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Fall 2011 Television Report Card: Returning Shows

Hello! As promised, I am still here to bring you the Report Card for this Fall 2011 Television season. It’s not an easy task, watching all this TV, but someone’s got to do it. No, I’m kidding, I do this because I want to give more meaning to spending hours and hours of vegging out in front of the television and devouring more TV shows than your average network executive. 😉

We have reached November and the sweeps have officially begun. Some shows have even had their Fall finales, and some networks have released their mid-season schedule (No Community, NBC?? WTF?). Anyway, as infuriating as NBC’s decision to bench Community can be, I still have to make good on my promise to report to you how our returning Fall shows are faring this season. So without further ado, let’s just take a look at our Fall 2011 television season so far and see how they’re doing so far. Is this a great TV season, or is it the worst in years? Let’s take a look, shall we?


Truthfully, the only returning show that I still watch on Sundays is HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. I don’t watch The Good Wife (please don’t make me explain why again, I’ve done it so many times in this blog), I have given up hope on Dexter after the disappointing season 4 and I don’t watch The Walking Dead (serious zombies are not my thing. I prefer my zombies hilarious, a la Zombieland and Shaun of The Dead). And I’m so not into How To Make It In America (which is basically Entourage, with a smaller budget). Which means I’m going to have to compare Boardwalk Empire with last season to be able to judge it fairly. And so far, this season is not much of an improvement. I love that we get more Richard Harrow, Rothstein, Capone and Chalky White – who are all great characters played by amazing actors, but I think the show could benefit from some character developments. Last season the female characters suffer from lack of developments, and this season, it seems the writers don’t really know what they want to do with Jimmy Darmody, which is a shame since Michael Pitt is definitely a great actor who can deliver perfection every week. Now that the season’s inching closer to the end and the stakes are raised, I’m hoping they’ll finally get it together and give us a truly satisfying finale that will make us forget about the frustrating early episodes.

Sunday Night Grade:

Boardwalk Empire: B- (It definitely got better midway through, and Richard Harrow alone made the show deserving of this grade)


Like I said in my previous post, Monday night is definitely a pretty crowded night of television for me, so if a show is lacking in quality on a night like this, I usually give it up pretty quickly (goodbye, Hawaii Five-0!). But one show I know I won’t ever give up even if it gets 8 seasons like Entourage (which I highly doubt because nobody seems to be watching it except for me and a few people in Brooklyn), is HBO’s Bored To Death. Now in its third season, this Jason Schwartzman, Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis screwball comedy continues to be hysterically funny and wonderfully odd. As one commenter in NY Magazine’s Vulture blog once said, “Bored To Death is Entourage for people who hate Entourage.” – a fitting description for a show that is light, funny, a tad insane and a whole lot of fun.

Of course in terms of ratings, Monday nights belong to CBS’ How I Met Your Mother, now in its 7th season (and we still haven’t met the mother yet! Do we even still want to?) and ABC’s Castle, now in its 4th season. How I Met Your Mother may not be as “cool” as Bored To Death in terms of comedy, but surprisingly, this season is not half-bad. It was flailing in the beginning of the season but now I’m enjoying it more, and not just because they seem to be revisiting the Barney and Robin romance once again. I’m not too crazy about Kal Penn as Robin’s boyfriend because she seems to have more chemistry with a stick of butter than with him, but eh, at least he helps drive the plot forward. Meanwhile, Castle benefited from having a strong season opener and even though the show focuses more on the cases of the week instead of the Castle-Beckett sexual tension, it actually works in their favor. Who knows, maybe they’ll just pull a Bones next season and have Beckett pregnant with Castle’s baby all of a sudden. That’s one way to beat the Moonlighting curse!

Speaking of pregnancy, The CW’s Gossip Girl is going through with the Blair Waldorf pregnancy plot, though now almost halfway in the fifth season, she still looks as thin as ever (seriously, stick a pillow under there or something!). However, despite the ridiculousness of every single plot, I think this season is actually an improvement, or maybe the last two were just so bad that anything can be seen as an improvement. Two things I would want to be rid off in this show though: Dan Humphrey’s floppy hair and Elizabeth Hurley. As Jessica Pressler of NY Magazine’s Daily Intel blog notes, “She’s the only British who can make her real British accent sound fake.” Too bad it doesn’t seem like her (and Dan’s Jeff Buckley hair) are going anywhere soon. Across the (Canadian) border, the addictive CBC drama Being Erica is now in its fourth and final season, and sadly the season has been underwhelming so far. I like that Kai is back, but I was kind of expecting Erica to have finally resolved her issues with men already by now, and yet she seems to still be as damaged as ever. I just hope that it’ll improve fast, since we all deserve a satisfying series finale and conclusion to this journey.

Monday Night Grades:

Bored To Death: A (I just can’t find anything bad to say about this show!)

How I Met Your Mother: C+ (Still in a continued decline from the early seasons, but there’s hope of a turnaround)

Castle: B (The quality remains consistent)

Gossip Girl: C- (We still need to suspend our disbelief every week, but at least some plots are quite enjoyable)

Being Erica: B- (Come on, Erica, get your shit together, girl!)


Tuesday night television used to be the most exciting night for me, mostly because of Glee. But that show burns out so fast (more on that later) that I’m not even that excited about it anymore. But Tuesday night continues to be a great night for television simply because of the little show that could on NBC called Parenthood. Honestly, I don’t know why people aren’t watching this show. It’s honest-to-goodness that amazing. Emily Nussbaum of (now) The New York Times once said that Parenthood is the television equivalent of a nice, warm, bubble bath. You just want to soak in the goodness, preferably with a glass of red wine in your hand.

When Parenthood continues to warm our hearts in its third season, I can’t say the same about Glee, which saddens me because it was only two years ago when the show stole my heart and made me a devotee. But Glee, much like its characters’ relationships, turns out to be just another puppy love – it burns hot, it burns bright and then it fizzles away. Out of the six episodes that have aired so far this season, only two were actually great and reminiscent of the early episodes of season one. Ryan Murphy can’t seem to figure out what to do with half the cast, and he’s got to write in parts for winners of The Glee Project too. I still hold out hope that this show will return to its former glory before this season’s over but from the looks of things, we may have to bow out just as soon as the New Direction seniors graduate. However, another Fox comedy Raising Hope seems to be faring a lot better than Glee, if only in terms of quality. It may not have as many viewers, but now in its sophomore season, Raising Hope is still as funny, crazy and irreverent as its freshman year. If Glee continues to dwindle in quality, I wouldn’t be surprised if New Girl and Raising Hope end up replacing it as Fox’s favorite.

