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Golden Globes Red Carpet Report: The Bold, The Beautiful and The Bizarre (Oh, and The Boys!)

Now that you’ve all seen The Golden Globes and read the highlights, it’s time for us to focus on what really matters: the red carpet fashion. This is what award season is all about, people, indulging on our favorite pastime of drinking wine and judging people. And by people, I mean unsuspecting celebrities walking the red carpet and hoping against all hopes that Joan Rivers will not tear them a new one the next day.

Since the Golden Globes is where movie and TV stars collide, there were a LOT of looks and red carpet photos to sort through before I could make my choices on Best and Worst Dressed of the night. I’m bound to miss a few amazing or atrocious looks, so please understand that I’m doing the best I can. πŸ™‚ With that in mind, let’s get straight to the celebs, shall we?

The Beautiful:

Hailee Steinfeld

She’s only fourteen but my god, she’s stunning! I don’t really know who she was wearing, but I have to give her stylist props for remembering that she is fourteen. That beautiful white halter dress is very age-appropriate, and her minimal make up is fresh and youthful.

Dianna Agron in J. Mendel and Cathy Waterman Jewelries

This Glee star gets it right all the time. She wowed us all with her Carolina Herrera gown at the Emmys, and now in this blush J.Mendel she just looks so ethereal and beautiful. The Cathy Waterman necklace around her neck adds a touch of old Hollywood glamor, and overall she just looks like a breathtaking porcelain doll.

Natalie Portman in Viktor & Rolf

I think this woman is probably the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth. She’s pregnant right now but looks as slim as she did in Black Swan. I hate her. πŸ™‚ The pink Viktor & Rolf dress looks perfect, and I love the rose accents and strawberry-colored clutch.

Heather Morris in Lorena Sarbu

When I saw her walking down the red carpet, I was blown away by little miss Brittany S. Pierce. Wow, she looks amazing. Love that sparkly, champagne-colored dress, love her hair and make up and most of all, love her attitude. Work it, girl!

Mila Kunis in Vera Wang

Somewhere in Los Angeles, Macaulay Culkin is weeping. His former lady love looks absolutely stunning in this emerald Vera Wang gown, bringing just enough drama and class to turn everyone’s heads. Hell, even the guy behind her is checking her out.

Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang

Wearing this year’s IT color “honeysuckle pink”, this Modern Family star looks absolutely muy caliente on the red carpet, prompting Kelly Osbourne to gush as she watches her from E’s Glam Cam 360. She may lost the Globes to Jane Lynch, but she’s a big winner on the carpet for sure.

Nicole Kidman in Prada

New York’s Magazine Fug Girls may think this cream Prada gown is boring, but in my opinion Nicole Kidman looks fantastic. She definitely has the body to carry off such a sleek, beautiful dress, and even though she towers over her husband Keith Urban, she still looks incredible as she poses for the cameras.

Best Dressed of The Night:

Olivia Wilde in Marchesa

My pick for Best Dressed Celeb of 2010, Olivia Wilde is definitely on her way to becoming the best dressed celeb of 2011 in this dramatic and fabulous Marchesa gown. I usually don’t like elaborate dresses, but man, she can carry it off. She even jokes that she can eat a cheeseburger in that thing. Too bad she doesn’t eat meat, though.

The Bold (Okay, Mostly Bad):

Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta and Lorraine Schwartz jewelries

InStyle Magazine loves this look a lot, but for some reason this Glee star reminds me of a cupcake in that giant ruffly Oscar De La Renta gown. It’s just a little too much. Sorry, Lea.

January Jones in Versace

She is the face of Versace this year, so I get that she has to wear a Versace gown, but I’m so not sure about this “bondage” dress. Her boobs just look tortured, and not in a good way (is there a good way for boobs to look tortured?). Oh Miss Jones. First there was that polarizing cone bra mullet dress at last year’s Emmy. Now this. I’m thinking you and Versace don’t get along as well as you think you do.

Emma Stone in Calvin Klein and Van Cleef & Arpels and Bvlgari jewelries

Nylon Magazine LOVES this look and thinks that Emma Stone is the best dressed of the night, but I beg to differ. Anybody else thinks she looks like a piece of fruit in that sherbet-colored Calvin Klein dress? She does have the body for it but man, that color with her newly blond hair just don’t work. She has to stay blond for Spider-Man, but I’m thinking she can chuck the dress and swear never to go down that path again. I still love her though.

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore’s dress is so wacky, even InStyle doesn’t want to admit she was ever on that red carpet. So far I haven’t gotten a clue as to who actually designed that pink insanity, but when I have more info I’ll definitely update this post. But I mean, really, do we need to explain further why this dress is atrocious? Gotta love Moore though, she really knows how to bring the crazy.

