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Golden Dreams: The Good, The Bad and The Globes

…And I’m back again!  I know, I took a long hiatus after Summer, but sometimes I just get too busy or too preoccupied with something to blog, I hope you’ll forgive me. But alas, I return for one reason and one reason only: Awards Season is here. ‘Tis the season to be jolly! Ryan and Scar-Jo may be breaking up and Miley Cyrus may be going off the deep end, but that doesn’t stop the Hollywood Foreign Press Association from unveiling the nominations for the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards yesterday. And as always, I am here to guide you through it, as well as sharpen my Vegas odds-maker skills in trying to predict the outcome. Last year, I didn’t do too great. Let’s hope this year I do better. 🙂

Okay, let’s get straight to the nominations, shall we? Just like last year, I’m going to tell you Who I Think Will Win and Who I Want To Win. Unlike last year though, this year I’m going to also weigh in on what or who I think is the biggest upset in the category, as well as the biggest snub. This year’s list is a doozy, so I figure I should change up the format a bit to fit my mood. Anyway, without further ado, here it is, your  68th Annual Golden Globes nominees:

Best Picture, Drama:

Black Swan
The Fighter
The King’s Speech
The Social Network

Who I Think Will Win:

Inception. Why? It’s not because I actually did love the movie and I was one of those people who spent weeks discussing the ending and the metaphors behind everything with my friends, it’s more because Avatar won Best Picture last year, even though we were all rooting for either The Hurt Locker or Inglourious Basterds. The HFPA love big stars and big movies, and Inception has both going for them. Not to mention, aside from the astronomical budget and Box Office Returns, it was also a critics’ darling – which makes it all the more likely for Inception to get the love it probably won’t get at the Oscars.

Who I Want To Win:

Black Swan. Why? This Darren Aronofsky thriller has managed to do the impossible: make ballet dancing and ballerinas scare the shit out of me. I’d say that deserves an award in and of itself, but to give a more justified answer: the movie was pure brilliance. As simple as that.

Biggest Upset: Oddly enough, Inception. I loved the movie, but I don’t think it should be in the Best Picture category. Special Effects, Directing, definitely. Screenplay, sure. Or maybe I’m just not down with hugely successful movies in this category. Award shows are supposed to honor the movies nobody watches, right? 🙂

Biggest Snub: Winter’s Bone. I mean, I know it’s a small indie movie that most people didn’t see, but again, isn’t that what Award Shows are all about?

UPDATE: Winner: The Social Network.

Best Picture, Comedy/Musical:

Alice in Wonderland
The Kids Are All Right
The Tourist

Who I Think Will Win & Who I Want To Win:

The Kids Are All Right. Why? Have you seen the nomination? It’s a complete doozy. I mean, come on, The Tourist? Burlesque? Red? The only one that deserves the win in this category is the charming The Kids Are All Right, a sweet, funny and poignant tale about the ups and downs of a modern, unconventional family. No matter how whacked the HFPA can be sometimes, I doubt they’ll pass this one for any of the other four. If they do, then I guess Miley isn’t the only one who likes to smoke up.

Biggest Upset: The Tourist. Sure Burlesque, Red and Alice In Wonderland don’t really deserve to be nominated either, but quality-wise, each one of those movies is actually way better than The Disappointment Formerly Known As The Tourist. The HFPA must have a huge crush on Johnny Depp or something.

Biggest Snub: Love And Other Drugs. It’s not amazing, but it’s way, waaaay better than The Tourist.

UPDATE: Winner: The Kids Are All Right.

Best Actress, Drama:

Halle Berry, Frankie and Alice
Nicole Kidman, Rabbit Hole
Jennifer Lawrence, Winter’s Bone
Michelle Williams, Blue Valentine
Natalie Portman, Black Swan

Who I Think Will Win:

Natalie Portman, Black Swan. Why? It’s no secret that the HFPA loves this girl. A few years ago, Portman won the Golden Globes for her role in Closer, and she was not nearly as intense in that movie as she was in Black Swan.

Who I Want To Win:

Jennifer Lawrence, Winter’s Bone. Why? She’s relatively unknown and still very young, but she was phenomenal in this indie drama. She may be too unknown to win this category, but I’m still rooting for her anyway.

Biggest Upset: Halle Berry. It isn’t so much as an upset as a surprise. Nobody expects Halle to be nominated, I guess. But she’s an amazing actress nonetheless.

Biggest Snub: Tilda Swinton. I still can’t believe that her performance in I Am Love (pure brilliance, as always), was overlooked. Are they getting tired of praising Tilda?

UPDATE: Winner: Natalie Portman, Black Swan.

Best Actor, Drama:

Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network
Colin Firth, The King’s Speech
James Franco, 127 Hours
Ryan Gosling, Blue Valentine
Mark Wahlberg, The Fighter

Who I Think Will Win:

James Franco, 127 Hours. Why? Just because I didn’t have the stomach to watch the movie, doesn’t mean the HFPA did too. And according to those who have seen it, Franco truly deserves the win for his performance. After all, he was acting all by himself in most of his scenes, and people actually literally fainted while watching the self-amputation scene. Plus, he’s a big star, he’s hosting the Oscars this year, and he’s the hardest working actor in Hollywood right now. And didn’t the HFPA totally give him a nomination for Pineapple Express? Yeah, he’s so gonna win this one.

Who I Want To Win:

Ryan Gosling, Blue Valentine. Why? I have a soft spot for this quirky Canadian actor. He always commits to a role and gives it all he’s got. He may not have a self-amputation scene going for him, but that doesn’t make him less of an actor.

Biggest Upset: None. Everyone deserves to be there.

Biggest Snub: Leonardo diCaprio. Hey, he was pretty awesome in Inception, no?

UPDATE: Winner: Colin Firth, The King’s Speech.