On to the good ol’ cop procedural, Canadian drama Flashpoint has just moved from CBS to Ion TV and yet continues to churn out solid episodes. It’s edge-of-your-seat thrilling while still tugging at your heartstrings at the same time. I will even go so far as to call this show the “Parenthood of cop procedural“. It doesn’t disappoint even after four seasons and two cast changes. Over on ABC, Body of Proof seems to be finding its footings in its second season, and Dana Delany’s character is a lot more sympathetic now, but it still has room to grow. Let’s hope for their sake they find their groove soon, because I don’t think ABC has given it a back-nine order yet.

Tuesday Night Grades:

Parenthood: A (It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it’s perfect)

Glee: C+ (there are two solid episodes this season but the rest are still meh)

Raising Hope: B (It’s still hilarious and such a fun show to watch)

Flashpoint: B+ (it does get heavy-handed sometimes but overall it’s damn good television)

Body Of Proof: C- (still not that great but it has its moments)


When it comes to Wednesday nights, it’s pretty clear who dominates in terms of ratings: Modern Family. This ABC comedy won big at the Emmys and people are still loving this big, crazy, slightly dysfunctional family show. And don’t get me wrong, I still love this show very much, but I think in its third season, Modern Family is starting to enter The Big Bang Theory-like state: it’s still funny and the masses love it, but it doesn’t really go beyond that. We’re not attached to the characters or even the plots anymore, we just watch every week for the laughs and that’s it. I’m not saying it has come to that, but if it’s not careful, it can very well be in the next one or two seasons, because so far none of the season three episodes that have aired was particularly memorable. They’re all funny, but I somehow just don’t connect with them – unlike in seasons 1 and 2. On the other hand, ABC’s sophomore comedy Happy Endings seems to hit all the right notes lately. Sure, it had a rough start last season but it quickly turned around and made us fall in love with its quirkiness. Ever since Cougar Town is banished to mid-season (or maybe even longer, DAMN YOU ABC!), Happy Endings is the only ABC show that makes me feel like I’m hangin’ with the coolest people on earth when I watch it. And that feeling is – as Penny would say – amahzing.

Meanwhile over on USA, Psych has finally returned for its sixth season, after being bumped to Fall to make room for Suits last Summer, and I’m happy to report that even in its sixth season, the show is still as fresh and fun as ever. I like how they handle the Shawn and Juliet relationship, which is really to shove it in the background. But it works! It’s always tricky when a will-they-won’t-they couple finally get together and the only way they can sustain it Jim and Pam style is to push it to the background a little bit, until they make big life decisions such as getting engaged, married, having babies etc. And since Shawn and Juliet aren’t ready for that kind of leap, it’s best to only get glimpses of their blossoming romance for now. Finally, on to CBS’ Criminal Minds. Not much to say, except that it’s good to have the gang back together again. Last season felt a bit off with both AJ Cook and Paget Brewster getting the cut, but luckily CBS realized its mistakes and rectified the situation by bringing both actresses back. And now we can finally focus on the serial killers – and Matthew Gray Gubler’s fabulous hair.

Wednesday Night Grades:

Modern Family: B- (It’s still good but it’s not as great as it used to be)

Happy Endings: A (It’s seriously amahzing, you guys)

Psych: B (It’s still funny but sometimes it does get a bit “been there done that”)

Criminal Minds: C+ (Still comfortingly watchable, but it’s already in season 7)


First, I just want to take a moment to mourn the darkest timeline of all: NBC benching my favorite show Community for mid-season, which means there will be no Community come January. Let us all put on our black goatee and plot the destruction of the world. Okay. Moment over. I don’t want to dwell on it, especially since the thought of no Community can trigger a breakdown, Abed-style. I’m just praying that the powers that be will let this little show gets what it deserves: six seasons and a movie. Especially since this season, the show continues to deliver amazeballs episodes. Yes, I said it. Amazeballs. Why NBC chooses to bench this show (and cancel Prime Suspect while they’re at it) and let the insipid Whitney live on to annoy the masses is beyond me. Obviously, this is the darkest timeline. I’m just waiting for someone to right the wrong. I’m talking to you, Bob Greenblatt! Anyway, moving right along, my second favorite show ever, Parks and Recreation, also has not disappointed me yet this season, despite their decision to break up my favorite sitcom pairing since Jim and Pam: Ben and Leslie. What used to be romance was replaced by angst and blossomed into romance again and oh! It’s just so good, it deserves a place in Ron Swanson’s Pyramid of Greatness.

The Office post-Steve Carell isn’t doing too great, however, which is a shame because I had always seen that show as more of an ensemble instead of a Steve Carell show. But I guess he left some big shoes to fill and somehow both James Spader and Ed Helms haven’t managed to do that just yet. The dynamic feels off somehow, and I’m still not getting why Spader needs to be there all the time. I’m still hoping they’ll finally get it right but it’s looking less and less likely now. Something tells me The Office should’ve just ended when Carell left. Over on CBS, The Big Bang Theory still gets monster ratings, and yes it’s still enjoyable to watch, but it’s getting less and less memorable now that it’s in its fifth season. I just simply can’t care about the characters anymore and I watch it with about as much enthusiasm as when I watch 2 Broke Girls. This show will live on forever, probably (hey, Two and A Half Men still exists, right?) but I’m not so sure I’m sticking around for the long haul.

Moving on from comedy to drama, Bones on Fox has just premiered its seventh season a couple of weeks ago with a pregnant Brennan and I have to say, they have managed to avoid the Moonlighting curse pretty cleverly with this plot, that happened mostly because of actress Emily Deschanel’s real life pregnancy. Brennan being pregnant help gives the show something else to focus on besides the Booth/Brennan relationship. We still get to see them as a couple but the shift in dynamic is a lot smoother this way, and they’re still just as interesting to watch as before they got together. Another upside: Sweets gets more to do, and I always love it when I get to see more of John Francis Daley (see my 10 Hottest Men of Fall list for clarification). Over on The CW, my favorite supernatural show this side of the millennium, The Vampire Diaries, also isn’t showing signs of a decline now in its third season. The plots remain interesting, the twists continue to surprise, the guest stars are added delight, and the relationships that are formed and broken continue to be exciting. Last season we had Jeremy and Bonnie hooking up, this season we had them breaking up thanks to Jeremy’s ghost vampire ex (don’t ask). Last season we had Matt walking out on Caroline because he couldn’t deal with her being a vampire, this season we had Caroline hooking up with werewolf Tyler who was later on turned into a hybrid and sired by Klaus, which ruined their ongoing romance (again, don’t ask). There’s always so many things going on, so many interesting characters at play in this show. The only downside? The producers are not shy about killing off beloved characters, so I’m always anxious that someone awesome is going to die in every episode. I don’t need that kind of anxiety in my life!

Thursday Night Grades:

Community: A+ (I’m biased, I know.)

Parks and Recreation: A+ (Again, totally bias. Don’t protest, it’s my blog!)