Heidi Klum

Yes, Heidi, we get that the 70s is making a comeback, but are you kidding me, woman? That dress, the bow thing in the middle, the stack of bangles (best jewelries, InStyle? Really?), the thigh-high slit… I’m sorry, but no. Just no.

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad and Harry Winston Jewelries

I’m going to let New York Magazine’s Fug Girls to describe this dress to you: “J. Lo appears to be wearing a cape made of a bridal veil” and my favorite: “She is wearing a glittery, see-through poncho, you guys. A PONCHO. It is crazy unflattering and also just plain old crazy.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. (Actually, I tweeted: blech, J-Lo’s dress, so I know I didn’t say it better).

Tilda Swinton

If some other actress wore this to the red carpet, I’d probably be absolutely hating it. But it’s Tilda Swinton and this is actually right up her alley. It kind of what makes me love her. I’m still not sure if that’s an oxford shirt tucked in a skirt or an actual dress, or really who made the whole thing for her but it’s all so very Tilda, and you gotta love her for always bringing the crazy and unexpected.

Christina Hendricks in Romona Keveza and Chopard jewelries

Oh Joan. You know I love you and hate doing this to you, but seriously, girl, you need to tone it down a little when on the red carpet. The red dress, the giant flower right by your face, along with your boobs and voluminous red hair… well it’s just all a little bit too much. Sorry, darling.

Jane Fonda in George Hobeika

I know shoulder pads are totally in right now, but this dress just looks so Star Trek-y to me that I don’t think it suits Ms Fonda very well. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t suit anyone very well, unless it’s Zoe Saldana, as she walks the carpet in character as Uhura, Spock’s girlfriend. Is George Hobeika just an alias for George Takei?

Worst Dressed of The Night:

Halle Berry in Nina Ricci and Harry Winston Jewelries

New York Magazine’s Fug Girls once again nailed it on the head when they described Ms Berry’s look as: “From the neck up, she looks amazing. From the neck down, she looks like the rest of her dress got mauled off by a bear.” Amen to that. Halle Berry, what were you thinking? This is worse than when you showed up on the red carpet wearing a bikini top. I mean, people were whistling at you on the red carpet, and we fear it might have been sarcastic. No, darling. You are way too beautiful and elegant to show up at an event like this in your underwear. Please don’t do this to us.

The Bizarre:

Helena Bonham Carter in Vivienne Westwood

There were plenty of crazies on the Globes red carpet, but Helena Bonham Carter is definitely the reigning queen of whack last night. Where to begin? Everything about her look was purposely wacky, from the crazy hair to those two different shoes. God bless her. She makes the red carpet so much fun to watch. No wonder Tim Burton is “the father of her bastards” (her words, not mine), she definitely looks like a character in his movies (which, incidentally, she always is).

The Boys:

Armie Hammer

Could this man be any more gorgeous? I mean, my god, WOW. Hello, lover.

Kevin McHale

We love a guy who is not afraid to wear studded tuxedo. You go, Artie!

Matthew Bomer

I know people are still speculating about his sexuality, but I hope he’s straight. I want to have a chance with him.

Andrew Garfield

Oh, Andrew Garfield. I wish you were my very own friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. I want to step into your web.

Harry Shum, Jr.

The Glee Guys were totally bringing it at the Globes. We already know what great abs Other Asian aka Harry Shum, Jr has underneath that fabulous checked shirt…

Corey Monteith

No wonder Ryan Murphy said the cast of Glee has a lot of sex. I mean, really. Just look at the sheer adorable-ness of one Corey Monteith. Love.

So there you have it, the Golden Globes red carpet redux. Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I’ll see you at the Oscars!







My 12 Days of Christmas Countdown: Twelfth Day

…And I’m back! We are finally at the very last post of my 12 Days of Christmas Countdown series, where we take a look at 2010 and make lists on all the highlights (and lowlights) of pop culture; from TV, movies to celebrity style. Now it’s 2011, time for us to plan ahead and make resolutions, goals, targets that we hope to achieve by the end of it. I don’t know what your resolutions are, but to start things off right in the new year, I thought I’d share My Top 10 New Year Resolutions with you. I’m probably not going to actually achieve all ten, but let’s just hope that at least one or two can be crossed off the list before 2012.

Thanks for sticking with me for the whole twelve days of countdown. I’ll be taking some time off to write another book, so I probably won’t be blogging too often, but I’ll be sure to check in every now and then. Plus, the award season is starting, you know I’ll be around for that. πŸ™‚ Now without further delay:

My Top 10 New Year Resolutions:

1/ Write Another Book.