Best Director:

David Fincher, The Social Network
Darren Aronofsky, Black Swan
Tom Hooper, The King’s Speech
Christopher Nolan, Inception
David O. Russell, The Fighter

Who I Think Will Win & Who I Want To Win:

Christopher Nolan, Inception. Why? Well, let’s see the HFPA picked James Cameron as Best Director last year so by that logic, Nolan has this one in the bag. And as for me, I just think he deserves some credit for directing the mind-bending sensation that prompts the Twitter world to use the phrase “mind-fuck” in a sentence.

Biggest Upset: None.

Biggest Snub: I have no idea, actually. Oh, the director for True Grit, definitely!

UPDATE: Winner: David Fincher, The Social Network.

Best Supporting Actress:

Amy Adams, The Fighter
Helena Bonham Carter, The King’s Speech
Mila Kunis, Black Swan
Melissa Leo, The Fighter
Jacki Weaver, Animal Kingdom

Who I Think Will Win:

Melissa Leo, The Fighter. Why? I haven’t seen this movie yet, but the critics are all a-buzzing about her performance as Alice Eklund. And come on, it’s Melissa Leo. She’s a powerhouse!

Who I Want To Win:

Mila Kunis, Black Swan. Why? I’ve loved her since she first started out in That 70s Show as Jackie, Ashton Kutcher’s girlfriend with a shrill unforgettable voice. She was a mere 15-year-old at the time. Now she’s all grown up and have matured into a fantastic actress and a force to be reckoned with. I personally think she deserves a win, it’ll be great for her career.

Biggest Upset: Surprisingly, none. The only surprise is Kunis, but hell I think she deserves to be nominated.

Biggest Snub: Dale Dickey. If you’ve seen Winter’s Bone, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, let’s move on to the next category, it’s a little hard to explain, seeing that she’s not a big-name star and all.

UPDATE: Winner: Melissa Leo, The Fighter. (Called it!)

Best Supporting Actor:

Christian Bale, The Fighter
Andrew Garfield, The Social Network
Jeremy Renner, The Town
Geoffrey Rush, The King’s Speech
Michael Douglas, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Who I Think Will Win:

Geoffrey Rush, The King’s Speech. Why? Do you even need to ask? It’s Geoffrey Rush, for god’s sake!

Who I Want To Win:

Andrew Garfield, The Social Network. Why? To be honest, even though I thought he did a great job in The Social Network, the only reason why I want him to win is so I’d get to see him up on stage in his tux and thank people with that delicious British accent of his. We won’t be hearing much of that after he puts on his spidey suit… can you blame a girl for hoping? 🙂

Biggest Upset: Michael Douglas. Sure he was the only good thing to come out of the disaster that is Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, but I mean, really?

Biggest Snub: Justin Timberlake. Look, even though he annoys us with those geeky glasses he’s been sporting lately, he still gave the performance of his life in The Social Network. Too bad he used to be in N’Sync, that probably what did him in.

UPDATE: Winner: Christian Bale, The Fighter.

Best Actress, Comedy:

Annette Bening, The Kids Are All Right
Anne Hathaway, Love and Other Drugs
Angelina Jolie, The Tourist
Emma Stone, Easy A
Julianne Moore, The Kids Are All Right

Who I Think Will Win:

Annette Bening, The Kids Are All Right. Honestly, it could easily be Julianne Moore, they were both amazing in this movie.

Who I Want To Win:

Julianne Moore, The Kids Are All Right. See Above Explanation.

Biggest Upset: Angelina Jolie. She was compared to a Madame Tussaud’s wax figurine by critics, so why is she nominated?

Biggest Snub: Hmm. Weirdly enough, I can’t think of any.

UPDATE: Winner: Annette Bening, The Kids Are All Right. (Called it!)

Best Actor, Comedy:

Kevin Spacey, Casino Jack
Jake Gyllenhaal, Love and Other Drugs
Johnny Depp, Alice in Wonderland
Johnny Depp, The Tourist
Paul Giamatti, Barney’s Version

Who I Think Will Win & Who I Want To Win:

Johnny Depp, Alice In Wonderland. Why? Considering that it’s Depp vs Depp in this category, I’m thinking he’s going to at least win it for his role as Mad Hatter. HFPA loves Johnny in costume. I think they gave him the Globes for Jack Sparrow too, if I’m not mistaken. As for me, I’m just partial to Johnny Depp and I’d rather him win for Alice In Wonderland than –shudder– The Tourist.

Biggest Upset: Johnny Depp, The Tourist. I know I just said I’m partial to Johnny Depp (who isn’t?) but he shouldn’t be nominated for – according to the New York Magazine – wearing what looked like a dead beaver on his head, just no.

Biggest Snub: Oh I don’t know, John C.Reilly, Paul Rudd, Robert Downey, jr… take your pick.

UPDATE: Winner: Paul Giamatti, Barney’s Version.

TV Series, Drama:

Mad Men
Boardwalk Empire
The Good Wife
The Walking Dead

Who I Think Will Win & Who I Want To Win:

Mad Men. Why? Mad Men is still a critics darling and it’s always consistent in its quality, unlike say True Blood, which isn’t even nominated this year. Boardwalk Empire could take the win, of course, it’s definitely a strong contender, but I think this is still Mad Men’s year.

Biggest Upset: The Walking Dead. I don’t know how I feel about zombies… but I guess they are the new vampires.

Biggest Snub: Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Friday Night Lights… feel free to add more.

UPDATE: Winner: Boardwalk Empire.

Best Actor, TV Drama:

Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire
Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Michael C. Hall, Dexter
Jon Hamm, Mad Men
Hugh Laurie, House

Who I Think Will Win:

Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire. Why? We know the HFPA loves to give awards to film actors who make the transition to television (Glenn Close comes to mind). And even though some people complained that Buscemi can’t carry a show, I thought he did a wonderful job portraying corrupt politician Enoch “Nucky” Thompson. Subtle acting is definitely one of Buscemi’s forte.