The Office: C (It’s really getting frustrating to watch)

The Big Bang Theory: C- (I just can’t care about the characters anymore)

Bones: B (Overachieving Brennan would probably not be happy with this grade)

The Vampire Diaries: B+ (It still gets a little too cheesy at times, but overall it’s still awesome)


Friday night television is usually the night when good television comes to die, or what we die-hard TV fans call “Programming Siberia”. And while it’s true that high ratings for Friday night shows are not easy to come by, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any quality show on Friday night, because it just so happens that Friday night is also “Geek Night”, with Chuck on NBC airing at 8 pm and Fringe on Fox airing at 9 pm. With those two shows on any given Friday night, do you even question why I never leave the house? 😉 And so far, both shows totally deliver in terms of awesomeness. Chuck is in its fifth and final season and it’s still as entertaining as ever. I like that the stakes are raised and they keep giving us something to look forward to every episode, as well as the fact that I still have NO CLUE how they’re going to end the series. It’s going to be epic, for sure, but they’re clever enough not to give away the ending from the beginning. Fringe doesn’t disappoint either, after introducing a new timeline (Abed will LOVE this) at the beginning of season 4 that complicates things and at the same time makes them even more interesting. Plus they upgraded Seth Gabel to series regular, and he’s been pretty awesome so far. The only downside? With dismal ratings, I have a feeling this show will not make it to season 5, unless by some miracle. So internet! You know what to do, start a crazy fan campaign so huge Fox just has to give it one more season – or at least 13-episodes final season like Chuck.

Friday Night Grades:

Chuck: B+ (They did downgrade Beckmanand there’s just not enough of Jeffster this season)

Fringe: A (It deserves an A for Agent Lincoln Lee alone!)

And there you have it, my Report Card of the Fall 2011 Returning TV shows. What’s your favorite show of this season? Do you think NBC is crazy for benching Community? (The answer is yes) How ’bout that Ben and Leslie kiss? I will be back soon with my annual Christmas lists – so be on the lookout for that. For now, I bid you adieu and until next time!


Binky Bee

Did You Hear About The Emmys?

The Emmy nominations were just announced, and this year, just like last year, I am not utterly disappointed. Sure, the snubs are still pretty frustrating, most notably John Noble for his brilliant work in Fringe (what does a guy has to do to get an Emmy nod around here? Play two characters in one show? Oh, but he does!), but still, the fact that Friday Night Lights is finally nominated for Best Drama, is definitely an improvement, especially since the show has bowed out after five incredible and yet criminally slept-on seasons. Also, the Academy has FINALLY acknowledge the brilliance of Parks and Recreation! Sure it snubbed Ron Offerman (how dare they!) and totally ignored Community, but all in all, this year’s nomination list is a step in the right direction. Note how The Killing is NOT nominated for Best Drama, despite the Best Actress and Supporting Actress for Mireille Enos and Michelle Forbes respectively. After the whole season finale debacle, I would’ve thrown a hissy fit if they nominated the show for Best Drama. I guess the finale pissed The Academy as much as it did (most of) us.

Just like last year, I’m still going to do predictions (divided into my usual ‘Who I Think Will Win’,  ‘Who I Want To Win’ and ‘But It Could Very Well Be…’) seeing that the votes can go any which way this year as well. And just like last year, I could totally be wrong… so you might want to reconsidering making your bets based on my predictions. 🙂

Okay, we have a lot to go through, so let’s get straight to it! (NOTE: Since there are so many categories, I decided only to post the ones that I can predict, or care about. To see a complete list, you can go straight to the Emmy Website)

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series:

– Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock.

– Matt LeBlanc, Episodes.

– JimParsons, The Big Bang Theory.

– Steve Carell, The Office

– Johnny Galecki, The Big Bang Theory.

– Louis CK, Louie

Who I Think Will Win:

Steve Carell, The Office

Why: I know I predicted him to win last year and he didn’t, and truthfully I have no idea who seems to be the voters’ favorite for this year, but Steve Carell will never be nominated in this category for The Office ever again. And he has been nominated for so many times but has never won, so I hope the voters will do him a solid and give him the statue. It’d be a bittersweet victory for him, and I think we know he’ll give a good acceptance speech.

Who I Want To Win:

Matt LeBlanc, Episodes

Why: Well, it’d be nice to see Joey Tribbiani won the Emmy for playing Matt LeBlanc. 🙂 Besides, Episodes is such a funny show and truthfully, Matt is half the reason why the show is so great. The other half is of course British imports Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig.

But It Could Very Well BeJim Parsons. After all, didn’t he win this last year? (Did he win last year? My memory’s not what it used to be).

Winner: Jim Parsons

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series:

– Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie.

– Tina Fey, 30 Rock.

– Laura Linney, The Big C.

– Mellisa McCarthy, Mike & Molly.

– Martha Plimpton, Raising Hope.

– Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation.

Who I Think Will Win:

Laura Linney, The Big C

Why: Well let’s see, she plays a mother and housewife with stage 4 melanoma (heavy), and she makes us all not only sympathize with her but at times, frustrated at her stubbornness and unwillingness to share the burden with her family. Sure, season 1 was a bit shaky but she gets better and better. And plus, she plays a woman with terminal cancer. This is the kind of role that will almost guarantee you an Emmy.

Who I Want To Win:

Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation

Why: I know she was my pick last year, and she lost, but I’m still rooting for her this year simply because Parks and Recreation was so so good last season. Even after being pushed to mid-season, it didn’t fail to steal everyone’s hearts. And Amy Poehler was amazing, especially considering she was pregnant for half the season. And if she won, I would not hate the Academy so much for not nominating Ron Offerman.

But It Could Very Well BeTina Fey. 30 Rock had a really fantastic season, and Fey was outstanding as always. Not to mention, they did a live episode, and they nailed it!

Winner: Melissa McCarthy

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

– Timothy Olyphant, Justified.

– Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire.

– Hugh Laurie, House.

– Michael C. Hall, Dexter.

– Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights.

– Jon Hamm, Mad Men.

Who I Think Will Win:

Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire

Why: Since there’s no Brian Cranston to win again this year, Steve Buscemi seems to be the front-runner in this category, especially since he did win the Globes for Boardwalk Empire last January. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love him in Boardwalk Empire?

Who I Want To Win:

Timothy Olyphant, Justified

Why: Oh this category is hard because I’m definitely torn between him and Kyle Chandler, who very well deserve an Emmy since he made me cry so many times during the last season of Friday Night Lights. But at the end… my undying devotion for Timothy Olyphant, and the fact that he is indeed a god (ohhh, Timothy Olyphant…), wins out. I mean, just look at him! If the voters are like me, he totally has this in the bag.

But It Could Very Well BeJon Hamm. He hasn’t won once, so maybe now that this category is Brian Cranston-less, he actually has a chance.

Winner: Kyle Chandler. I did not predict this, but hell yeah Coach Taylor!! Well deserved!

