My 12 Days of Christmas Countdown: Twelfth Day

…And I’m back! We are finally at the very last post of my 12 Days of Christmas Countdown series, where we take a look at 2010 and make lists on all the highlights (and lowlights) of pop culture; from TV, movies to celebrity style. Now it’s 2011, time for us to plan ahead and make resolutions, goals, targets that we hope to achieve by the end of it. I don’t know what your resolutions are, but to start things off right in the new year, I thought I’d share My Top 10 New Year Resolutions with you. I’m probably not going to actually achieve all ten, but let’s just hope that at least one or two can be crossed off the list before 2012.

Thanks for sticking with me for the whole twelve days of countdown. I’ll be taking some time off to write another book, so I probably won’t be blogging too often, but I’ll be sure to check in every now and then. Plus, the award season is starting, you know I’ll be around for that. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now without further delay:

My Top 10 New Year Resolutions:

1/ Write Another Book.

Ever since I decided to be a novelist, I have made a promise to myself to write one book a year. It sounds a little ambitious, I know, but for me it’s a good exercise to keep me writing. If I take too long to finish writing a novel, I usually don’t end up finishing it at all. Not all are going to be good, but if I don’t keep writing, “writing a masterpiece” will be just one of those things I’d say I do but never achieve. I’m not Proust, I can’t take 20 years to labor over one masterpiece. I don’t have the patience and let’s face it, Proust didn’t have the internet at his fingertips back then. In this attention-deficit era, the only way any author can stay productive is just to suck it up, get behind their laptop and write. And that’s what I’m going to do, first and foremost, this year: write, write, and write.

2/ Get An Education.

I don’t really have any major regrets in my life, because I believe that even the mistakes I’ve made have been valuable in helping me grow and mature as a person. But sometimes, I do wish that I had paid more attention to my education when I was younger. I didn’t know what I wanted to do or be when I was in High School so college was a blur for me. Now that I’m older and somewhat wiser, I kinda want a do-over. I’m not going back to school but I’m going to take online classes from Harvard University to catch up on all the things I wish I had learned in college. I won’t get a prestigious degree from the University, but who cares? I don’t need it to get a job and I don’t need it for status. I just really want to properly learn something for once, and increase my knowledge on various subjects while I’m at it.

3/ Eat Less Crap.

Or just eat less in general. ๐Ÿ™‚ I used to be super skinny, back when I was younger and way crazier, but now that I’m somewhat sane and happy, I’ve gained a bit of weight. I’m still in my ideal weight so I’m not looking to lose weight or obsess about losing weight, I just want to eat less crap so I’ll be healthier this year. The thing is, I’m a very picky eater so it’s not like I eat everything I can get my hands on, it’s just the foods I actually like are not always good for me. I could do with eating less pork, dim sum and various kinds of noodles, for example. You know, starting tomorrow.

4/ Be More Patient.

I am a very, very impatient person. It doesn’t help that I do everything really fast. I can’t stand waiting, I don’t suffer fools gladly, and traffic jams drive me nuts. Which is a problem because I currently live in a city infamous for its insane traffic jams, and the general tardiness of its inhabitants. No one can show up on time in this city, while I’m always chronically early. So I’m always in a bad mood every time I have to go out and meet people, and when I’m in a bad mood, I scare everyone away. So far, my only solution is to be a hermit and avoid people but apparently that’s not so healthy. I guess the only thing I can do is to be more patient and not apply the same standard that I’ve been using on myself on other people. Though I still won’t suffer fools gladly, no way.

5/ Stop Trying To Control Everything (And Everyone).

By now you’re probably guessing that I’m some Type A, neurotic control freak, and you’d probably be right. Another reason why I prefer to be a hermit is that I am in an environment I can control. I hate not being in control. Being Bipolar means that there were days, months and even years when I couldn’t control my moods and I’d go from mania to depression in a matter of seconds, and it kinda sucks. So now that I’ve got that under control, I am starting to love being in control a little too much. ๐Ÿ™‚ But that kinda makes me insufferable sometimes, for good reason, so I should learn to let some things flow and not try to control everything. I think.