Who I Want To Win:

Jon Hamm, Mad Men. Why? If you think my reason for wanting him to win is similar to that of Andrew Garfield, you’d be right. Jon Hamm is a god, he needs to be on stage, wearing that tux, thanking people and making us fall in love over and over again with him.

Biggest Upset: Hugh Laurie. This season of House isn’t even that great to begin with. And he’s nominated like every year since the first season of House, it’s time for the HFPA to honor other leading men.

Biggest Snub: Kyle Chandler. What’s with the lack of Friday Night Lights love, HFPA? And in their last season too? Brutal.

UPDATE: Winner: Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire. (Called it!)

Best Actress, TV Comedy:

Toni Collette, The United States of Tara
Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie
Tina Fey, 30 Rock
Laura Linney, The Big C
Lea Michele, Glee

Who I Think Will Win & Who I Want To Win:

Laura Linney, The Big C. Why? Again, the HFPA has a history of awarding film actors who made the transition to TV (I’m thinking next year Forrest Whitaker will be nominated for the Criminal Minds spin-off). However, Linney does deserve the win for her performance as cancer-stricken housewife Cathy. She was heartbreaking, funny and annoying all at the same time. I’d be genuinely surprised if she doesn’t win.

Biggest Upset: Lea Michele. The second season of Glee has its ups and downs, and even though I still love the show and Michele herself, I’m just not so sure why she’s up there instead of say, Allison Brie from Community, who has given a stellar performance this season (and the previous too).

Biggest Snub: Allison Brie, for the reason I mentioned above. Also, for Annie’s Boobs. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, WATCH COMMUNITY every Thursday night. It’s the best show on TV, according to me and New York Magazine!)

UPDATE: Winner: Laura Linney, The Big C. (Called it, but she didn’t show anyhow)

Best Actor, TV Comedy:

Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock
Steve Carell, The Office
Thomas Jane, Hung
Matthew Morrison, Glee
Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

Who I Think Will Win:

Steve Carell, The Office. Why? Same reason why I thought Emmy voters would pick him last September, this is his last season of The Office, which means, the last time he’d ever get the chance of winning in this category (until he lands on another brilliant comedy, of course). Emmy voters ended up giving the award to my pick Jim Parsons in a surprising yet delightful turn, but the HFPA usually loves to defy the Emmys, so I think Carell is still a strong contender.

Who I Want To Win:

Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory. Why? He’s the BEST thing about the show, especially this season, when the comedy feels forced and the writers don’t seem to know where they want to take the characters. That one episode when Sheldon adopted a bunch of cats to get over losing Amy Farrah Fowler was especially hilarious, all thanks to this talented thespian. And hey, the Emmy voters loved him too!

Biggest Upset: Matthew Morrison. I promise you, I’m a true blue Gleek. This is not me hating on Glee, okay, because I LOVE the show. I laugh, I cry and I download every song from every episode, that’s how much of a Gleek I am. So don’t start a hate campaign against me just because I put both Glee stars in this category. The reason simply is that I just don’t think Morrison’s performance is strong enough this season to be nominated. Especially not when Community’s Danny Pudi and Donald Glover (as well as Joel McHale) killed it every week. And not to mention Bored To Death’s Jason Schwartzman, who left me in stitches every time.

Biggest Snub: Danny Pudi, Donald Glover, Jason Schwartzman, and my gay husband Neil Patrick Harris, of course.

UPDATE: Winner: Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory. (Sort of called it, happy he won)

Best Actress, TV Drama:

Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife
Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer
Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men
Katey Sagal, Sons of Anarchy
Piper Perabo, Covert Affairs

Who I Think Will Win:

Katey Sagal, Sons of Anarchy. Why? This is the first time Katey Sagal is nominated for Sons of Anarchy, a nomination that is well-deserved, considering her sensational performance in this critically-acclaimed show week after week. I think to make up for snubbing her these past few years, the HFPA are going to give her the win. And if they don’t, they should.

Who I Want To Win:

Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men. Why? Over the last four season, Peggy is the only character in Mad Men with real growth and transformation; going from being Don’s naive but ambitious secretary in season one, to a junior copywriter in season two, to actually holding her own against the boisterous and cocky male copywriters in season three, and, in “The Suitcase” episode of season four, showing the audience and Don Draper himself that she is no longer his mousy ex-secretary, but his equal in many ways. And that transformation is played out so nicely by Elisabeth Moss, who up to now has not received love from both the HFPA and the Emmys. What can I say, I always root for the underdog.

Biggest Upset: Piper Perabo. I don’t think I need to explain this one. I mean, first of all, Covert Affairs is so bad, it’s actually insulting our intelligence. Second, her acting matches the show perfectly, in the sense that it’s just as insufferable. No one seems to understand WHY she’s nominated, not when there’s Connie Britton, January Jones, Anna Paquin, Mariska Hargitay. I blame Miley Cyrus bong again.

Biggest Snub: Connie Britton. Seriously, this is unforgivable!

UPDATE: Winner: Katey Sagal, Sons of Anarchy. (Called it!)

Best Screenplay

Aaron Sorkin, The Social Network
Christopher Nolan, Inception
Lisa Cholodenko and Stuart Blumberg, The Kids Are All Right
David Seidler, The King’s Speech
Danny Boyle and Simon Beaufoy, 127 Hours

Who I Think Will Win & Who I Want To Win:

Aaron Sorkin, The Social Network. Why? The Social Network is a favorite this awards season, and it’s mostly thanks to Sorkin’s brilliant screenplay and Fincher’s directing. The fast-paced dialogues are Sorkin’s forte, and let’s face it, we hung on to every word that was uttered in that movie. Even though we know Sorkin preferred to ignore the true events, we didn’t really care. His dramatization was probably what made the movie much more interesting than Mark Zuckerberg’s real life story.

Biggest Upset: None.

Biggest Snub: Winter’s Bone, again.