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series

– Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights.

– Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife.

– Kathy Bates, Harry’s Law.

– Marisa Hargitay, Law & Order SVU.

– Mireille Enos, The Killing.

– Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men.

Who I Think Will Win:

Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife

Why: I don’t watch the show but judging from what I read in various medias, its second season was exceptionally good and apparently Margulies knocked it out of the park every time. And everyone, present company excluded, does love this show.

Who I Want To Win:

Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights

Why: Since I didn’t pick Kyle Chandler as my favorite to win, I better do Friday Night Lights a solid and pick her for this category. 🙂 And like Steve Carell, this will be her last chance to win in this category for Friday Night Lights. She deserves it.

But It Could Very Well BeMireille Enos. I know that some TV blogger (forgot who) called Enos’ Sarah Linden as The Worst Cop on TV (and I happen to agree with that blogger), but critics seem to dig her performance in The Killing. Besides, she didn’t write the show. Linden’s ineptitude cannot be blamed on her.

Winner: Julianna Marguiles

Outstanding Comedy Series:

– Big Bang Theory.

– Modern Family.

– Glee.

– 30 Rock.

– The Office.

– Parks and Recreation.

Who I Think Will Win:

Modern Family

Why: It did win last year despite Glee’s domination at other award shows, and unlike Glee that declined in quality in its second season, Modern Family continues to stay strong and gave us a really hilarious season. And 30 Rock did win at least twice in this category so the same fate could befall this show.

Who I Want To Win:

Parks and Recreation

Why: Since Community wasn’t even nominated (boo!), I want my second favorite comedy to win this category and show everyone else how it’s done. Even with a shorter season, we got so many great episodes last season: Ron and Tammy 2, Andy and April wedding, the one with the snake juice, the season finale with the passing of Li’l Sebastian… honestly, why don’t more people watch this show?

But It Could Very Well Be30 Rock. Like I said before, they had a really good fifth season and the only show in the category that actually dared to do a live show. So yeah, Tina Fey and crew can win again this year.

Winner: Modern Family

Outstanding Drama Series:

– Boardwalk Empire.

– Dexter.

– Friday Night Lights.

– The Good Wife.

– Game of Thrones

– Mad Men.

Who I Think Will Win:

Boardwalk Empire

Why: It won the Globes, it’s executive-produced by Martin Scorsese, and it’s on HBO. And plus, with Mad Men not returning until next year, this freshman drama is more fresh in everyone’s mind. It’s not as well-written as Mad Men in my opinion, but considering the powerhouse performances of the actors and how much Emmy voters love HBO, it can totally win.

Who I Want To Win:

Friday Night Lights

Why: Because this show is still the best show on television, even though it has wrapped its fifth and final season. And because I bawled like a baby watching the series finale, and continued to cry for days after. Because the people of Dillon, Texas has stolen the hearts of everyone who has ever decided to watch it. And finally, because clear eyes, full hearts can’t lose. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, get the DVDs!)

But It Could Very Well BeGame of Thrones. I didn’t see it, but apparently everyone raved about it.

Winner: Mad Men

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series:

– Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family.

– Chris Colfer, Glee.

– Jon Cryer, Two and A Half Men.

– Ty Burrell, Modern Family.

– Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family.

– Ed O’Neill, Modern Family.

Who I Think Will Win:

Chris Colfer, Glee

Why: Ryan Murphy pretty much dedicated most of season 2 on Chris Colfer’s Kurt Hummel, and he did pretty much nail it every episode. While some people are getting a little sick of him, I have a feeling award voters still love him. After all, he did win the Globes…

Who I Want To Win:

Ty Burrell, Modern Family

Why: Honestly, I love all the Modern Family guys and I don’t know how Emmy voters can choose between all four of them in the same category (which is why I think this year Colfer might win). But ultimately, Phil made me laugh so hard last season, and he’s too damn adorable so I gotta go with Ty Burrell. I wish they all could win though, wouldn’t that be something?

But It Could Very Well BeEric Stonestreet.  He won last year, and Cameron was still hysterical last season, so he could win this again.

Winner: Ty Burrell, hells yeah!

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series:

– Jane Lynch, Glee.

– Betty White, Hot In Cleveland.

– Kristen Wiig, Saturday Night Live.

– Sofia Vegara, Modern Family.

– Julie Bowen, Modern Family.

– Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock.

Who I Think Will Win & Who I Want To Win:

Sofia Vergara, Modern Family

Why: I am in love with this lady! 🙂 And seriously, she’s the best thing in Modern Family, and everyone practically raved about her performance last season. Not to mention, Jane Lynch is hosting this year and hosts rarely win (see: Neil Patrick Harris), and out of all the nominees Vergara’s got the most buzz.

But It Could Very Well BeBetty White. America’s not as obsessed with her as they did last year, but she’s still got enough clout to actually take home an Emmy in this category.

Winner: Julie Bowen

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series:

– Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones.

– Josh Charles, The Good Wife.

– Alan Cumming, The Good Wife.

– Walter Goggins, Justified.

– Andre Braugher, Men of A Certain Age.

– John Slattery, Mad Men.

Who I Think Will Win:

Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones

Why: I don’t watch the show, but man is it popular! Not only does it have die-hard fans who would probably start a riot if he didn’t win, but the whole time Game of Thrones was airing, the social media was buzzing with praises for this man’s performance. So I’m guessing, he’ll probably win this one.

Who I Want To Win:

Walton Goggins, Justified

Why: Okay, the fact that Justified wasn’t nominated for Best Drama baffled me because last season was incredible, but fine, I’ll let it go as long as either this man or Timothy Olyphant gets some Emmy love. Walton Goggins was brilliant as Boyd Crowder, and last season he brought his A-game in every episode. And since I didn’t actually see Game of Thrones, I have to root for this guy.

But It Could Very Well BeAlan Cumming. Speaking of brilliance, this man never fails to impress me. I don’t watch The Good Wife but I know he must’ve been amazing in it. He’s Alan Cumming!

Winner: Peter Dinklage

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series:

– Christina Hendricks, Mad Men.

– Margot Martindale, Justified.

– Archie Panjabi, The Good Wife.

– Christine Baranski, The Good Wife.

– Michelle Forbes, The Killing.

– Kelly MacDonald, Boardwalk Empire.

Who I Think Will Win:

Kelly MacDonald, Boardwalk Empire

Why: Well Boardwalk Empire seems to be the favorite this year, it’s up for I think 19 nominations, so miss MacDonald is definitely a shoe-in. And besides, she was great as oh crap I don’t remember the name of her character… but yeah, that woman. 🙂 Sorry. It’s been a while. But yeah, she was great as whoever-her-character’s-name-is. And the Emmy voters do love this show.

