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Emmy Red Carpet: The Good, The Bad, and The WTF?!

Yes, ladies and gents, the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards has come and gone and I shall post the winners soon, but first, let’s focus on the most important event before the ceremony: The Red Carpet Arrivals, where today’s hottest TV stars (and some obscure reality stars) braved the hot Hollywood sun and showed us what they’re made of. So how did they do? Let’s discuss!

The Good:

Anna Paquin in Alexander McQueen

Sookie Stackhouse may not have the best taste in fashion (though sometimes she surprised us all, remember the cute Dorothy-esque gingham dress last season?), but Anna Paquin definitely showed she has infinitely better taste than her True Blood alter ego when she, along with new hubby Stephen Moyer, walked the carpet in this gorgeous Alexander McQueen creation. Toto, we’re definitely not in Bon Temps anymore.

Nina Dobrev in Zuhair Murad

These fangbangers totally know how to wow us on the red carpet, don’t they? Dobrev, the leading lady of CW’s Vampire Diaries, looked so beautiful in this champagne one-shoulder Zuhair Murad dress it hurt. Sure, the EOnline fashion police team wasn’t too crazy about this dress, calling it “beauty pageant-y” but I beg to differ. No beauty queen could stand a chance against Mystic Falls’ vampire magnet.

Jane Lynch in Ali Rahimi

It’s weird seeing Sue Sylvester out of her tracksuit, but Jane Lynch definitely cleaned up really well for the Emmys, and she left her pearls at home too. Instead, she looked radiant in this aubergine Ali Rahimi dress while carrying a Swarovski clutch in her hand. Her look might not be dramatic enough to make the couture lovers take notice, but she definitely deserves a mention.

Kim Kardashian in Marchesa

I’m still at a loss as to why this girl is famous, but at least she knows how to work the carpet. This beautiful Marchesa dress she was wearing gave her a Cleopatra-esque effect, if Cleopatra ever released a sex tape and starred in a reality show with her crazy family, of course.

Kelly Osbourne in Tony Ward Couture

Kelly Osbourne has come a long way since her days in The Osbournes. She has ditched her bratty teenage style and her cheating fiance and opted for a sophisticated, fabulous Tony Ward Couture gown at the Emmys. She looked fantastic, but what I’m dying to know is, how did she lose all that weight? I want the number for her trainer!

Best Dressed Of The Night:

Dianna Agron in Carolina Herrera

When I saw this beautiful Gleek walked on the carpet, I literally gasped. She looked AH-MA-ZING! Out of all the Glee ladies, Dianna Agron seems to be the one who knows what works for her right away. She has never been photographed wearing something unfortunate like her on-screen nemesis (but real life bestie) Rachel Berry Lea Michele. Quinn Fabray may have been more famous for her bad choices, but Dianna Agron has made all the right ones so far. Keep it up, girl!

The Bad:

January Jones in Atelier Versace

Proving that one woman’s trash is another woman’s couture, January Jones stepped confidently onto the red carpet in this shiny blue peacock-ish Versace dress and my first reaction was, “Huh?” The Madonna cone-bra effect on the boobs was not flattering, the peacock train nearly swallowed Glee’s creator Ryan Murphy at one point, and her hair looked like she just woke up and ran out to the red carpet without a glance at the mirror. I’m sure she also made the best dressed list somewhere in the blogosphere, but I for one do not care for this look.

Julie Bowen in J Mendel

“J. Mendel fits me really, really well, so he’s always a front runner,” This Modern Family star explained when asked about her choice of dress. Really, Julie? Because I think that dress just looked ill-fitting on you. The ruffled boobies just looked odd, and I’m also not sure about the ruffles on the waist. It’s a little disappointing, since I think we know Claire Dunphy wouldn’t be caught dead in this outfit.