UPDATE: Winner: Aaron Sorkin, The Social Network. (Called it!)

Best Supporting Actor, TV:

Chris Colfer, Glee
Chris Noth, The Good Wife
Scott Caan, Hawaii- 5-0
David Strathairn, Temple Grandin
Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family

Who I Think Will Win:

Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family. Why? Okay, the HFPA totally snubbed Modern Family last year, and as we know, the show went on to win the highest honor, Best Comedy, at the Emmys. And now, I think they’re going to try to make up for it by giving Modern Family the win. Considering Stonestreet is always pitch-perfect every week, I don’t mind it one bit.

Who I Want To Win:

Chris Colfer, Glee. Why? Stonestreet beat Colfer at the Emmys, so as always I’m rooting for the underdog. Also, Kurt has been getting some meaty materials this season on Glee and Colfer definitely shines every week. My favorite would be when he was kissed by the jock who bullied him in “Never Been Kissed”, the way he reacted was so raw and poignant, I want to hand him an award right then and there.

Biggest Upset: Scott Caan. Hawaii Five-O is fun to watch and all, but it’s definitely not award-show worthy. And even though Caan makes the show with his witty banter, I’m not so sure why he’s in this category at all.

Biggest Snub: Ty Burrell, and all the guys in Modern Family, really. But mostly Ty Burrell. He’s so funny, it’s truly a crime that Scott Caan gets nominated and he doesn’t.

UPDATE: Winner: Chris Colfer, Glee. (Sort of called it, ecstatic he won!)

Best Supporting Actress, TV:

Hope Davis, The Special Relationship
Jane Lynch, Glee
Kelly MacDonald, Boardwalk Empire
Julia Stiles, Dexter
Sofia Vergara, Modern Family

Who I Think Will Win:

Kelly MacDonald, Boardwalk Empire. Why? Just like Peggy Olsen in Mad Men, only a lot faster, Kelly MacDonalds Margaret Schroeder transforms the most out of all the characters (especially the females) in Boardwalk Empire. And you can see it in every episode, she’s subtly changing and becoming less of Nucky Thompson’s mistress and more of an equal. She nails her part every time, in every scene. I won’t be surprised if she turns out to be HFPA’s favorite.

Who I Want To Win:

Sofia Vergara, Modern Family. Why? She lost to Jane Lynch at the Emmys, and even though I was happy for Lynch’s win, a part of me wanted Vergara to win as well, because she is perfect as Gloria; hilarious, fun and hysterical. I think it’s about time that she gets an accolade, don’t you?

Biggest Upset: Julia Stiles. Many critics seem to think her performance was underwhelming in Dexter. But apparently not the HFPA.

Biggest Snub: Jennifer Carpenter. Speaking of Dexter, a lot of people think Jennifer Carpenter should’ve been nominated instead of Stiles, and I happen to agree with them. But I guess this way she wouldn’t have to share a table with her soon-to-be ex-hubby. Awkward.

UPDATE: Winner: Jane Lynch, Glee.

TV Series, Comedy:

30 Rock
The Big Bang Theory
The Big C
Modern Family
Nurse Jackie

Who I Think Will Win:

Modern Family. Why? Glee won last year, and Modern Family was snubbed. So this year, I think they’re going to turn the table and give Modern Family the win.

Who I Want To Win:

30 Rock. Why? When a show is in its fifth season, usually it starts to wear you down, like How I Met Your Mother and The Office, for example. But 30 Rock, surprisingly, did the exact opposite. It bounced back from a shaky fourth season and became funnier than ever. So for its fifth-season rejuvenation, I think 30 Rock deserves to win in this category, again.

Biggest Upset: The Big Bang Theory. I used to love this show but this season definitely hasn’t been the best. If it weren’t for Parsons’ Sheldon, I probably would’ve quit watching altogether.

Biggest Snub: Community. I get why Parks and Recreation didn’t get any love, it’s because stupid NBC has pushed its schedule to next year, thus denying them the chance to shine for the HFPA. But Community is having a stellar season, and it’s the most meta, poignant, hilarious and did I mention AWESOME?? show on television right now. The fact that it’s basically ignored at the Globes is just disappointing.

UPDATE: Winner: Glee.

So that’s it, your 68th Annual Golden Globe nominations. Who are you rooting for this time around?


Binky Bee

Taking Home The Naked Gold Man

I know I’m a little late with this, but since it’s not March yet, there’s still time for a little Oscar predictions. I did my thing for the Golden Globes and a lot of my predictions came true, including the ones I only hoped and didn’t think will actually win (Robert Downey Jr for Sherlock Holmes, Michael C. Hall for Dexter) and there were a few disappointments (Avatar winning best picture whaaat??, Chloe Sevigny winning Best Supporting Actress for TV Series Comedy instead of Jane Lynch), but it does not deter me from trying to tap into the crystal ball once again and hope that I do better at the Oscars. 🙂

So here are my predictions for the key categories in this year’s Academy Awards, let’s hope that when March comes, every prediction actually comes true. Fat chance of that happening, but hey, who knows?

As with the Golden Globes, I’ll pick two winners for each category: Who I Think Will Win and Who I Want To Win. Sometimes they’re one and the same, so let’s see if the Academy actually agrees with me this time. Oh and what’s slightly different than the Golden Globes list is that I will also pick “The Dark Horse” in each category, the one that no one expects to win (including myself, really) – but as in the case of previous years, sometimes the Academy actually goes for The Dark Horse, so we’ll see!