Who I Want ToWin:

Christina Hendricks, Mad Men

Why: She’s Joan Holloway. She’s awesome. And just like Emma Stone, I totally have a girl-crush on the fabulously voluptuous Christina Hendricks. And Joan got some pretty good storylines in season 4, so I think it’s not a stretch that I want her to win.

But It Could Very Well BeArchie Panjabi. She did win last year, didn’t she?

Winner: Margo Martindale

Are you going to watch The Emmys this year? Who are you rooting for? Whose snubs are you most upset about? Discuss below.


Binky Bee

My 12 Days of Christmas Countdown: Second Day

Hello everyone! Welcome to the second day of My 12 Days of Christmas Countdown. Yesterday, I gave you my list of the Top 10 TV Shows of 2010, and today it’s all about the men, those hot, gorgeous, dreamy men of TV. Because let’s face it, sometimes we watch these shows for the compelling stories and the brilliant acting, and sometimes, we watch these shows because we want something to fantasize about… and we’re just not into porn.

So let’s not waste any more time and get straight to the list, shall we?

My Top 10 TV Screen Scorchers of 2010:

1/ Jon Hamm, Mad Men.

I’m sure giving the top honors to this man is not something any woman would protest, I mean, look at him. Can you say tall, dark and handsome? His Mad Men character may not always be sympathetic and the kind of man we want to be married to but for some reason we find ourselves rooting for him nonetheless, and it’s all because Jon Hamm is impossibly good looking, charming and well, almost perfect. The thing that makes him perfect is his versatility and ability to poking fun at himself in 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live and even the Emmys. We all love a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously, don’t we? Jennifer Westfield, you are one lucky bitch.

2/ Michael Pitt, Boardwalk Empire.

Okay, let me just start by saying that smoking is not cool and sexy. There’s nothing sexy about emphysema, is there? But, having said that, I think Phillip Morris should consider paying Michael Pitt, along with our number one guy Jon Hamm, because they’ve successfully managed to make smoking sexy again. Pitt won me over as Jimmy Darmody in Boardwalk Empire with his brooding stare and his PTSD-tortured soul the second he entered the scene in the pilot. He makes everything sexy; smoking, drinking, blowing people’s heads off… hey, a guy who can make you forget that he’s some psycho gangster in the making with his intense stare and his cool demeanor deserves to be on this list, right?

3/ Alex O’Loughlin, Hawaii Five-O.

Speaking of brooding stare, this Australian hottie pretty much specializes in the art of brooding. Almost every scene in the Hawaii Five-O reboot has him staring intently and furrowing his brows, not that I’m complaining. Scott Caan is there for the witty banter, O’Loughlin is there to make us drool at our screen. Aside from his brooding stare, he also scorches up the screen by kicking ass and taking names. Five-O may not be a superhero show, but I think it should be because Steve McGarrett is superman. And in that case, can I be his Lois Lane?

4/ Zachary Levi, Chuck.

After three Alpha Males in a row dominating the list, you might be surprised to find this awesome supergeek/spy/Buy Morean in here. But what can I say, I love geeks. Sure they may not be too athletic or well-built but I always find their ability to hack into other people’s Facebook account sexy. And Zachary Levi kind of has the best of both worlds; he’s both a geek and a hottie. Even his character is both a geek and a super spy. Not to mention, he seems like such a sweetheart, like Chuck, in real life too. What’s not to love?

5/ Cory Monteith, Glee.

Our guy at number 5 is not really what you would call a geek, because he’s not. But he’s not technically a jock either. He’s hunky but awkward, he’s the star quarterback and the leader of the Glee club, he’s sexy but cute… and for that, he gets to be in this list. Plus, he knows how to sing his way through our hearts, and that always counts for something.

6/ Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries.

I really don’t need to explain why he’s in the list after that photo, do I? 🙂 His character in The Vampire Diaries would eat Cory Monteith’s character in Glee for breakfast, but in real life he seems to be a sweet Southern gentleman, who during the gulf oil spill crisis opted to forget his celebrity status, rolled up his sleeves and helped out. A hottie who knows how to make a difference, now that’s the kind of guy we all want to fantasize about.

7/ John Francis Daley, Bones.

And yet another geek in the list. John Francis Daley, who plays FBI psychologist Lance Sweets in Bones, has played a geek his whole life. He got his start in Paul Feig’s short-lived but much-loved cult favorite Freaks and Geeks, the show that also launched the careers of Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Busy Phillips and its most famous alumna James Franco. In Freaks and Geeks, Daley was fifteen, small, adorable and totally awkward. In Bones, he’s in his twenties, tall, dark, handsome but still adorable and slightly awkward, which makes him all the more endearing. Booth and Brennan may not take him seriously, but I know I’m not the only one hoping for a lengthy private section with this sweet Lancelot.

8/ Joshua Jackson, Fringe.

We all first fell in love with this Canadian hottie when he won our hearts as Pacey Ritter in Dawson’s Creek, and when he made his triumphant return to television as Peter Bishop in Fringe, we’re still in love with him. He’s not only a great actor and a total babe, he also has that charm I always assume is reserved for one George Clooney. He always has a twinkle in his eye, and an easy demeanor both on and off the screen. It isn’t hard to see why Diane Kruger is madly in love with him, I mean, who wouldn’t be?

9/ Jeffrey Donovan, Burn Notice.

Out of all the guys in this list, Jeffrey Donovan is the man of my dreams. Like, literally, he actually guest-starred in a few of my dreams. And you know what kind I’m talking about, wink wink. I don’t know what it is about him. He was first on my radar when I saw The Changeling, where he played that corrupt police chief who practically assaulted Angelina Jolie, and I didn’t like him at all. But then I bought the first season of Burn Notice on DVD and by episode three, he’s won me over. And now, I am lusting for Michael Westen even harder than his on-screen girlfriend Fiona Glenanne is supposed to be. Chalk it up to the ass-kicking and the fact that he knows how to rock those Olivers People sunglasses like nobody’s business. Sorry James Bond, but Michael Westen is the only spy for me.

10/ John Krasinski, The Office.

As if I’m going to countdown the top 10 TV screen scorchers without including one-half of my favorite TV couple ever. Not going to happen. And he does deserve to be on this list. He’s gorgeous, tall, funny, self-deprecating and my god does he look good in a suit! Whether in The Office or on the red carpet standing next to his fabulous British wife Emily Blunt, he never fails to weaken our knees and make us catch our breath a little. Why Pam ever chose Roy over him is something I still don’t understand until now.

So there you have it, the ten TV men to fantasize, dream about and obsess over. Here’s hoping for some addition to the list in the Spring TV season. But until then, don’t forget to breathe. 🙂

Check back in tomorrow, it’s the TV ladies’ turn. Until then!