Lauren Graham in a dress so bizarre no designer has admitted it’s their creation just yet

In Gilmore Girls, the much beloved TV show, Graham played single mother Lorelai Gilmore who had mad sewing skills and was able to design beautiful dresses for her daughter/best friend/daughter’s best friend on multiple occasions. But Gilmore Girls was canceled years ago, and Lauren Graham’s sense of style seemed to have stayed in Stars Hollow. This black and white dress she was wearing would definitely make Nina Garcia of Project Runway frown and sigh. Why are you doing this to us, Lorelai?

Rutina Wesley in what InStyle calls “a white and gray strapless gown”

Oh Tara. I know you’ve been having a hard couple of weeks lately, but do you really have to show up on the red carpet looking like this? I mean, really, girl, that dress is doing not working and your red lips looked odd. Fire your stylist, pronto.

Rose Byrne in Gucci

I actually like Rose Byrne’s white Gucci gown, but for the love of all that is holy, what the hell is going on with her hair?? I’m glad she and Jane Lynch didn’t seem to cross paths on the carpet, because I have a feeling Lynch’s Glee alter-ego Sue Sylvester wouldn’t be able to resist to make fun of that hair. In fact, any of Sue’s Schuester hair jokes could work for Ms Byrne’s catastrophic hairdo. “Your hair looks like a briar patch. I keep imagining racist animated Disney animals to come out and start singing songs about the bayou.” Yep, it works.

Worst Dressed of The Night:

Mindy Kaling in what looks to be her old 80s prom dress, dyed in black

I love Mindy Kaling, I really do. I follow her on Twitter, I love and have watched all The Office episodes penned by her, and I can quote all Kelly Kapoor, her Office character, lines by heart. She’s a really funny girl and a great writer so it pains me to have to do this to her but I’m sorry, Mindy, Molly Ringwald called. She wants her prom dress back. However, I am hoping that she dressed this way on purpose, so she could be in the Worst Dressed list and joked about it. Because that’s what every comedienne does, right?

The Men:

Finn Hudson may be a dumb jock, but Cory Monteith sure proves that he’s more than his Glee character when he showed up looking very leading man-worthy. He didn’t tweet who made his suit, but I don’t really care, he looked HOT. I especially loved it when he wore his wayfarer to the red carpet. No wonder Jaimie Alexander, his ex-co star back when he was still a recurring in Kyle XY, tweeted that she was only in the Emmys to support him. When you look that hot, who wouldn’t support you?

Jon Hamm in a tux complete with bow tie. As Tina Fey once said (about him): “I want to go to there”. No one does dapper quite like Don Draper, the snubbed once-again nominee looked super hot at the red carpet. And how can you not love the guy who can impersonate Springsteen? Ryan Murphy, I smell stunt-casting!

I may be a Finn-shipper, but Mark Salling looked absolutely dashing on the red carpet that I found myself looking at bad boy Noah “Puck” Puckerman in a different light. The suit, the tie, the crooked smile and the fact that he easily joked when Ryan Seacrest asked about a certain pesky rumor about an alleged ex-girlfriend egging his nonexistent Lexus, made me rethink my whole position on the Finn vs Puck debate. I’m going to be so screwed come Sept 21st. 🙂

Despite looking awesome naked on the cover of Rolling Stone, these True Blood trio/triangle looked even better clothed at the Emmys. Especially, one Alexander Skarsgard, Sweden’s hottest man alive and True Blood’s most lusted-after undead.  Just look at him in his tux: he towered over Stephen Moyer! His smirk is the best thing since slice bread! I want to drag him to the shower and have my way with him! Okay, I better stop before this officially crosses the line.

Ohh, Neil Patrick Harris, just when I thought I could not love you more, you showed up at the red carpet wearing this fabulous tux and instantly charmed my pants off. This is not good. I’m already telling everyone who would listen that I’m your babies mama, if that’s what it takes to get close to you. Damn you, David Burtka, damn you. You get to wake up next to that? I officially hate you. 🙂

Little Girl, Don’t Grow Up Too Fast…

Guess who this little girl is! No, it’s not JonBenet Ramsey, it’s Kiernan Shipka aka Sally Draper in Mad Men, looking super cute and adorable in a pretty flowery dress and kitten heels. Betty Draper would’ve been proud to see her strutting her stuff on the red carpet, but I personally would’ve liked to see her having fun and being a kid instead of doing a perfect pose for the photographers. Sally Draper, don’t grow up so fast!