Ever since I decided to be a novelist, I have made a promise to myself to write one book a year. It sounds a little ambitious, I know, but for me it’s a good exercise to keep me writing. If I take too long to finish writing a novel, I usually don’t end up finishing it at all. Not all are going to be good, but if I don’t keep writing, “writing a masterpiece” will be just one of those things I’d say I do but never achieve. I’m not Proust, I can’t take 20 years to labor over one masterpiece. I don’t have the patience and let’s face it, Proust didn’t have the internet at his fingertips back then. In this attention-deficit era, the only way any author can stay productive is just to suck it up, get behind their laptop and write. And that’s what I’m going to do, first and foremost, this year: write, write, and write.

2/ Get An Education.

I don’t really have any major regrets in my life, because I believe that even the mistakes I’ve made have been valuable in helping me grow and mature as a person. But sometimes, I do wish that I had paid more attention to my education when I was younger. I didn’t know what I wanted to do or be when I was in High School so college was a blur for me. Now that I’m older and somewhat wiser, I kinda want a do-over. I’m not going back to school but I’m going to take online classes from Harvard University to catch up on all the things I wish I had learned in college. I won’t get a prestigious degree from the University, but who cares? I don’t need it to get a job and I don’t need it for status. I just really want to properly learn something for once, and increase my knowledge on various subjects while I’m at it.

3/ Eat Less Crap.

Or just eat less in general. πŸ™‚ I used to be super skinny, back when I was younger and way crazier, but now that I’m somewhat sane and happy, I’ve gained a bit of weight. I’m still in my ideal weight so I’m not looking to lose weight or obsess about losing weight, I just want to eat less crap so I’ll be healthier this year. The thing is, I’m a very picky eater so it’s not like I eat everything I can get my hands on, it’s just the foods I actually like are not always good for me. I could do with eating less pork, dim sum and various kinds of noodles, for example. You know, starting tomorrow.

4/ Be More Patient.

I am a very, very impatient person. It doesn’t help that I do everything really fast. I can’t stand waiting, I don’t suffer fools gladly, and traffic jams drive me nuts. Which is a problem because I currently live in a city infamous for its insane traffic jams, and the general tardiness of its inhabitants. No one can show up on time in this city, while I’m always chronically early. So I’m always in a bad mood every time I have to go out and meet people, and when I’m in a bad mood, I scare everyone away. So far, my only solution is to be a hermit and avoid people but apparently that’s not so healthy. I guess the only thing I can do is to be more patient and not apply the same standard that I’ve been using on myself on other people. Though I still won’t suffer fools gladly, no way.

5/ Stop Trying To Control Everything (And Everyone).

By now you’re probably guessing that I’m some Type A, neurotic control freak, and you’d probably be right. Another reason why I prefer to be a hermit is that I am in an environment I can control. I hate not being in control. Being Bipolar means that there were days, months and even years when I couldn’t control my moods and I’d go from mania to depression in a matter of seconds, and it kinda sucks. So now that I’ve got that under control, I am starting to love being in control a little too much. πŸ™‚ But that kinda makes me insufferable sometimes, for good reason, so I should learn to let some things flow and not try to control everything. I think.

6/ Stop Being Emotionally Attached To Fictional Relationships.

One thing that reminds the character Abed in Community of myself is the fact that he tends to be more obsessed with his pop culture life than real life. I’m kinda the same way. I think I invest more of myself in fictional relationships of my favorite TV shows than in my real-life relationships. And then the writers do the unimaginable thing, ruin my favorite couple, as in the case of Barney and Robin in How I Met Your Mother or Chuck and Blair in Gossip Girl. Realizing it’s ridiculous to mourn over the unraveling of fictional couples, I decided the best thing to do is to not be emotionally attached to these fictional relationships, and maybe invest more in my real-life ones.

7/ Complain Less.

Okay, I just realized that all these resolutions are making me sound like a Type A, neurotic, slightly deranged, and unpleasant control freak, in other words, a total bitch. πŸ™‚ But I just can’t help myself sometimes. There are so many things that I find wrong about this world that I just can’t stop myself from complaining. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that no amount of complaining can actually “change the world” or whatever, so I best be reserving a spot to the haven known as “shut it”.

8/ Socialize With Real, Live, 3-D People More. Okay, Once A Month.

I know by now you are certain I’m no social butterfly. In fact, I suspect you think I’m one of those weird, geeky people who don’t really have a social life and am only comfortable with people when there are computers and internet involved. Your suspicions are not that unfounded. I am a hermit, and even though I’m not a creepy geek lurking around the net, I still feel more comfortable socializing online than in person. It’s not like I subscribe to online dating sites and regularly chats with creepy perverts or anything (ew!), but I’m nicer and friendlier online because I express myself better through writing than verbally. However, I know it’s important to have real, live, 3-D friends and to maintain some sort of relationship with them, so this year I vow to socialize more with what little friends I have offline. Well, maybe once a month. Or maybe once every two months.