Binky Bee

Winning Moments of My (TV) Life

Sorry I haven’t been a very active blogger lately. Aside from still dealing with crappy internet connection, I also am still busy writing my novel (about 70% done now, yeay!) so I can’t always think of something clever to blog about, what with all my creativity completely drained out by my attempt to write the great American novel and all. 🙂 Okay, it’s not going to be the great American novel, so don’t get your hopes up. I’m not even American.

Anyway, I decided to take a break from writing because I feel like I’m rushing the plot of my novel a bit, and if I keep going it might end up being half-baked, and we don’t want that, do we? And what do I do when I’m on a break? I watch TV and I make lists. So yes, this is going to be another blog with another list about truly unimportant things again.

This week, some of my favorite shows are back after taking a Winter Olympics break – and with the return of these shows, I thought I’d celebrate by awarding winning moments of my television life: the moment when I smile, laugh, cry, cringe, scream, etc as these different shows take me on a roller-coaster life into some very bizarre and exciting alternate realities.

You can see the list of shows I watch here. For now, let’s get right to this week’s winning moments in TV Land!

This week’s “Best Inappropriate Mother-Son Relationship ‘Eww’ Moment” goes to Cougar Town, when Jules (Courtney Cox) asked her son Travis (Dan Byrd) to pull out her waxing strips from under her armpits. I thought Travis’ disgusted reaction when he finally did do what Jules asked him to was priceless. However, my favorite quote from this episode (What Are You Doing In My Life?) is from the always hilariously inappropriate Barb when Travis asked to see her “freshly” chemical-peeled face:

No! Innocence should be lost in the bedroom… or on a commercial cruise liner.”

This week’s “Best Edge-Of-Your-Seat Action-Packed Crazy Cliffhanger” goes to Burn Notice,that wraps up their third season in a neat little bow this week, with a chilling and slightly confusing ending of Michael being chained and sent off to face… Martha Stewart’s living room. Or at least that’s what I thought of it when I saw the living room he was sitting in before the scene faded to black. This finale, written and director by creator Matt Nix, made sure that we all start jonesin’ for season 4 of this highly addictive spy series, and must spend the next four months biting our nails anticipating its return while twit-stalking actor Jeffrey Donovan for the tiniest hope of a free spoiler. The only disappointing bit of this finale is the lack of Michael/Fiona action. But after two seasons of “goodbye for now, my love” only to find themselves reuniting and bickering all the way to the bedroom again – I think Michael’s decision to just give Fiona a look that says it all is a much better choice. My favorite quote from this episode is actually from Simon, played by guest star Garret Dillahunt (who seems to love playing bad guys on TV, it seems):

I want my life back!

This week’s “Best You-Know-It’s-Bound-To-Happen-But-It’s-Still-A-Little-Sad-Anyway Break Up Moment” goes to newbie Life Unexpected, when at the “Hand on A Hybrid Contest” Ryan found out about Cate’s little secret and subsequently broke up with her. Did I see it coming? Yes. Did Cate deserve it? Yes, if Gilmore Girls has taught us anything, we know that sleeping with your baby daddy behind your fiance’s back is a surefire way to get dumped. Was it still a little heartbreaking to watch anyway? Yes, because despite Cate’s questionable actions, we know she’s just a woman desperate to hold on to her relationship and we can sort of relate to her. It’s nice to see Baze becoming a real father, but it’s still a little sad to see Cate all alone in that house at the end. Favorite quote of the episode comes courtesy of Cate’s producer Alice:

You are so Days of Our Lives – I am going to have to tune in at one just to watch you.”

This week’s “Best Funny Outburst Moment” goes to Psych, when Lassiter is finally so rattled by Shawn’s success as a faux-psychic/real detective combo that he is adamant the body they found on the beach was not just some unlucky guy that a shark had for dinner, but a murder victim instead. After forbidding Shawn and Gus to join them in the crime scene, Lasitter barks at Juliet who tries to deter him from spinning out crazy theories, which sparks a frustrated rant that was both hilarious and a little endearing. My favorite quote from this episode also comes from Det. Carlton Lassiter’s mouth:

O’Hara, I want you to RSVP to my invitation to SHUT IT.”

This week’s “Best Disturbing Moment” goes to Criminal Mind, in an episode directed by cast member Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr. Spencer Reid) where the female unsub puts a child in a box and cremates him with a smile on her face. I’m not a parent and I have the kind of mind that can tolerate a lot of disturbing things – but that scene was just so chilling that I found myself shuddering a little when I was watching it. Kudos to the actress playing the unsub, she deserved an Emmy for sure. Not everyone can portray the face of true evil quite like she does… and I don’t even know her name! My favorite quote from this episode comes from guest star Brooke Davis, who plays a woman whose daughter was kidnapped in a fair, it’s not zany or anything, but it’s just so sad and filled with regrets that it haunts me for a while:

I shouldn’t have let go of her hand.”

This week’s “Best OMG I Can’t Believe That Just Happened Moment” goes to The Office for their JAM Baby episode, or The Delivery, Part 1 and 2 as it’s officially called. I admit, this episode wasn’t as strong as The JAM Wedding episode (“Niagara Falls”) but it still delivered classic Office funny moments, and my favorite was when Pam realized that she breastfed the wrong baby in the hospital and Jim, with a horrified look on his face, quickly returned the baby to its crib – and continued to look horrified as the mother said, “Oh, looks like she’s not hungry.” Priceless. I know some people thought it was a little too much, but I think it’s the kind of thing that can happen in this show – and the fact that it happened to Jim and Pam made it even more hilarious. my favorite quote of the episode however, is courtesy of Dwight Schrute when he wrote the Baby Making Contract with Angela:

Child will be breastfed by the mother for exactly six months, then on to a nutrient-rich vegetable mash, provided by the father Dwight Schrute hereafter referred to as Morpheus.”

This week’s “Best Aww, Tear Moment” goes to newbie Parenthood, which just premiered last Tuesday night on NBC. Despite mixed reviews, I actually love this show – I thought it was nice to see Lauren Graham and Peter Krause back on my TV, and kudos to Lauren Graham who stepped into a role originally created for Maura Tierney so easily and seamlessly. She’s always amazing when she plays a mother, even though now she has two teenagers to raise instead of one and she doesn’t talk as fast. There are a lot of great moments from the pilot episode, but I thought the scene when Peter Krause’s character, Adam, is watching his son Max, who has just been diagnosed with Asperger’s plays in the puddle, is heartbreaking and haunting. I love it when his father Zeke, played by veteran actor Craig T. Nelson, gets impatient with Max and Adam turns around and tells him, “Dad, there’s something wrong my son.” Aww, tear. My favorite quote of this pilot episode is courtesy of Crosby, played by Kristen Bell’s beau Dax Sheppard, when he tells Adam that he has a son named Jabbar:

I don’t know, maybe his mother’s into eighties NBA player or something.”