And finally, The WTF??

The Situation might have all but confirmed that he’d be doing the tango on Dancing With The Stars, but Rita Wilson sure would love to be one of the contestants this year. At least that’s the only thing I can think of when I saw her posing in this weird Prada chandelier dress with matching shoes that could only be appropriate when she’s doing a dance-off against members of the Jersey Shore. WTF Rita Wilson? And more importantly, WTF Tom Hanks? You let your wife leave the house in that? Shame on you!

And that’s the Emmy Red Carpet for you. Who’s on your Best and Worst Dressed list?

Photos courtesy of Getty Images/Just Jared/New York Magazine


Binky Bee

Racing To The Emmys

The Emmy nominations were announced yesterday, and this year, I am not utterly disappointed. Sure, there are a few snubs like the previous years, most notably Zach Gilford for Friday Night Lights, but I am already grateful that the show that pretty much everyone ignores is finally getting some much-deserved praise and nominations; most notably for Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton (aka The Taylors! Yeay!).

However, the fact that this year’s Emmy is not so disappointing brings about a whole other problem. Who am I going to root for? In some categories, I love almost all the nominees that I am torn. It also makes predicting the outcome super hard, which sucks since I love blogging about award shows. 🙂

So this time around, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m still going to do predictions (divided into my usual ‘Who I Think Will Win’ and ‘Who I Want To Win’) but instead of predicting “the dark horse”, I’m simply going to add another category called ‘But It Could Very Well Be…’ seeing that the votes can go any which way this year. You know what this means, though, the 2009/2010 television season was pretty damn good. So hooray for that!

Okay, we have a lot to go through, so let’s get straight to it! (NOTE: Since there are so many categories, I decided only to post the ones that I can predict, or care about. To see a complete list, you can go straight to the Emmy Website)

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series:

– Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

– Tony Shalhoub, Monk.

– Steve Carell, The Office.

– Matthew Morisson, Glee.

– Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory.

– Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock.

Who I Think Will Win:

Steve Carell, The Office

Why: Well, Alec Baldwin won for 30 Rock last year and the year before that if I’m not mistaken, so it’ll be so boring if he wins again. Carell has been nominated multiple times but has yet to win, again, if my memory serves me right. And this upcoming season of The Office will be his last, so the Emmy voters might want to give him an award just for that.

Who I Want To Win:

Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

Why: I’m still holding a grudge for the fact that he didn’t win last year’s Emmy, while that guy from Two and A Half Men got an Emmy and beat NPH in the process. Come on! Jim Parsons is responsible for making Sheldon Cooper the most beloved genius physicist in primetime. He really deserves the win, and it’s just a shame if the Emmys continue to snub him.

But It Could Very Well BeAlec Baldwin. After all, he did win the Golden Globes for the same category this year.

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series:

– Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation.

– Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie.

– Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, New Adventures Of Old Christine.

– Lea Michele, Glee.

– Toni Colette, United States of Tara.

– Tina Fey, 30 Rock.

Who I Think Will Win:

Toni Colette, United States of Tara

Why: If you’ve seen the show, you’ll know why she deserves to win. Especially in the second season where two other alter emerged, and she had to act opposite herself. And like I said in my Golden Globes post, she is Australian. Faking an American accent is hard enough, having to portray 6-7 different personalities with different accents (Buck has a Southern accent, Shoshana has this thick Brooklyn accent, etc) and demeanor, is even harder. I wouldn’t be surprise if Emmy voters crown her a winner once again.