9/ Wear More Colors.

I LOVE fashion. I love getting dressed up and looking good. I pay attention to style and I make sure I look fabulous every time I go out. But even though I know I have style, Nina Garcia or Anna Wintour probably won’t be so impressed by me. Hell, Joan Rivers would probably call me “boring, boring, boring” thanks to the fact that 3/4 of my wardrobe is filled with black, white and gray items. I’m the monochromatic queen, and the irony is I live in the tropics so by all accounts I should be bursting in vibrant colors all year long. But for some reason, I keep buying and wearing black, white and gray items. I know, they’re timeless and chic but they’re also quite predictable. So this year I will try my best to wear more colors, starting with this pair of fuchsia jelly oxfords from Alexandre Herchcovitch for Mellisa Shoes. Aren’t they just darling?

10/ Be Less Cynical.

Oscar Wilde once wrote, “A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing.” And I think it’s the right, and best, description of a cynic. I’m quite a cynic, which is weird because my mom, who is my best friend, is an eternal optimist. You’d think I’d inherit some of those optimistic genes, but no. I have to be the woman “who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing”. I’ve been a cynic all my life though, so it’s not like I can change overnight, but I am going to give positive thinking a try this year. Have a little faith and all that. Who knows, maybe it’d do me some good. Though it probably will bite me in the ass. πŸ™‚

Well, that’s my Top 10 New Year Resolutions. Nothing grand or too major there, but if I can at least achieve one or two of them, it’d make for a fabulous 2011. And with that, I conclude “My 12 Days Of Christmas Countdowns” series. Thanks for sticking with me for the whole twelve days, it’s been fun.

Now I bid you adieu, see you at the Golden Globes!


Binky Bee

My 12 Days of Christmas Countdown: Eleventh Day

Sorry for the delay, but as you can read in the post below, I really had to get some rest otherwise I’d go completely insane. I love being 31 and all, but sometimes I do miss the stamina of my twenties. You can fool everyone into thinking you’re younger than you actually are but you can’t fool your own body. πŸ™‚

Anyway, since I postponed the eleventh day of this series, I’m going to do Eleventh & Twelfth days back-to-back. I’m all rejuvenated, you see, and I need to start working on my new book. The holidays are over, friends. So here it is:

My Top 10 Style Stars of 2010

1/ Olivia Wilde.

Day job: Actress.

Most famous role: Playing Thirteen, one of House’s underlings in Fox’s House.

Recently seen in: Tron Legacy.

Why she’s a style star: Aside from being a total knock-out, she also always nails it when it comes to fashion. Whether she glams it up on the red carpet, or toning it down for a coffee run, she knows what works for her, what looks good on her and at the same time, she’s not afraid to experiment and take risks. For someone who is only on her way to super stardom, I think she does a good job at making sure people notice her for all the right reason.

2/ Rachel Bilson.

Day job: Actress.

Most famous role: Playing Summer Roberts, Seth Cohen’s love interest/soulmate in Fox’s 2003 hit The OC.

Recently seen in: How I Met Your Mother.

Why she’s a style star: She may not be mega famous and considered a serious actress like Natalie Portman, but she is definitely famous for one thing: her style. She is always photographed looking fabulous in various events, and is considered a style icon by many. Teen Vogue just dubbed her the style icon of the year or something, and I have to agree. She always looks good, whether she’s just going to lunch with friends or at a red carpet event. Always so polished, put together and chic. Not to mention, she has the best taste in fashion. I want every single thing she’s ever been photographed in.

3/ Dianna Agron.

Day job: Actress.

Most famous role: Playing Quinn Fabray in Fox’s mega hit show Glee.

Recently seen in: Glee.

Why she’s a style star: Let’s see, she’s young, beautiful, talented and she always looks amazing. When she walked down the Emmy red carpet last year in that gorgeous Carolina Herrera gown, I literally gasped. She looked so beautiful, elegant and demure, it’s just hard not to love her. Lea Michele usually gets all the attention when it comes to these rising stars o Glee, but she hasn’t always gotten it right like her co-star and real-life BFF has. Dianna Agron just knows what works for her, what kind of image she wants to portray and how she wants to be viewed. It’s rare to see a young star getting it right this early in her career, and Agron may be the only exception.

4/ Carey Mulligan.

Day job: Actress.

Most famous role: Playing the lead role in the critically-acclaimed British movie An Education, a role that earned her Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations.