Here are the nominees:

Best Picture:

Avatar – James Cameron and Jon Landau

The Blind Side – Gil Netter, Andrew A. Kosove and Broderick Johnson

District 9 – Peter Jackson and Carolynne Cunningham

An Education – Finola Dwyer and Amanda Posey

The Hurt Locker – Kathryn Bigelow, Mark Boal, Nicolas Chartier and Greg Shapiro

Inglourious Basterds – Lawrence Bender

Precious: Based on The Novel Push by Sapphire – Lee Daniels, Sarah Siegel-Magness and Gary Magness

A Serious Man – Joel Coen and Ethan Coen

Up – Jonas Rivera

Up In The Air – Daniel Dubiecki, Ivan Reitman and Jason Reitman

Who I Think Will Win:

The Hurt Locker – Kathryn Bigelow, Mark Boal, Nicolas Chartier and Greg Shapiro

Why? Because this movie was robbed during the Golden Globes, and I think the theme of this movie will resonate more with Academy Members than the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. And because I was SO bummed by Avatar winning Best Picture Drama in The Golden Globes that I don’t even want to predict it to win the big honors at the Oscars. Yes, I’m a sore loser 🙂

Who I Want To Win:

Inglourious Basterds – Lawrence Bender

Why? Because this is my favorite film of 2009: it has everything – drama, comedy, war, and Jews with guns. It’s Tarantino at his best and there’s just nothing like it, ever.

The Dark Horse: I think The Dark Horse in this category is Up. Even though it’s a Box Office smash hit and I personally love it, it’s a Disney/Pixar animation flick and I’m not so sure The Academy is going to give the highest honor to a Disney/Pixar sensation.

Actor In A Leading Role:

Jeff Bridges – Crazy Heart

George Clooney – Up In The Air

Colin Firth – A Single Man

Morgan Freeman – Invictus

Jeremy Renner – The Hurt Locker

Who I Think Will Win:

Jeff Bridges – Crazy Heart

Why? I still haven’t seen the movie so I can’t say for sure why, but he did win Best Actor for Motion Picture Drama in the Golden Globes and every movie critic I know seem to think he’s a sure win for this category. And remember Reese Witherspoon winning the Oscar for Walk The Line a few years ago? The Academy sure love actors playing country singers.

Who I Want To Win:

Jeremy Renner – The Hurt Locker

Why? I have finally seen The Hurt Locker, and aside from the movie being amazing, Jeremy Renner’s performance was also unbelievable. He’s not that new in the Hollywood scene but he hasn’t had his big break yet, and I think winning an Oscar could give his career a boost which he truly deserved. So I’m rooting for him.

The Dark Horse: George Clooney. I know, picking George Clooney as The Dark Horse is a little weird, but if you’ve seen Up In The Air, you’ll see why. He was great in it, don’t get me wrong, but the character is not that much of a stretch for him to play. Ryan Bingham is so much like the real George Clooney that it seems his chances of actually winning this time is slim to none.

Actor In A Supporting Role:

Matt Damon – Invictus

Woody Harrelson – The Messenger

Christopher Palmer – The Last Station

Stanley Tucci – The Lovely Bones

Christoph Waltz – Inglourious Basterds

Who I Think Will Win & Who I Want To Win:

Christoph Waltz – Inglourious Basterds

Why? If you’ve seen Inglourious Basterds, you’ll know that it’s silly to ask why. Christoph Waltz’ performance as SS Colonel Hans Landa was (pardon my French) abso-fuckin-lutely amazing. And when he won the Golden Globes, everyone seems to be in agreement that he deserved it. From movie critics, fellow actors, film enthusiasts, to the millions of Twitter users who were live-tweeting the Golden Globes last month, everyone is rooting for this German actor who was practically an unknown before Inglourious Basterds.

The Dark Horse: Considering the above reasons, I think pretty much everyone else in the category is The Dark Horse.

Actress In A Leading Role:

Sandra Bullock – The Blind Side

Helen Mirren – The Last Station

Carey Mulligan – An Education

Gabourey Sidibe – Precious: Based on The Novel Push by Sapphire

Meryl Streep – Julie & Julia

Who I Think Will Win & Who I Want To Win:

Sandra Bullock – The Blind Side

Why? Well, first of all, she won both The Golden Globes and The Screen Actors Guild Award for her portrayal of Leigh Ann Touhy in this movie, which means her odds of winning the Oscar has gone up significantly. In previous years, winning both the Globes and SAG meant a sure win for the Oscars, as in the case of Jennifer Hudson a few years back. And personally, I think Sandra Bullock deserved to win. She was truly amazing in the role and the movie was so inspirational that it’ll just be awesome if she wins.

The Dark Horse: Carey Mulligan. An Education is funny, smart and a great indie movie, and she was really good in it, but she’s a relative unknown and considering the competition, I don’t think she stands out too much.

Actress In A Supporting Role:

Penelope Cruz – Nine

Vera Farmiga – Up In The Air

Maggie Gyllenhaal – Crazy Heart

Anna Kendrick – Up In The Air

Mo’Nique – Precious: Based on The Novel Push by Sapphire

Who I Think Will Win & Who I Want To Win:

Mo’Nique – Precious: Based On The Novel Push by Sapphire

Why? Have you seen the movie? The woman was on fire! I didn’t expect her to do such a sensational job in this role, considering she was more known for her work in comedy instead of drama, and this was a difficult role to inhabit as well, but Mo’Nique truly shone and play this hard-to-love character with such heart and humanity that you can’t help but want to give her the highest honor.

The Dark Horse: Vera Farmiga. In all honesty, I don’t really know why she was nominated since even though she was good in Up In The Air, I didn’t think her acting was all that special. Anna Kendrick was fresh, funny and pitch-perfect in her role as Natalie, but Vera Farmiga as Alex was not that impressive in my opinion. She was good, don’t get me wrong, but just not impressive enough for the Oscars.

Animated Feature Film:

Coraline – Henry Selick

Fantastic Mr. Fox – Wes Anderson

The Princess and The Frog – John Musker and Ron Clements

The Secret of Kells – Tomm Moore

Up – Pete Docter

Who I Think Will Win & Who I Want To Win:

Up – Pete Docter

Why? It’s the best Disney/Pixar animation since Finding Nemo. The story was touching, beautiful and resonate well for both children and adults. It’s the kind of movie that would make you hold back your tears while muttering, “I can’t believe I’m crying at f–king cartoon!” (because I did that). And considering that this movie is also up for Best Picture, it’s safe to say that the award is already in the bag for this category.