Who I Want To Win:

Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation

Why: Sure, she’s no Toni Colette but I think Amy Poehler did such a great job portraying Leslie Knope in the second season of P-Rex. Her character has grown from this slightly delusional but ambitious small-town politician to a lovable and endearing woman who just wants to give the best for her community, even if no one appreciates it. Not to mention, NBC has just made the epic mistake of pushing Parks and Recreation back to mid-season so a win for Amy Poehler might nudge them in the right direction (bring the show back in the Fall).

But It Could Very Well BeEdie Falco. Nurse Jackie may not be 100% comedy, but Falco was exceptionally good last season.

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

– Jon Hamm, Mad Men.

– Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights.

– Hugh Laurie, House.

– Michael C. Hall, Dexter.

– Brian Cranston, Breaking Bad.

– Matthew Fox, Lost.

Who I Think Will Win:

Jon Hamm, Mad Men

Why: He lost to Brian Cranston last year, but the third season of Mad Men was pretty amazing and Jon Hamm really took Don Draper to another level. When I was watching it, I kept alternating between wanting to strangle him for being such a douche, and to kiss him for being, well, the dapper Don Draper. You know an actor deserves an accolade when he can make viewers torn between loving or hating his character. And besides, seeing Jon Hamm in a tux walking across that stage… well that’s just a lovely sight, and I know the Emmy voters feel the same way. 🙂

Who I Want To Win:

Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights

Why: He should’ve been nominated two seasons ago, but since Emmy voters seem allergic to good television, he was overlooked. So in my opinion, they have to make up for ignoring this amazing show for so long by letting this beloved coach win. After all, he’s not even coaching the winning team anymore now, but he’s still as inspirational as ever. He’s so inspirational, he made an uncredited cameo in Joshua Ferris’ short story in The New Yorker. So hells yeah, give the man an Emmy! (Then maybe I’ll forgive them for snubbing Zach Gilford)

But It Could Very Well BeMichael C Hall. He won the Golden Globes this year and he managed to power through shooting Dexter while undergoing treatments for Lymphoma. He’s a trooper!

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series

– January Jones, Mad Men.

– Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer.

– Mariska Hargitay, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

– Glenn Close, Damages.

– Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife.

– Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights.

Who I Think Will Win:

Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife

Why: Just because I gave up on the show because I couldn’t relate to her character, doesn’t mean the rest of America did. I have heard nothing but praise for the show and her character, and she did win The Globes for the same category this year. So I think there’s a really good chance she’s going to win this one as well.

Who I Want To Win:

Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights

Why: As if I’m going to root for the coach and not do the same to his wife. Besides, Mrs Coach Connie Britton deserves it. She was always overlooked since she’s in the most underrated show ever to air on television, but that has never stopped her from always bringing her A-Game. And I think every Friday Night Lights fans out there would love to see The Taylors take home The Emmys.

But It Could Very Well BeGlenn Close. I didn’t see last season’s Damages, but I heard she was phenomenal, as always.

Outstanding Comedy Series:

– Curb Your Enthusiasm.

– Modern Family.

– The Office.

– 30 Rock.

– Nurse Jackie.

– Glee.

Who I Think Will Win & Who I Want To Win:


Why: Let’s see… Glee is highly successful, much beloved and has spawned legions of loyal fans (called Gleek) around the globe. There’s no show like it on TV. It has successfully wormed its way around everyone’s hearts; critics and fans alike. Sure, there are plot holes and ridiculous storylines, but this show kinda thrives on its ridiculousness. And if The Globes, SAG, and Peabody are any indication, Glee’s winning streak is definitely not over yet, even if The New Directions lost at Regionals.

But It Could Very Well BeModern Family. It’s also new, it’s also fresh, and it’s also really, really funny. Honestly, even I’m torn!

Outstanding Drama Series:

– True Blood.

– Dexter.

– Mad Men.

– The Good Wife.

– Breaking Bad.

– Lost.

Who I Think Will Win:

Mad Men

Why: Consider this, they won last year. They won this year’s Golden Globes. The third season was exceptionally strong; it was well-written, brilliantly-acted and it didn’t lose its quality, not even a little bit, something that most shows tend to do when they start feeling good about themselves. And let’s face it, the Emmy Voters, just like the rest of the world, love these guys from Sterling Cooper.