Recently seen in: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

Why she’s a style star: She’s so adorable. I mean, so adorable that you just want to pick her up and put her in your pocket. And aside from being that adorable, she also seems to know how to have fun with fashion. Her choices range from flirty to chic, from quirky to fabulous. No wonder Shia LaBeouf, her co-star in Wall Street, couldn’t help but fall for her while working in that movie, though they’ve since called it quits. I’m sure he’s probably kicking himself for letting this babe go, because I’m pretty sure she’s a keeper.

5/ Emma Watson.

Day job: Actress.

Most famous role: Playing Hermione Granger in the unstoppable franchise Harry Potter.

Recently seen in: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Part One.

Why she’s a style star: She practically grew up on Harry Potter and in the public eye, but she seems to be able to handle it quite well, and it shows in her fashion sense. She always looks amazing, whether in the Brown University campus, in the pages of glossy fashion magazines or on the red carpet. She’s also never afraid of taking fashion risks, as she proves in the London Premiere of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. The pixie cut and that feather dress were surprising, but alas, they were fabulous surprises. There’s really no question as to why she’s chosen as the face of Burberry, is there?

6/ Zooey Deschanel.

Day job: Actress/Musician.

Most famous role: Playing Summer Finn in the sleeper hit (500) Days of Summer.

Recently seen in: Bones.

Why she’s a style star: I love her, she’s my muse and style icon and I just can’t get enough of her quirky, vintage sensibility. Whenever she gets dressed up, whether for the red carpet or performing on stage as one-half of the cutesy retro duo She & Him, she always brings a lot of fun into her choice of outfits. She doesn’t seem to take fashion too seriously, which I love, and she wears what she likes whenever she feels like wearing them, which I love even more. And with those big eyes and adorable bangs, could she be any cuter?

7/ Alexa Chung.

Day job: Model, TV personality.

Most famous role: Presenter in MTV’s It’s On With Alexa Chung.

Recently seen in: Gonzo With Alexa Chung, a show in British channel T4.

Why she’s a style star: Despite denouncing the label “It Girl”, Alexa Chung just can’t help but looking fabulous whenever she hits the town. This former model has an indie sensibility when it comes to fashion, she would be seen wearing the latest IT bag with a top she got from a thrift store. A master in mix-and-match, she’s not afraid to “not look perfect”, with her disheveled hair and minimal makeup, and yet she never fails to impress fashionistas the world over.

8/ Diane Kruger.

Day job: Actress.

Most famous role: Playing the German actress/spy Bridget Von Hammersmark in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds.

Recently seen in: Mark Ronson and The Business Intl’s music video “Somebody To Love Me”.

Why she’s a style star: One thing this actress and Joshua Jackson’s lady love is known for: she’s not afraid to take risks on the red carpet. Sure there are misses as well as hits, but through it all she continues to impress because she’s daring and she’s not afraid to just have fun with fashion. Whether on the Best Dressed or Worst Dressed, she never fails to flash that contagious smile of hers, which makes her unbelievably cool. Plus, having the oh-so-handsome Joshua Jackson on her arms can’t exactly hurt either!

9/ Emily Blunt.

Day job: Actress.

Most famous role: Playing the fabulously bitchy Emily Carlton, assistant to Merryl Streep’s Miranda Priestly in the 2006’s hit The Devil Wears Prada.

Recently seen in: Gulliver’s Travels.

Why she’s a style star: She’s gorgeous and has a bangin’ body, there’s that. And there’s also the fact that she seems to have picked up a few things while working in The Devil Wears Prada because she always nails it on the red carpet (or otherwise) since then. She’s glamorous and sometimes sexy on the red carpet and relaxed, casual and effortlessly chic in real life, a balance that not many women in Hollywood can achieve as easily as she has. And now that she’s Mrs. John Krasinski, I’m betting she’ll look even more perfect standing next to her hunky man on the red carpet.

10/ Zoe Saldana.

Day job: Actress.

Most famous role: Playing one of the blue people (whatever they’re called) Neytiri in James Cameron’s Avatar.

Recently seen in: Death At A Funeral.

Why she’s a style star: Okay, forget about the fact that she’s drop dead gorgeous and has the kind of body that designers would kill to dress, she’s also instinctively good at making herself look amazing all the time, whether she’s on her downtime, dressing all casual and relaxed with very little makeup or glam-ing it up on the carpet. I think I love her most for her ability to accessorize just right. It’s never too over the top, but it always brings out her best features. Now that is what I call a style star.

And there you have it, ladies and gents, My Top 10 Style Stars of 2010. Who are your favorites of 2010?

Okay, I’m going to grab something to eat and I’ll be back later with the very last “day” of the countdown series. Since it’s the very last countdown, I’ll be listing my top 10 favorite New Year Resolutions.