The Dark Horse: The Princess and The Frog. Considering the competition, The Princess and The Frog has zero to little chance of winning. Academy members always vote for animation that is not the typical Disney fairytale concept, so I think they should just be happy they’re nominated.

Costume Design:

Bright Star – Janet Patterson

Coco Before Chanel – Catherine Letterier

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus – Monique Prudhomme

Nine – Colleen Atwood

The Young Victoria – Sandy Powell

Who I Think Will Win:

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus – Monique Prudhomme

Why? Fantasy movies always have the best, most creative costumes and this one is no exception. I thought the designs were mind-blowing, imaginative and kooky, perfect for the movie and I think Academy Members are going to appreciate it the most.

Who I Want To Win:

Coco Before Chanel – Catherine Letterier

Why? Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel was a true fashion legend, she was responsible for revolutionizing women’s fashion and she basically single-handedly changed the world of fashion forever. And this movie showed who she was, the fierce, fabulous and visionary woman who was not afraid of going against the stream. I think it should win simply because the costume designer Catherine Letterier did a great job recreating early Chanel work in this movie.

The Dark Horse: I’m going to say Janet Patterson for Bright Star. Seeing the competition, I think it’ll be a surprise if she actually does win it.


Avatar – James Cameron

The Hurt Locker – Katherine Bigelow

Inglourious Basterds – Quentin Tarantino

Precious: Based on The Novel Push by Sapphire – Lee Daniels

Up In The Air – Jason Reitman

Who I Think Will Win:

Avatar – James Cameron

Why? Well, it’s a no-brainer, really. It took James Cameron 20 years to make this movie, and it was groundbreaking film-making, I admit that. The only thing I had a problem with was the mediocre script, I feel like if you take the visual effects away, the story was nothing special. But when it comes to directing, and his vision, I admit it was pretty amazing and I think the Academy will recognize that as well.

Who I Want To Win:

Inglourious Basterds – Quentin Tarantino

Why? Well, I’ve been a fan of Quentin Tarantino since I was in High School, so I am biased when it comes to him. But only the mind of one Quentin Tarantino can give birth to such a fantastic, over-the-top, imaginative movie about World War II and Hitler, so in my opinion he deserves to win just as much as James Cameron does.

The Dark Horse: Jason Reitman. I feel sorry for him, since he’s a talented director and I love his movies (Thank You For Smoking, Juno, to name a few) but he’s up against industry veterans in this category and his chances of winning are pretty slim. But he’s young and he’s going to continue making great movies, so I see an Oscar for him in the future.

Writing (Adapted Screenplay):

District 9, written by Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell

An Education, screenplay by Nick Hornby

In The Loop, screenplay by Jesse Armstrong, Simon Blackwell, Armando Iannucci, Tony Roche

Precious: Based on The Novel Push by Sapphire, screenplay by Geoffrey Fletcher

Up In The Air, screenplay by Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner

Who I Think Will Win:

Up In The Air, screenplay by Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner

Why? It is a really good movie, and the story is very easy to relate to in today’s economy. Not to mention, Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner won the Golden Globes for Best Screenplay, so I think they have the best chance of winning this category.

Who I Want To Win:

District 9, written by Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell

Why? I know the Academy doesn’t usually favor sci-fi movies in general, but I think District 9 is more than just a sci-fi aliens living among us movie. It is deep, original and the story is so amazing. I know it didn’t win at the Golden Globes, but I am really hoping it will win the Oscar.

The Dark Horse: Nick Hornby for An Education. I love Nick Hornby, I think I’ve read all of his books, seen almost all the movie adaptations of his novels (including the poorly adapted Fever Pitch), and I love An Education. But somehow I think it’s not his time to win the Oscar yet, not when he’s up against fan and critics-favorite Up In The Air and District 9.

Writing (Original Screenplay):

The Hurt Locker, written by Mark Boal

Inglourious Basterds, written by Quentin Tarantino

The Messenger, written by Alessandro Camon & Oren Moverman

A Serious Man, written by Joel Coen & Ethan Coen

Up, screenplay by Bob Peterson, Pete Docter. Story by Pete Docter, Bob Peterson, Tom McCarthy

Who I Think Will Win:

The Hurt Locker, written by Mark Boal

Why? I usually don’t like war flicks, but this one is different. It’s special, it’s thought-provoking, it’s deep and it asks the all-important question of “why are we in a war anyway?”. I think Academy members will agree that this movie deserves the honor in this category.

Who I Want To Win:

Inglourious Basterds, written by Quentin Tarantino

Why? I told you I’m biased when it comes to Tarantino. 🙂 And in all seriousness, the movie is so different that it requires a genius to write it, and I think Tarantino needs to be acknowledge in this category.

The Dark Horse: The Messenger. Considering the competition, the movie is not that strong of a contender, I think even Up has a better chance of winning.

Who do you think will take home the naked gold man? Any predictions?

Going For The Gold

The Golden Globes nominations were just announced yesterday morning (Tuesday, Dec 15) and as an avid movie and TV fan, of course I was watching to see if the Hollywood Foreign Press Association agrees with me when it comes to who deserves the honor. And I have to say, this year it’s not such a disappointment. Although they still snubbed some of my favorite actors, actresses, movies and TV shows, they showed some love to a lot of them. So, while the nominees are still celebrating, I thought I’d share the HPFA’s picks for the 2010 Golden Globes Award (airing January 17, 2010 on NBC) as well as my predictions and who I actually wish would win.