Who I Want To Win:

True Blood

Why: Because Alexander Skarsgard is the sexiest man alive? I kid, I kid. I think this show has been snubbed long enough; they lost to Mad Men at the Globes too. Perhaps because it’s a show about vampires, and thanks to the psycho fans of Twilight, critics and TV snobs are a little allergic to these bloodsucking creatures. But if only they knew that the show is so much more than just a vampire love story! Sure, last season could use some improvements; the Maenad storyline went on for a tad too long and the season finale was a bit flat – but overall, the show is really good and it’s not afraid to make fun of itself. What more can you ask for?

But It Could Very Well BeThe Good Wife. It’s a critics and ratings darling. I seem to be the only one who can’t relate to it.

Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series:

– Mike O’Malley, Glee.

– Fred Willard, Modern Family.

– Eli Wallach, Nurse Jackie.

– Jon Hamm, 30 Rock.

– Neil Patrick Harris, Glee.

– Will Arnett, 30 Rock.

Who I Think Will Win:

Jon Hamm, 30 Rock

Why: As I’ve said before, Jon Hamm walking across the stage in his tuxedo is such a lovely sight that I’m sure Emmy Voters don’t want to miss out on. And he was also HILARIOUS as Drew, Tina Fey’s neighbor and love interest. And, okay, as if Emmy Voters don’t lick their lips and quote Fey’s most famous line from the show, “I want to go to there.” when they think of Jon Hamm.

Who I Want To Win:

Mike O’Malley, Glee

Why: Thanks to Glee, Mike O’Malley has finally redeemed himself for the embarrassment that is Yes, Dear, the sitcom that everyone uses as an example of “what not to do when you’re creating a sitcom”. As Kurt’s dad, Mike O’Malley, the guy from Yes, Dear, managed to make me bawl my eyes out a few times. He was pitch-perfect. Sweet, endearing and the kind of father every gay teenager deserves to have. And if winning an Emmy means there’ll be more of him next season, I’m all for it.

But It Could Very Well BeNeil Patrick Harris. He was awesome as Bryan Ryan in Glee too. I can’t choose. Don’t make me!

Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series:

– Kristin Chenoweth, Glee.

– Tina Fey, Saturday Night Live.

– Jane Lynch, Two and a Half Men.

– Kathryn Joosten, Desperate Housewives.

– Christine Baranski, The Big Bang Theory.

– Betty White, Saturday Night Live.

– Elaine Stritch, 30 Rock.

Who I Think Will Win & Who I Want To Win:

Betty White, Saturday Night Live

Why: America is obsessed with Betty White these days, and I think it’s a good thing. She definitely deserves the love and adoration! Her new show “Hot In Cleveland” is a ratings success, despite airing in a cable network that no one watches, TV Land. Speaking of, her SNL stint gave the show its highest ratings this whole season. If she gets snubbed, I’m pretty sure there’ll be riots. We love Betty White, damn it! Just give her the damn award already!

But It Could Very Well BeChristine Baranski. She was hilarious as Leonard’s mom… but she could never beat Betty! Never!

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series:

– Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family.

– Chris Colfer, Glee.

– Jon Cryer, Two and A Half Men.

– Ty Burrell, Modern Family.

– Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family.

– Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother.

Who I Think Will Win:

Chris Colfer, Glee

Why: Well, Glee nabbed 19 nominations for this year’s Emmy, so one of the actors is bound to win it. And I think Chris Colfer did an amazing job portraying Kurt, especially when he’s torn between being who he is and being the son his father has always wanted. I just really don’t want Jon Cryer, that guy from Two and A Half Men, to win again. Enough already.

Who I Want To Win:

Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother

Why: Hello, is it any surprise that I want my gay husband to win? 🙂 After losing to Jon freakin’ Cryer last year, Emmy voters better show the amazing Mr. Harris some love! He was the only good thing about HIMYM last season. I’m sure people continue to tune in to watch him. And let’s face it, he steals every scene and makes the show bearable during a truly lackluster season. So yeah, give this man an Emmy!