Till then,


Binky Bee


Emmy Red Carpet: The Good, The Bad, and The WTF?!

Yes, ladies and gents, the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards has come and gone and I shall post the winners soon, but first, let’s focus on the most important event before the ceremony: The Red Carpet Arrivals, where today’s hottest TV stars (and some obscure reality stars) braved the hot Hollywood sun and showed us what they’re made of. So how did they do? Let’s discuss!

The Good:

Anna Paquin in Alexander McQueen

Sookie Stackhouse may not have the best taste in fashion (though sometimes she surprised us all, remember the cute Dorothy-esque gingham dress last season?), but Anna Paquin definitely showed she has infinitely better taste than her True Blood alter ego when she, along with new hubby Stephen Moyer, walked the carpet in this gorgeous Alexander McQueen creation. Toto, we’re definitely not in Bon Temps anymore.

Nina Dobrev in Zuhair Murad

These fangbangers totally know how to wow us on the red carpet, don’t they? Dobrev, the leading lady of CW’s Vampire Diaries, looked so beautiful in this champagne one-shoulder Zuhair Murad dress it hurt. Sure, the EOnline fashion police team wasn’t too crazy about this dress, calling it “beauty pageant-y” but I beg to differ. No beauty queen could stand a chance against Mystic Falls’ vampire magnet.

Jane Lynch in Ali Rahimi

It’s weird seeing Sue Sylvester out of her tracksuit, but Jane Lynch definitely cleaned up really well for the Emmys, and she left her pearls at home too. Instead, she looked radiant in this aubergine Ali Rahimi dress while carrying a Swarovski clutch in her hand. Her look might not be dramatic enough to make the couture lovers take notice, but she definitely deserves a mention.

Kim Kardashian in Marchesa

I’m still at a loss as to why this girl is famous, but at least she knows how to work the carpet. This beautiful Marchesa dress she was wearing gave her a Cleopatra-esque effect, if Cleopatra ever released a sex tape and starred in a reality show with her crazy family, of course.

Kelly Osbourne in Tony Ward Couture

Kelly Osbourne has come a long way since her days in The Osbournes. She has ditched her bratty teenage style and her cheating fiance and opted for a sophisticated, fabulous Tony Ward Couture gown at the Emmys. She looked fantastic, but what I’m dying to know is, how did she lose all that weight? I want the number for her trainer!

Best Dressed Of The Night:

Dianna Agron in Carolina Herrera

When I saw this beautiful Gleek walked on the carpet, I literally gasped. She looked AH-MA-ZING! Out of all the Glee ladies, Dianna Agron seems to be the one who knows what works for her right away. She has never been photographed wearing something unfortunate like her on-screen nemesis (but real life bestie) Rachel Berry Lea Michele. Quinn Fabray may have been more famous for her bad choices, but Dianna Agron has made all the right ones so far. Keep it up, girl!

The Bad:

January Jones in Atelier Versace

Proving that one woman’s trash is another woman’s couture, January Jones stepped confidently onto the red carpet in this shiny blue peacock-ish Versace dress and my first reaction was, “Huh?” The Madonna cone-bra effect on the boobs was not flattering, the peacock train nearly swallowed Glee’s creator Ryan Murphy at one point, and her hair looked like she just woke up and ran out to the red carpet without a glance at the mirror. I’m sure she also made the best dressed list somewhere in the blogosphere, but I for one do not care for this look.

Julie Bowen in J Mendel

“J. Mendel fits me really, really well, so he’s always a front runner,” This Modern Family star explained when asked about her choice of dress. Really, Julie? Because I think that dress just looked ill-fitting on you. The ruffled boobies just looked odd, and I’m also not sure about the ruffles on the waist. It’s a little disappointing, since I think we know Claire Dunphy wouldn’t be caught dead in this outfit.

Lauren Graham in a dress so bizarre no designer has admitted it’s their creation just yet

In Gilmore Girls, the much beloved TV show, Graham played single mother Lorelai Gilmore who had mad sewing skills and was able to design beautiful dresses for her daughter/best friend/daughter’s best friend on multiple occasions. But Gilmore Girls was canceled years ago, and Lauren Graham’s sense of style seemed to have stayed in Stars Hollow. This black and white dress she was wearing would definitely make Nina Garcia of Project Runway frown and sigh. Why are you doing this to us, Lorelai?

Rutina Wesley in what InStyle calls “a white and gray strapless gown”

Oh Tara. I know you’ve been having a hard couple of weeks lately, but do you really have to show up on the red carpet looking like this? I mean, really, girl, that dress is doing not working and your red lips looked odd. Fire your stylist, pronto.