This week’s “Best Guys Being Guys Moment” (or more appropriately called “Best Barney Being Barney moment”) goes to How I Met Your Mother, naturally. The episode On The Hook, guest-starring Carrie Underwood and Neil Patrick Harris’ boyfriend David Burtka (as Scooter, Lily’s high school boyfriend) was not the strongest of the season, but it still merits a winning moment mostly because of Barney’s antics. I love Barney’s elaborate explanation of “The Hot Girl Profession”, dating back to the stone age, mind you, and my favorite quote of this episode is also courtesy of Barney. What can I say? I’m madly in love with Neil Patrick Harris. 🙂

Last night I was hooking up with a pharma chick so hot that you should call the doctor if you don’t have an erection that lasts four hours.”

This week’s “Best Meltdown Moment” goes to Mercy, mostly because Veronica actually takes the ghost of the man she shot in the donut shop for drinks. We all know she was hallucinating, and that hallucination was caused by her PTSD, but it was still a great meltdown moment. Veronica is not the most stable character in the show, but she has so far managed to retain her sanity despite suffering with PTSD after returning from Iraq from two tours of duty. And it was kind of awesome seeing how she handled her meltdown in true Veronica style, taking the ghost out for a drink and have a long conversation with him about Iraq and everything else. The ending with her and Mike was also sweet, the way she suddenly remembered that she was in the beach that she and Mike used to go as kids, and how she just started calling out for him to save her. I guess this recent development means that Chris might be brokenhearted again since it’s pretty apparent that Veronica is in no state to begin afresh with him – but it’s interesting nonetheless. My favorite quote from this episode however, comes from Detective Nick Valentino, played by Charlie Semine, when Sonia gave him a flimsy excuse for her cheating ways (“I don’t know where my head was at.”):

I know where your head was at. It was with the rest of the body, and the rest of the body was under Paul.”

This week’s “Best Dorky and Pointlessly Hilarious But It Totally Works Moment” goes to Community. The scene with Jeff and the pool teacher playing naked pool was priceless, hilarious and pointless – but it totally works in the show. But of course, nothing beats Abed and his many “personalities” – I especially love Vampire Abed and when he channeled Mad Men’s Don Draper with Annie, played by Allison Brie (who of course plays Trudie Campbell in Mad Men). The expression on Annie’s face when Abed – as Don Draper – made a move on her was so priceless, and fans of both this show and Mad Men must have been howling in delight (I know I was). My favorite quote of this episode was courtesy of Jeff, who has to give a “Black” equivalent to every pop culture reference for Shirley and Troy:

We’ve all seen enough After School Specials…uh…(to Shirley & Troy) Fat Albert …to know that Abed just needs to be himself.”

Finally, I have to give awards to a few memorable characters this week:

Jim Halpert – He’s always such a sweetheart, but seeing him becoming a dad was so precious and John Krasinski did a great job in this episode.

Madeline Westen – Finally she’s no longer just a comic relief in the show, and I love seeing her defend her son and even sacrifice going to jail for him. Amazing acting from Sharon Gless too.

Sarah Braverman – She’s no Lorelai Gilmore, but I like how human this character is, and Lauren Graham did such a good job portraying a single mother who’s just trying to keep it all together.

And a few memorable for the wrong reasons characters:

Sonia Jimenez – Oh Sonia. Okay we can understand that despite having an amazing boyfriend sometimes a girl just gets an itch, actually we don’t. Your excuse for cheating was so weak, and Nick was right for choosing not to hear your excuse and walk away. Let’s hope you can salvage your lovability factor next week.

Chuck Bartowski – I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this, but I am so disappointed at Chuck at the way he broke up with Hannah. Sure I don’t want them to be together forever, but he used to be such a good guy and he wouldn’t do that to a girl he likes. I still have faith in the show, but I just wish Chuck still retains some of his sweet qualities that made us fall in love with him in the first place.

And that my friends, are the winning moments of my TV life this week. What’s your winning moment?

I Love Love

Ah, love.


Every human being is obsessed with it, even though not everyone wants to admit it. We all want to be loved, we all need to be loved. It’s the one word that is most overused, over-defined and over-exposed, yet we can’t seem to get enough of it.

Joy Division said “Love will tear us apart”, The Beatles said “All You Need Is Love”.

Both are wrong, and both are right.

In a week, you will get a peek of what women all over the world think about “love” and see their definition in this blog that I created specifically to voice the definitions of various women all over the world in  many different subject matter.

But before it’s officially launched, I want to pay tribute to my favorite TV couples, who in their own way, have helped redefine love for me and us TV lovers.

Here they are:

One/ Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly, The Office.


If there were ever two TV characters that are truly meant to be, it’s these two. Their love story thankfully has a very happy ending, with a wedding in Niagara Falls and a baby on the way, but the beginning was definitely frustrating for us JAM (Jim and Pam) lovers. We wanted Jim and Pam to get together, but first there was Pam’s fiance Roy and then after they broke up, Jim started a relationship with Karen and our hope for Jim and Pam to finally be a couple seemed to die a slow and painful death. But then Pam walked on burning coal and confessed that she missed having Jim in her life – and the third season ended with Jim asking Pam out on a date, which made us (well, me) jump for joy and started doing the happy dance. And even though there were those skeptics who thought that they wouldn’t last (yes, I’m looking at you, RJ!), they eventually got engaged and married. Now that’s a TV happy ending indeed.

Two/ Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl.


The Chuck and Blair coupling is one of those hook ups we never expected but when it happened, it sent us TV and Gossip Girl lovers into a frenzy. From the first time they got together in the back of Chuck’s limo (where Blair lost her virginity to him, I might add), we were sold on this unlikely but extremely juicy pairing: hook, line and sinker. And even though they did the whole I want you, I loathe you dance for two seasons, we knew they were perfect for each other. Chuck Bass may be a teenage lothario and Blair Waldorf may be a fabulously evil queen bee – but we know they are better together than apart. We wanted them to be together because we knew that no one is as perfect for Blair than Chuck and vice versa. Thankfully, the writers seemed to agree with us because Chuck finally said those three words, eight letters, three syllables: “I love you”. And now, they’re still awesome together: conquering Manhattan one evil scheme at a time.

Three/ Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky, How I Met Your Mother.


Sure, Ted thought Robin was his soulmate at first, but after they tried a relationship and failed miserably, it was pretty apparent that Robin needed someone who could keep up with her, and that someone was so obviously Barney Stinson. Even though Barney started out as the womanizer in the show, we have quickly fallen in love with his antics and his zany one-liners. And we loved seeing his softer side that came out when he finally admitted to himself that he was in love with her. From that moment on, we knew they had to get together, it was just a matter of when and by the start of the fourth season, Robarney (or Barbin) was born. It was fun to see them as a couple, they’re not the conventional couple but it actually worked. And while Ted is still looking for “the mother”, Robin and Barney are still going strong and hopefully will remain that way.