6/ Stop Being Emotionally Attached To Fictional Relationships.

One thing that reminds the character Abed in Community of myself is the fact that he tends to be more obsessed with his pop culture life than real life. I’m kinda the same way. I think I invest more of myself in fictional relationships of my favorite TV shows than in my real-life relationships. And then the writers do the unimaginable thing, ruin my favorite couple, as in the case of Barney and Robin in How I Met Your Mother or Chuck and Blair in Gossip Girl. Realizing it’s ridiculous to mourn over the unraveling of fictional couples, I decided the best thing to do is to not be emotionally attached to these fictional relationships, and maybe invest more in my real-life ones.

7/ Complain Less.

Okay, I just realized that all these resolutions are making me sound like a Type A, neurotic, slightly deranged, and unpleasant control freak, in other words, a total bitch. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I just can’t help myself sometimes. There are so many things that I find wrong about this world that I just can’t stop myself from complaining. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that no amount of complaining can actually “change the world” or whatever, so I best be reserving a spot to the haven known as “shut it”.

8/ Socialize With Real, Live, 3-D People More. Okay, Once A Month.

I know by now you are certain I’m no social butterfly. In fact, I suspect you think I’m one of those weird, geeky people who don’t really have a social life and am only comfortable with people when there are computers and internet involved. Your suspicions are not that unfounded. I am a hermit, and even though I’m not a creepy geek lurking around the net, I still feel more comfortable socializing online than in person. It’s not like I subscribe to online dating sites and regularly chats with creepy perverts or anything (ew!), but I’m nicer and friendlier online because I express myself better through writing than verbally. However, I know it’s important to have real, live, 3-D friends and to maintain some sort of relationship with them, so this year I vow to socialize more with what little friends I have offline. Well, maybe once a month. Or maybe once every two months.

9/ Wear More Colors.

I LOVE fashion. I love getting dressed up and looking good. I pay attention to style and I make sure I look fabulous every time I go out. But even though I know I have style, Nina Garcia or Anna Wintour probably won’t be so impressed by me. Hell, Joan Rivers would probably call me “boring, boring, boring” thanks to the fact that 3/4 of my wardrobe is filled with black, white and gray items. I’m the monochromatic queen, and the irony is I live in the tropics so by all accounts I should be bursting in vibrant colors all year long. But for some reason, I keep buying and wearing black, white and gray items. I know, they’re timeless and chic but they’re also quite predictable. So this year I will try my best to wear more colors, starting with this pair of fuchsia jelly oxfords from Alexandre Herchcovitch for Mellisa Shoes. Aren’t they just darling?

10/ Be Less Cynical.

Oscar Wilde once wrote, “A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing.” And I think it’s the right, and best, description of a cynic. I’m quite a cynic, which is weird because my mom, who is my best friend, is an eternal optimist. You’d think I’d inherit some of those optimistic genes, but no. I have to be the woman “who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing”. I’ve been a cynic all my life though, so it’s not like I can change overnight, but I am going to give positive thinking a try this year. Have a little faith and all that. Who knows, maybe it’d do me some good. Though it probably will bite me in the ass. ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, that’s my Top 10 New Year Resolutions. Nothing grand or too major there, but if I can at least achieve one or two of them, it’d make for a fabulous 2011. And with that, I conclude “My 12 Days Of Christmas Countdowns” series. Thanks for sticking with me for the whole twelve days, it’s been fun.

Now I bid you adieu, see you at the Golden Globes!


Binky Bee

One response to “My 12 Days of Christmas Countdown: Twelfth Day

  1. Miss Binky, I LOVE your blog….as someone just starting out, I’m totally impressed by the layout and photos…amazing. And your resolutions are wonderful…I studied writing in college and though my day job is an administrative desk gig, I often toy with the idea of writing that great novel I feel I have somewhere inside of me. So your number one resolution both inspires and makes me feel a bit guilty ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish you the best of luck as you begin writing your newest work….maybe this year you will create your masterpiece.

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