Rose Byrne in Gucci

I actually like Rose Byrne’s white Gucci gown, but for the love of all that is holy, what the hell is going on with her hair?? I’m glad she and Jane Lynch didn’t seem to cross paths on the carpet, because I have a feeling Lynch’s Glee alter-ego Sue Sylvester wouldn’t be able to resist to make fun of that hair. In fact, any of Sue’s Schuester hair jokes could work for Ms Byrne’s catastrophic hairdo. “Your hair looks like a briar patch. I keep imagining racist animated Disney animals to come out and start singing songs about the bayou.” Yep, it works.

Worst Dressed of The Night:

Mindy Kaling in what looks to be her old 80s prom dress, dyed in black

I love Mindy Kaling, I really do. I follow her on Twitter, I love and have watched all The Office episodes penned by her, and I can quote all Kelly Kapoor, her Office character, lines by heart. She’s a really funny girl and a great writer so it pains me to have to do this to her but I’m sorry, Mindy, Molly Ringwald called. She wants her prom dress back. However, I am hoping that she dressed this way on purpose, so she could be in the Worst Dressed list and joked about it. Because that’s what every comedienne does, right?

The Men:

Finn Hudson may be a dumb jock, but Cory Monteith sure proves that he’s more than his Glee character when he showed up looking very leading man-worthy. He didn’t tweet who made his suit, but I don’t really care, he looked HOT. I especially loved it when he wore his wayfarer to the red carpet. No wonder Jaimie Alexander, his ex-co star back when he was still a recurring in Kyle XY, tweeted that she was only in the Emmys to support him. When you look that hot, who wouldn’t support you?

Jon Hamm in a tux complete with bow tie. As Tina Fey once said (about him): “I want to go to there”. No one does dapper quite like Don Draper, the snubbed once-again nominee looked super hot at the red carpet. And how can you not love the guy who can impersonate Springsteen? Ryan Murphy, I smell stunt-casting!

I may be a Finn-shipper, but Mark Salling looked absolutely dashing on the red carpet that I found myself looking at bad boy Noah “Puck” Puckerman in a different light. The suit, the tie, the crooked smile and the fact that he easily joked when Ryan Seacrest asked about a certain pesky rumor about an alleged ex-girlfriend egging his nonexistent Lexus, made me rethink my whole position on the Finn vs Puck debate. I’m going to be so screwed come Sept 21st. πŸ™‚

Despite looking awesome naked on the cover of Rolling Stone, these True Blood trio/triangle looked even better clothed at the Emmys. Especially, one Alexander Skarsgard, Sweden’s hottest man alive and True Blood’s most lusted-after undead.Β  Just look at him in his tux: he towered over Stephen Moyer! His smirk is the best thing since slice bread! I want to drag him to the shower and have my way with him! Okay, I better stop before this officially crosses the line.

Ohh, Neil Patrick Harris, just when I thought I could not love you more, you showed up at the red carpet wearing this fabulous tux and instantly charmed my pants off. This is not good. I’m already telling everyone who would listen that I’m your babies mama, if that’s what it takes to get close to you. Damn you, David Burtka, damn you. You get to wake up next to that? I officially hate you. πŸ™‚

Little Girl, Don’t Grow Up Too Fast…

Guess who this little girl is! No, it’s not JonBenet Ramsey, it’s Kiernan Shipka aka Sally Draper in Mad Men, looking super cute and adorable in a pretty flowery dress and kitten heels. Betty Draper would’ve been proud to see her strutting her stuff on the red carpet, but I personally would’ve liked to see her having fun and being a kid instead of doing a perfect pose for the photographers. Sally Draper, don’t grow up so fast!

And finally, The WTF??

The Situation might have all but confirmed that he’d be doing the tango on Dancing With The Stars, but Rita Wilson sure would love to be one of the contestants this year. At least that’s the only thing I can think of when I saw her posing in this weird Prada chandelier dress with matching shoes that could only be appropriate when she’s doing a dance-off against members of the Jersey Shore. WTF Rita Wilson? And more importantly, WTF Tom Hanks? You let your wife leave the house in that? Shame on you!

And that’s the Emmy Red Carpet for you. Who’s on your Best and Worst Dressed list?

Photos courtesy of Getty Images/Just Jared/New York Magazine


Binky Bee

Make A Statement

Sometimes you really don’t have to shout it out from the rooftop. Neon signs work just as effectively.

I wonder if anyone will really give me money if I carry that sign around.

Posted on every teenager’s bedroom door. Or it should.

This is my favorite. I should hold up this sign everyday.

I bet this will really make you stop.

I’ll applaud any man who is this honest.