Note: Who I Think Will Win means who I think members of HPFA would vote for, and Who I Want To Win means well, who I want to win. 🙂

Also, not in this list: Best Foreign Language Film (because I have not seen any of them), Best Original Score & Song (because I’d have no idea how to judge), Best Mini-Series/Motion Picture Made For Television as well as the actress and actor because again, I have only seen about one or two of them. For the complete list, check it out here.

Okay, let’s begin!

Best Motion Picture – Drama


The Hurt Locker

Inglourious Basterds

Precious: Based On The Novel Push by Sapphire

Up In The Air

Who I Think Will Win: Precious: Based On The Novel Push by Sapphire. (The movie was powerful, and it’s the type of movie that HFPA usually goes for)

Who I Want To Win: Inglourious Basterds. (My favorite film of 2009, enough said)

Best Performance By An Actress In A Motion Picture – Drama

Emily Blunt – The Young Victoria

Sandra Bullock – The Blind Side

Helen Mirren – The Last Station

Carey Mulligan – An Education

Gabourey Sidibe – Precious: Based On The Novel Push by Sapphire

Who I Think Will Win: Gabourey Sidibe (she was truly amazing in this breakout role)

Who I Want To Win: Sandra Bullock (it’s just nice to see Sandra in a role that is different than what she’s usually in)

Best Performance By An Actor In A Motion Picture – Drama

Jeff Bridges – Crazy Heart

George Clooney – Up In The Air

Colin Firth – A Single Man

Morgan Freeman – Invictus

Tobey Maguire – Brothers

Who I Think Will Win: Morgan Freeman (he plays Nelson Mandela, that says it all)

Who I Want To Win: George Clooney (I love him. He’s my ex-future husband. Yep.)

Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

(500) Days Of Summer

The Hangover

It’s Complicated

Julie & Julia


Who I Think Will Win: Nine (Haven’t seen it yet, but it’s an all-star musical in the style of Moulin Rouge, we all know HFPA loves that)

Who I Want To Win: (500) Days Of Summer (It’s such a cute, quirky, non-romantic romantic comedy with a fresh take on love. My favorite movie of the genre ever)

Best Performance By An Actress In A Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

Sandra Bullock – The Proposal

Marion Cotillard – Nine

Julia Roberts – Duplicity

Meryl Streep – It’s Complicated

Meryl Streep – Julie & Julia

Who I Think Will Win: Meryl Streep (She’s a double nominee in this category, the odds are in her favor)

Who I Want To Win: Marion Cotillard (I actually don’t know how she was in Nine, since I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve loved her since Love Me If You Dare/Jeux D’enfants so I’m going to have to pick her. Besides, Streep has enough Golden Globes and Oscars to last her a lifetime)

Best Performance By An Actor In A Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

Matt Damon – The Informant!

Daniel Day-Lewis – Nine

Robert Downey Jr. – Sherlock Holmes

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – (500) Days Of Summer

Michael Stuhlbarg – A Serious Man

Who I Think Will Win: Matt Damon (He was pretty amazing in the movie, and I applaud his commitment to the role)

Who I Want To Win: Robert Downey Jr. (He’s RDJ. He’s awesome in everything. And yes, I mean EVERYTHING.)

Best Performance By An Actress In A Supporting Role In A Motion Picture

Penelope Cruz – Nine

Vera Farmiga – Up In The Air

Anna Kendrick – Up In The Air

Mo’Nique – Precious: Based On The Novel Push by Sapphire

Julianne Moore – A Single Man

Who I Think Will Win: Mo’Nique

Who I Want To Win: Mo’Nique (Let’s face it: Mo’Nique was phenomenal in the movie, it’s not easy to play an abusive mother that we can all still feel sorry for)

Best Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role In A Motion Picture

Matt Damon – Invictus

Woody Harrelson – The Messenger

Christopher Plummer – The Last Station

Stanley Tucci – The Lovely Bones

Christoph Waltz – Inglourious Basterds

Who I Think Will Win: Christoph Waltz

Who I Want To Win: Christoph Waltz (If he doesn’t win, I will be VERY upset. I’m not the only one who think Christoph Waltz was beyond amazing as Hans Landa – everyone, from my friends to renowned movie critics, even fellow actors have spoken publicly about the awesomeness of Mr. Waltz in Inglourious Basterds)

Best Animated Feature Film

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs


Fantastic Mr. Fox

The Princess and The Frog


Who I Think Will Win: Up

Who I Want To Win: Up (By far, the best Disney/Pixar animation flick since Finding Nemo. And as much as I love Gaiman’s Coraline, I nearly cried when watching Up, which is the second time a freakin’ cartoon has ever made me so emotional – the first time was Finding Nemo, of course)

Best Director – Motion Picture

Kathryn Bigelow – The Hurt Locker

James Cameron – Avatar

Clint Eastwood – Invictus

Jason Reitman – Up In The Air

Quentin Tarantino – Inglourious Basterds

Who I Think Will Win: Clint Eastwood (It’s been a while since he’s won one of these, and I know HFPA loves him)

Who I Want To Win: Quentin Tarantino (He’s my favorite director, and let’s face it, no one else can make a WW II flick like Inglourious Basterds)

Best Screenplay – Motion Picture

District 9: Written by Neil Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell

The Hurt Locker: Written by Mark Boal

Inglourious Basterds: Written by Quentin Tarantino

It’s Complicated: Written by Nancy Meyers

Up In The Air: Written by Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner

Who I Think Will Win: The Hurt Locker, written by Mark Boal (It’s a small, independent movie on the Iraq war. Just the kind of movie HFPA usually goes for)

Who I Want To Win: District Nine, written by Neil Blomkamp and Terry Tatchell (There’s just nothing like it. It’s different, and it’s mind-blowingly good)

Best Television Series – Drama

Big Love (HBO)

Dexter (Showtime)

House (Fox)

Mad Men (AMC)

True Blood (HBO)

Who I Think Will Win: Mad Men (Let’s face it, it’s a critic and audience favorite. And the story is always solid from episode to episode)

