. I am hazy on the original Hawaii Five-O Steve and Danno, but considering that the classic is always better, I’m thinking the bromance between them is just as entertaining as the 2010 version. As partners in Five-O, Steve and Danno may not always see eye-to-eye, in fact, bickering and arguing seem to be their favorite past-time, much like an old married couple. But when bullets are flying at them and they have to catch bad guys, they band together and become an undefeated team. Now isn’t that what bromance is all about?

10/  Damon and Stefan, The Vampire Diaries.

This last bromance in the list is quite unique, considering that they are actually brothers, and not just “bros”. And aside from actually being brothers, the relationship between these two hot Salvatore boys is also complicated. They used to be best friends, you know, back in 1864 when they were still humans, until a certain vampire temptress seduced the both of them, turned them into bloodsucking creatures and drove a wedge between them. Over a hundred years went by with both brothers constantly (and sometimes literally) at each other’s throat, but recently after Damon switched to the good side, their relationship seems to be on the mend. Sure, there’s that little thing of Damon being in love with Stefan’s girlfriend, but I’m sure they’ll find a way to work it out in the end. Bros before hos, right? 🙂

And there you go, My Top 10 TV Bromances of 2010. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. Check back in tomorrow, I’ll be listing my Top 10 Stocking Stuffers of 2010, who knows, I think it could help those of you who still have to do some very last minute Christmas shopping. I know it helped me a lot!

Until then,


Binky Bee

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