Note to self: start befriending vampires and other nocturnal creatures.

I think the pink underwear says it all.

Pardon my French.

Read the fine print.

Sounds a hell of a lot better than, “Wanna f–k?”

The saddest graffiti.

The wisdom of a paper bag.

Well said, Queen Amidala.

Or until Monday comes. Whatever works for you.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Binky Bee

Photographs courtesy of Ffffound.

Gone Writing…

My writer’s block is finally over! Hallelujah!

On Friday night, after I saw this cute little indie movie “Love and Other Disasters” (check it out, it’s so cute and entertaining!) on DVD, I suddenly felt this strong urge to write.

So I sat behind my faithful Mac (I named it “Mei Mei” – Chinese for “little sister”, actually) and suddenly, a story just popped into my head and I started typing furiously.

So I’m finally back on track in writing my new novel – and in the next few weeks (it really depends how long it’ll take me to write this one. Usually – barring any more writer’s block – it takes me about three to four weeks to finish writing a short novel) I might not be actively blogging since I need to concentrate all my energy into my novel.

But I’ll pop in from time to time to share my progress on the novel. So far, I’ve written about two chapters – had to stop writing on Saturday and Sunday, had too much to do and pressing matters to attend to – so I can’t tell you yet what the novel is all about (honestly, I don’t really know myself. Usually my characters just take me along for a wild and crazy ride), but I know that it’ll have these elements in it:



Heartbreak. (Because you can’t have “love” without all the drama and complications)

Break ups and break downs.


Self-searching and discovery.


And all the baggage that comes with it…

And happy endings.

Why happy endings? Because it’s fiction, not life.

Like Jane Austen, I believe in giving people happy endings. Life is hard enough as it is… I want my readers to get the endings they want, the ones they may not ever get in real life.

And with that, I shall bid you adieu and get back to my novel.

See you soon-ish.


Binky Bee

Picture Perfect

I had my first photography lesson on Monday. My brother-in-law is a photographer, and while he’s learning English from me, I thought I’d enlist his help in teaching me photography.

The upside of learning photography from a real photographer: he’s really passionate about it – so his passion is contagious and I feel like I can be a great photographer as well. (Not likely, but let’s just dream for a moment) πŸ™‚

The downside of learning photography from a real photographer: he’s a stickler for the rules. He won’t teach me with a digital camera, instead he made me learn how to use my mom’s old Pentax camera from the 70s, with films and everything.

I didn’t even know that they still sell films this day and age, but they do. And let’s just say, learning photography the non-digital way is a LOT harder. First, I have to think about diaphragm and speed, and there’s no cheating. If I want to shoot a moving object, I have to really be careful and capture the moment in just the right time so it won’t be blurry and shaky. And I have to calculate the speed and all. It’s not easy, especially since I’m kind of Mathematically challenged.

He also gave me a ton of reading materials that he expects me to read and understand before our second lesson, and they’re very technical. Everything about the camera is discussed – including which camera is used for what purpose, lenses, lighting, etc, etc, etc. I’m still not sure I’ve mastered the art of putting the film in and taking it out, to be completely honest.

It also doesn’t help that I’m a little over-ambitious and picked my uncooperative cat as my first subject. I was hoping for a cute picture of her, like this one I got from FFFFound!:

Err… let’s just say, my cat refuses to stay still and look that cute for a long period of time. So what happened was, she kept moving and I kept yelling from behind the lens: “Damn it, Miu Miu (that’s her name), stay still!”

Not that she listened. After getting tired of trying to photograph my cat, I turned to still objects to make my job a little easier. I took pictures of my shoes.

The result however, is still unknown, since I have to wait for my brother-in-law to develop the film first. And for someone as impatient as I am, the wait is killing me! I keep checking my email to see if he has developed, scanned and sent them to my email.

And no, he hasn’t to this day, so I have no idea if I was successful in taking at least one good picture.

I’m not hoping to become a photographer, I’m quite happy being a writer, even though every now and then I’d be frustrated with writer’s block.

However, I do hope with the lessons, one day I’d get to post my own pictures here and I can capture the moments that inspire me on my own, instead of always relying on someone else’s talents.

And, the one benefit of taking photography lessons is I’m starting to get the idea for my new novel, the one I’ve abandoned mid-way thanks to the writer’s block.

I haven’t started writing again, but I see the sentences forming in my head – and I’m sure soon enough I’ll have what I need to begin again.

And that is why sometimes it’s good to find another creative outlet. At the very least, you’ll have something to take your mind off the frustration of not being able to write.

So thank you everyone, for suggesting me to do this. I’ll dedicate my new novel to all of you… once it’s finally finished, of course. πŸ™‚


Binky Bee