Who I Want To Win: True Blood (Truth to tell, I just want to see Alexander Skarsgard go up on stage in all his 6 foot 4 inches tall blondness)

Best Performance By An Actress In A Television Series – Drama

Glenn Close – Damages

January Jones – Mad Men

Julianne Marguiles – The Good Wife

Anna Paquin – True Blood

Kyra Sedgwick – The Closer

Who I Think Will Win: Glenn Close (Damages didn’t really have a strong second season, but she still carried the show on her back and gave a phenomenal performance)

Who I Want To Win: January Jones (Betty Draper is such a complex character, and she plays her with such subtlety and tackles some really difficult scenes with ease last season. I say she deserves the love)

Best Performance By An Actor In A Television Series – Drama

Simon Baker – The Mentalist

Michael C. Hall – Dexter

Jon Hamm – Mad Men

Hugh Laurie – House

Bill Paxton – Big Love

Who I Think Will Win: Jon Hamm (Mad Men won big in the Emmys last year, but he lost the Best Actor Emmy to Bryan Cranston. Seeing that HFPA snubbed Cranston and Breaking Bad, I think he’s a sure win)

Who I Want To Win: Michael C. Hall (He’s been nominated almost every year for Dexter but hasn’t taken home the Globes yet. I think he deserves to win, especially since it’s a next-to-impossible task to make us love a serial killer the way we love Dexter. I’m just saying)

Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy

30 Rock (NBC)

Entourage (HBO)

Glee (Fox)

Modern Family (Fox)

The Office (NBC)

Who I Think Will Win: Glee

Who I Want To Win: Glee (Let’s face it: Glee is fresh, hilarious and surprisingly different than anything else on TV. I think HFPA will agree with me on this one)

Best Performance By An Actress In A Television Series – Musical or Comedy

Toni Collette – United States of Tara

Courteney Cox – Cougar Town

Edie Falco – Nurse Jackie

Tina Fey – 30 Rock

Lea Michele – Glee

Who I Think Will Win: Toni Collette

Who I Want To Win: Toni Collette (Each and every single woman in this category did a fantastic job, but Toni Collette deserves the win since she essentially played four very different characters in the show. Not to mention, she’s Australian. So not only does she have to don an American accent, she has to play four people – sort of.)

Best Performance By An Actor In A Television Series – Musical or Comedy

Alec Baldwin – 30 Rock

Steve Carell – The Office

David Duchovny – Californication

Thomas Jane – Hung

Matthew Morrison – Glee

Who I Think Will Win: Alec Baldwin

Who I Want To Win: Alec Baldwin (Of course I could be wrong and Thomas Jane ends up taking the Globes home, since HFPA usually has a soft spot for controversial freshman show, but I just don’t think any of the nominees really gave the kind of performance Alec Baldwin did.)

Best Performance by An Actress In A Supporting Role in A Series, Mini Series or Motion Picture Made For Television

Jane Adams – Hung

Rose Byrne – Damages

Jane Lynch – Glee

Janet McTeer – Into The Storm

Chloe Sevigny – Big Love

Who I Think Will Win: Jane Lynch

Who I Want To Win: Jane Lynch (Hands down, Ms Lynch is a definite scene-stealer in Glee. She delivers the funniest lines and has the perfect comedic timing, not to mention she manages to portray both the evil and the sweet side of Sue Sylvester with such ease. As much as I love Chloe Sevigny, she just can’t compare to Jane Lynch this time)

Best Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role In A Series, Mini Series or Motion Picture Made For Television

Michael Emerson – Lost

Neil Patrick Harris – How I Met Your Mother

William Hurt – Damages

John Lithgow – Dexter

Jeremy Piven – Entourage

Who I Think Will Win: Michael Emerson (I don’t watch Lost – I know, shocker! – but I have heard enough about how amazing he was in it from everyone else and from every TV blog I’ve read to know that he will probably win this one, plus he did just win an Emmy)

Who I Want To Win: Neil Patrick Harris (I love NPH. He’s my “imaginary gay husband” and I think he’s solely responsible for the awesomeness of Barney Stinson. In Short, NPH is legen-wait for it, and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the last syllable is-dary!)

Now before I go, here are the people/shows/movies that were snubbed that I thought should’ve gotten some love:

  • Zooey Deschanel for (500) Days of Summer (If you nominate Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you should nominate his co-star too, since she truly shines in the movie)
  • Jim Parsons for The Big Bang Theory (Sheldon Cooper is the only thing that consistently stays funny, fresh and interesting in the show, and it’s all because of Jim Parsons’ fantastic acting)
  • Alexander Skarsgard for True Blood (Not only is he a Swedish sex god, I thought he did a really great job playing Eric Northman last season. The scene when he was crying over Godric, that was some great acting right there!)
  • Jeffrey Donovan for Burn Notice (why no love for USA Network, HFPA? I get that you chose The Mentalist over Psych, but burning Michael Westen? Seriously?)
  • Katherine Heigl for Grey’s Anatomy (I thought the fact that she portrayed cancer-stricken Dr. Izzie Stevens would surely get her a nomination. Maybe HFPA is afraid she’ll reject the nod?)
  • Adam Sandler for Funny People (They nominated James Franco for Pineapple Express last year yet they snubbed Sandler’s amazing performance in Funny People? What were HFPA members smoking?)
  • Maria Bello for The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (I even said in my last post that I predicted a Golden Globes nomination for her role as Suky Sarkisian. She was amazing! I don’t get it…)
  • Coco Avant Chanel for Best Foreign Language Film (I know I didn’t list the category here and I haven’t seen a lot of Foreign films lately, but this biopic is pretty spectacular, I thought it would get nominated)

What do you think? Who do you predict will take home the Globes? Who do you think deserve to be nominated? Will you be watching the telecast in January? Who are you rooting for?

Sound off below.


Binky Bee