But It Could Very Well BeAnyone from Modern Family. My money’s on Eric Stonestreet. Love Cameron/Fizbo The Clown!

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series:

– Jane Lynch, Glee.

– Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock.

– Kristen Wiig, Saturday Night Live.

– Sofia Vegara, Modern Family.

– Julie Bowen, Modern Family.

– Holland Taylor, Two and A Half Men.

Who I Think Will Win & Who I Want To Win:

Jane Lynch, Glee

Why: She was snubbed at the Globes this year, but it seems Emmy voters will not make the same mistake as the HFPA (hopefully), because after all, by now the world has seen the entire first season of Glee (twice, for some of us) and everyone knows just how amazing she was as our favorite Cheerios Coach, Sue Sylvester. Let’s face it, not everyone can say lines like, “Your hair looks like a briar patch. I keep expecting racist, animated Disney characters to pop up and start singing about living on the bayou.” with a straight face and nailed the delivery every time. And if the Emmys snub her too, well then, quoting Sue Sylvester, “I realize my cultural ascendance only serves to illuminate your own banality. But, face it, I’m legend. It’s happened.” And that’s how Sue Sees It!

But It Could Very Well BeJulie Bowen. She is pitch-perfect as neurotic mom Claire in Modern Family. She’s no Sue, but she’s also great.

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series:

– John Slattery, Mad Men.

– Martin Short, Damages.

– Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad.

– Terry O’Quinn, Lost.

– Andre Braugher, Men of A Certain Age.

– Michael Emerson, Lost.

Who I Think Will Win:

Michael Emerson, Lost

Why: I don’t watch Lost (I’m one of the only five people in the world), but I have read too many reviews and/or comments about Emerson’s performance in Lost that I know he’d be a strong contender in this category. And I think he won last year, so assuming that in the final season of Lost he still performed just as brilliantly, I think he’ll win again.

Who I Want To Win:

John Slattery, Mad Men

Why: I know Roger Sterling is a douche, but John Slattery deserves to win simply because he portrays a first-rate douche so brilliantly. And I have to admit, Roger Sterling may be an unrepentant womanizer, but at least he’s honest about it. He hasn’t gotten any love from the Emmys so far and I think that needs to change.

But It Could Very Well BeAndre Braugher. Men of A Certain Age is a surprisingly good show, and he’s kinda great in it.

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series:

– Christina Hendricks, Mad Men.

– Rose Byrne, Damages.

– Archie Panjabi, The Good Wife.

– Sharon Gless, Burn Notice.

– Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men.

– Christine Baranski, The Good Wife.

Who I Think Will Win:

Christina Hendricks, Mad Men

Why: She’s Joan Holloway. She’s awesome. Let’s face it, Joan is not an easy character to play, and in the hands of the wrong actress – she can come off as bitchy and pathetic. But Christina Hendricks lent such depth into the character that we love her just as much as men love her curves. And let’s face it, only Joan can make a pen necklace looks sexy as hell and for that, she deserves to flaunt those curves on stage and receive her Emmy.

Who I Want To Win:

Sharon Gless, Burn Notice

Why: It’s quite surprising that she got nominated this year considering the Emmys never really showed any love for this show, so I’m really happy. Especially since her performance at the season 3 finale was so phenomenal. It’s a shame her TV son Jeffrey Donovan was not nominated (and the Emmys also snubbed the always funny Bruce Campbell) but hey, I’ll take what I can get. She’s probably not going to win, and I really do love Christina Hendricks, but I think her winning could garner the voters interests on the show, and maybe next year Bruce Campbell or Jeffrey Donovan can join her as fellow nominees.

But It Could Very Well BeArchie Panjabi. Like I said, this show is loved by both critics and viewers. Chances are, Emmy Voters are going to love her too.

Are you going to watch The Emmys this year? Who are you rooting for?


Binky Bee