Four/ Danny Messer and Lindsay Monroe, CSI: New York.


Okay, so CSI is not big on romance but the writers of the New York franchise tried something different when they paired these two together, and it actually worked. Their relationship started with friendly banters in the lab, with Danny giving Lindsay the nickname “Montana”, and it slowly bloomed to a romance when the two finally took off their lab coats and hooked up after a game of pool. Sure, they hit a bump on the road when Danny was distraught by the death of his neighbor kid and he cheated on Lindsay, but he was quick to realize his mistakes and begged Lindsay to take him back. She did, and not long after, she showed up to work with a baby bump. We have Anna Belknap, the actress playing Lindsay Monroe, for being pregnant in real life to thank because it sure kicked up this coupling to high gear, and they were finally married last season and now they’re raising their daughter Lucy together, stronger than ever.

Five/ Hoyt Fortenberry and Jessica Hamby, True Blood.


I know, they are sort of still broken up when season 2 of True Blood wraps, but I have faith in these two. If Hoyt can still go running back to his vampire girlfriend even after she tried to drain his mother (for good reason, I might add, Maxine Fortenberry is insufferable), I know he would be able to get past Jessica going all Aileen Wournos in a truck stop. As much as I love seeing the badass Jessica, I love these two together. Hoyt is just so sweet and lovely, and Jessica is a much better person… well, vampire, when she’s with him. You gotta root for a relationship that can make a bloodthirsty creature turn into a sweet, delicate little flower (with fangs). And besides, while Sookie is torn between two lovers and everyone is divided into Team Bill and Team Eric, we need these two to get it right and give us some hope that human and vampire can truly have a sane-enough, functional-enough relationship in Bon Temps.

And in the tradition of Sam and Diane and Ross and Rachel, there are couples we know should be together but for one reason or another are still very much apart. Here are my favorites (and hopefully they’ll get their act together and hook up soon enough):

One/ Finn Hudson and Rachel Barry, Glee.


Don’t stop believing. There’s hope for these two yet. Thanks Quinn for being knocked up by Puck.

Two/ Michael Westen and Fiona Glenanne, Burn Notice.

michaeland fiona

She may not like him getting back in the spy game, but something tells me they’ll work out the kinks soon enough.

Three/ Nancy and Andy Botwin, Weeds.


As much as I love Alanis Morrissette, I do hope she and Andy won’t get married to make way for these two former in-laws to finally get it right. Sorry, Esteban.

Four/ Shawn Spencer and Juliet O’Hara, Psych.


James Roday and Maggie Lawson are dating in real life, so I think their characters in Psych should follow suit. Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

Five/ Chuck Bartowski and Sarah Walker, Chuck.


Now that Chuck knows Kung Fu and Sarah doesn’t have to protect him 24/7, I don’t see a reason why these two shouldn’t finally be a real couple.

Love, sweet love.

There’s a reason why TV is so obsessed with you.



I have writer’s block.

And it came at the worst possible time, when I’m in the middle of writing my third novel.

All I do now is just stare at blank (word doc) pages all day.


Well, among other things. Being completely blocked does give me time to do things I don’t normally do when I’m writing my novel, and here are a few things I’ve discovered:

One: Glee is beyond awesome.


Not only is it extremely funny, with lines like:

I don’t trust a man with curly hair. I can’t help but picture little birds laying sulfurous eggs in there, and it disgusts me.

It also has awesome music, their own Glee-club version of popular tunes from the 80s to today (who knew Avril Lavigne’s Keep Holding On is actually a good song?), a good dose of drama and reality mix in and, my favorite part, gorgeous man candy with a sweet smile, dreamy eyes and raspy voice that makes your toe curl when he starts belting out cheesy 80s songs.


His name is Finn Hudson (played by Canadian hottie Cory Monteith) and he may be a “frankenteen” and “can’t tell the difference between left and right” (you really have to see the show to understand what I’m talking about) but the moment he opens his mouth and starts to serenade you with a rendition of REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling”, I guarantee you’ll start melting like butter on a hot sunny day.

Two: I really, really like being by myself.


When I first read “Letters To A Young Poet”, I never really understood why Rilke would recommend solitude to anyone – but now I get what he was talking about. As much as I love spending time with my loved ones, I get the most joy from just being all alone, lying in bed with my eyes closed (but not sleeping) or getting lost in a good book.



Even sorting out the shit in my room is a lot more fun when I’m alone.


Three: Teaching is actually kind of fun. Provided you have the right student, of course.


For the past month and a half I’ve been teaching my brother-in-law English, and it’s actually quite a rewarding experience. Of course this doesn’t mean I want to go and teach other people. My brother-in-law is a special case, he makes me laugh with his offbeat take on his homework. His progress is blogged by my sister here. Check it out and you’ll know why I actually enjoy teaching him.

Four: Dim Sum is the best brunch menu ever.


I haven’t had dim sum for ages, and I’ve been avoiding Chinese food with its porky goodness ever since I found out my cholesterol was off-the-charts and went on a strict diet, but today we decided to give our diet a break and indulge ourselves with dim sum for brunch. It was the best meal I’ve ever had in my life. Nothing beats a combination of steamed prawns, turnip cake, pork siu mai, and a steaming hot cup of Chinese tea when you’re feeling a little under the weather.

Five: sleeping in is the best part of any day.


I know, this sounds like a no-brainer, but I can’t tell you how good it feels when you don’t have to drag yourself out of your bed every morning and instead, can truly “rise and shine” after a good 8-hour sleep.

Six: I’m not a total cynic after all.


I actually shed a little tear when I watched the Jim and Pam wedding episode of The Office. And for someone like me, that’s a big deal. I hate weddings, I don’t want to get married, I’m allergic to cheesy romantic stuff – but somehow when I saw them exchange vows, somewhere between the tears of laughter – I feel all warm and gooey inside. I know they’re a fictional couple but I feel like I’ve invested so much in their relationship. I mean, I was there from the beginning, through all the pining and heartbreak until these two finally got it right and got together.I especially love it when Jim said,

I bought the boat tickets the day I saw that YouTube video. I knew we’d need a backup plan. The boat was actually plan C. The church was plan B. And plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her.”

Aww. Could they BE any more perfect together?

I guess there is hope for me yet.

Seven: Sometimes you just have to wait until inspiration strikes again.


This isn’t the first time I’ve ever caught a case of the writer’s block and I am pretty sure it won’t be the last. And I used to get so stressed out about it – thinking that I must have been doing something wrong. But now I realized that sometimes you just can’t force it. The best thing to do is just to wait until inspiration strikes again. And while I wait, it’s always a good idea to open my eyes and mind to the world around me… and maybe, just maybe, inspiration comes at the unexpected moment.

Here’s hoping that it’ll strike sooner rather than later, though.


Binky Bee